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Big Data Management or BDM certification is a specially curated course for tech professionals to assert their skills in handling gigantic data volumes effectively by employing BDM tools. This BDM training online by igmGuru will ensure you clear all fundamental concepts like data replication, streaming, and ingestion. Expand the horizon of your success with this sought-after certification and take a step up in your career.

BDM Course Overview

Big Data Management 10.4 Specialist is the core center as per which the igmGuru's BDM Training & Certification Course is designed. This BDM Certification training will make sure that the candidate passes the exam in the first attempt. BDM big data Edition aids students understand how to function in the Hadoop Environment. The course revolves around making sure that the trainee learns to utilize the customary RDBMS devices and Hadoop ingestion. They also learn how the information distribution center handling could be enhanced more along with mapping execution on to a Hadoop bunch and so forth. BDM certification takes note of the three main trade parts. PWX for Hadoop is accessible in Power Center customers while PWX of HDFS and Hive are to be gotten to from the designer instrument.

What are the BDM Course Online Objectives?

BDM tutorial is an entire suite including both PC and the engineering device. Candidate acquires the following knowledge:

  • Exhaustive involvement with BDM Developer device 
  • Data Warehouse streamlining in Hadoop conditions 
  • Comprehension of RDBMS 
  • PowerExchange for HBase 
  • Learning of SQL 
  • Offload information on Hadoop utilizing BDM PowerExchange for Hadoop 
  • Information Quality Exception Management 

Who Should Opt for this BDM Online Course?

There are no hard and fast essentials to enroll in igmGuru's BDM training. With so many opportunities and open doors, the trainees who will benefit from this course are:

  • Data integration / ETL developers
  • Hadoop engineers who might want to learn information reconciliation/ETL 
  • ETL project managers
  • Team Leads
  • End Users
  • Competitors going for a vocation in the forthcoming field.

Online BDM Key Features

BDM Training Modules

1. Introduction to the Developer tool
2. Brief Overview of Big Data Management
3. BDM 9.x & 10.x Architecture
4. Big Data Basics
5. Developer Tool Basics
6. Reviewing the Developer interface

1. Introduction to the types of physical data objects
2. Using relational connections
3. Using flat file connections
4. Synchronize a flat file data object

1. Introduction to data views
2. Troubleshooting configurations
3. Reviewing logs
4. Monitoring activities

1. Mapping and transformation concepts
2. Core transformations
3. Developing and validating a mapping
4. Using transformations in a mapping

1. Parameter concepts
2. Using a parameter file
3. Using a parameter set

1. Workflow concepts
2. Creating a workflow
3. Configuring a Workflow

1. Hive MR / Tez
2. Blaze
3. Spark
4. Native
5. The Smart Executor

1. Application concepts
2. Creating and deploying an application
3. Stopping and redeploying an application

1. Configuring and running a mapping in Native end
2. Hadoop environments
3. Execution Plans
4. Monitor mappings
5. Troubleshoot mappings
6. Viewing mapping results

1. Describe challenges with executing mappings in Hadoop
2. Big Data Management Performance Tuning
3. Hive Environment Optimization
4. Mapping Level Tuning
5. DIS Level Tuning
6. Cluster Level Tuning
7. Hadoop environment and cluster tuning

1. The Complex file reader
2. The Data Processor transformation
3. The Complex file writer
4. Parsing and processing Avro, Parquet, JSON, and XML file
5. Data Processor Transformation Considerations

1. CAP Theorem
2. HBase
3. MongoDB
4. Cassandra

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BDM Certification Exam

This Course is in-line with “Big Data Management 10.4, Specialist Certification exam” and also there will be a quiz at the end of the course which will help you in scoring better marks in Certification exams.

BDM Certification Exam

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