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Skills Required To Earn AWS DevOps Certification In 2024

Vidhi Gupta
March 26th, 2024
4:00 Minutes

Earning the AWS DevOps Certification to validate your skills in deploying, operating, and scaling apps on the AWS infrastructure. But what are the essential skills to earn the AWS DevOps Certification? And what exactly is it? There are too many questions to be answered and we are going to begin with the very basic - what is AWS DevOps Certification.

From there, we move on to the skills needed to earn this credential and enjoy a bright career in this field. Of course, the best way to gain all these skills is by learning from the best ones with years of experience.

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What Is AWS DevOps Certification?

The AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional certification is a universal means of showcasing your technical expertise in managing, operating, and provisioning distributed app systems on AWS. Passing this certification exam is not a piece of cake, which makes it all the more important in the tech world.

To earn this certificate, you must have at least two years of existing experience in cloud management. Additionally, having a valid Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certification is a must too.

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Essential Skills to Earn the AWS DevOps Certification?

To earn the AWS DevOps Certification, you must have these essential skills. Once you gain prowess in these, you will be able to ace the certification exam without any problems.

  1. Proficiency in Coding:

Proficiency in coding is integral as you will be tasked with managing configurations, constructing tools, and writing automation scripts. All these require good coding knowledge in a language of your choice such as JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.

  1. Prowess in Administering OS:

Prowess in administering operating systems such as Windows and Linux in an AWS environment is a must. You will be tasked with work like securing, debugging, configuring, and monitoring OS.

  1. Deep Understanding of Automation Tools:

You must have a deep understanding of automation tools. It covers various things to ensure speedy development, deployment, and testing processes. Orchestration tools (Like Kubernetes), CI/CD tools (Like AWS CodePipeline and Jenkins), and configuration management tools (Like Puppet and Ansible) are a must.

  1. Experience in Building Automated Infrastructures:

Since DevOps relies heavily on automated infrastructures, you must have knowledge in scaling, managing, and provisioning on AWS. Working knowledge of technologies such as Terraform, AWS CDK, and AWS CloudFormation is important.

  1. Collaboration & Communication:

It comes as no surprise that you need to have good collaboration and communication skills to become a good AWS DevOps engineer. DevOps is a team activity wherein you will need good team oriented skills, of which these two play the biggest role. Learn to handle difficult tasks and manage a team.


Becoming a certified AWS DevOps engineer is not a task easily accomplished by just anyone. Hence, when you prepare well and equip yourself with all the right skills, your worth in the sector will increase manifold. Many opportunities await you on the other side of the door. All you need to do is get the key by earning this credential.

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