Top 20 AWS Interview Questions and Answers [2024]

February 9th, 2024
AWS Interview Questions And Answers

As everything is becoming more digitized, the role of cloud computing platforms has clearly become more important. Since one of the top cloud computing platforms today is AWS, getting trained and certified in this field will yield amazing future benefits.

This blog contains the top 20 AWS interview questions and answers. Completing an AWS Developer training, and earning an AWS Developer certification is all you need to focus on. However, once you get these two things out of your way, the only thing you will need to focus on is getting a job. Thus, we bring to you AWS interview questions, that you must know about to ace any interview.

AWS Basic Interview Questions

When it comes to excelling in any interview, it is not just about the toughest questions. Sometimes, an unanswered basic question can have a larger impact on the outcome. To help out, here is a list of some AWS basic interview questions.

Que 1. What are the different types of instances in Amazon EC2?

Ans. The different types of instances in Amazon EC2 are-

  • General Purpose Instances
  • Memory Optimized
  • Storage Optimized
  • Compute Optimized Instanced
  • Accelerated Computing

Que 2. What is VPC?

Ans. VPC in Amazon refers to Virtual Private Cloud. This is the most apt way to connect to a company's cloud resources from their own data center. Once the VPC containing all the instances is connected to the data center, a private IP address gets assigned to each of them. These IP addresses can be accessed from the company's data center. This allows the organization to access their public cloud resources, as though they are on their private network.

Que 3. What is SnowBall?

Ans. SnowBall is an application that aids in transferring humongous amounts of data to and fro AWS cloud. Secured physical storage is used by this application for transferring the data. Being a petabyte-scale data transportation solution, SnowBall aids in saving time and cost.

AWS Interview Questions

Que 4. Which Amazon Services would you pick for complex querying capabilities, but not a complete data warehouse?

Ans. Amazon RDS

Que 5. How can a request be sent to Amazon S3?

Ans. Since Amazon S3 is a REST service, a request can be sent via the REST API, or the AWS SDK wrapper libraries.

Que 6. What are key-pairs in AWS?

In AWS, key-pairs refer to secure login info for our virtual machines. Key-pairs containing a private-key and a public-key can be used for connecting to the instances.

AWS Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced

Que 7. What are the key components of AWS?

Ans. The key components of AWS are-

  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • Route 53
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Simple E-mail Service
  • CloudWatch
  • Identity & Access Management

Que 8. What is AMI?

Ans. AMI or Amazon Machine Image is a template that allows launching N number of instances from it. AMI provides all integral information for launching an instance. An AMI includes-

  • Applications
  • An app server
  • The operating system

Que 9. How can multiple sites be connected to a VPC?

Ans. In case of multiple VPN connections, AWS VPN CloudHub can be used to instill a secure communication between sites.

AWS Interview Questions And Answers

Que 10. How is Amazon S3 different from EC2?

Amazon S3 is a data storage system that facilitates storing any amount of data. EC2 is a cloud web service that is used to host the application. 
S3 has a REST interface & utilized secure HMAC-SHA1 authentication keys. EC2 is like a gigantic computer machine that can run on both Windows & Linux. It can also handle apps like Apache, PHP, Python & other databases. 

Que 11. Is there a way to vertically scale an Amazon instance?

Ans. Yes, Amazon instances can be vertically scaled with these steps-

  • Spin up a new and bigger instance than your current instance.
  • Pause the new instance. Detach the root webs volume from this server & discard them.
  • Stop the live instance. Detach its root volume.
  • Take a note of the unique device ID & join that root volume to the new server.
  • Restart it.
Amazon instance

Que 12. Name a few connection issues possibly faced while connecting to an instance. 

Ans. A few connection issues that most possibly arise while connecting to an instance include-

  • Server not recognizing the user key 
  • Encountering an unprotected private key file
  • Error while using MindTerm on Safari Browser
  • Connection timed out
  • Host key not found
  • Error using MacOS X RDP client
  • Permission denied 

Que 13. When to use the application load balancer and the classic load balancer?

Ans. We use the classic load balancer for simple load balancing of traffic throughout various EC2 instances.

AWS Load Balancer

On the contrary, we use application load balancer for more intelligent load balancing, structured on container-based or multi-tier architecture of the app.

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AWS DevOps Interview Questions

Here is a list of the most often asked AWS DevOps interview questions. An AWS Developer certification course will ensure you are capable enough to answer all AWS interview questions. These questions are just for reference, as the hiring committee can ask questions as per your shown experience and their desired expertise level.

Que 14. What is AWS in DevOps?

Ans. AWS in DevOps refers to a cloud service platform that makes it easier for the user to carry forward DevOps work. This technology has rendered it easier for teams to automate tedious activities, operate effectively, and manage complex environments.

Que 15. What is DevOps in AWS?

Ans. AWS or Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud computing platform that aids in providing services leading to the adoption of a DevOps culture in an organization.

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Que 16. What are the main AWS components applied in DevOps?

Ans. The main AWS components apples in DevOps include-

  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeStar

Que 17. What is a CodePipeline in AWS?

Ans. AWS CodePipeline refers to a continuous delivery service that is used for automating, modeling, and visualizing the steps necessary for releasing a software. This facilitates in rapidly modeling and configuring the various stages involved in the software release process. With CodePipeline, we can automate the steps for releasing the software changes continuously.

Que 18. What is CodeStar in AWS DevOps?

Ans. AWS CodeStar refers to a cloud-based service that aids in managing, working, and creating software development projects on AWS. With the CodeStar project, we can swiftly build, deploy, and develop apps on AWS. Additionally, it facilitates in creating and integrating AWS services to the project development toolchain.

Que 19. What is CodeBuild in AWS DevOps?

Ans. AWS CodeBuild refers to a completely managed build service in the cloud. CodeBuild does a lot of things, including compiling the source code, running unit tests, and producing artifacts that are ready to be deployed. With CodeBuild, the need to manage, scale, and provision our own build servers is eliminated.

AWS DevOps

Que 20. What is the use of CodeDeploy in AWS?

AWS CodeDeploy refers to a service that facilitates in automating code deployments to any instance. This includes instances that are running on-premises and even Amazon EC2 instances. With AWS CodeDeploy, deploying new releases is easier, aiding in avoiding downtime during deployment.


So, in this blog we have discussed the various important questions that can definitely be asked by the interviewers. This is not the only set of questions that can be asked. Since there are endless branches and twigs stemming from AWS, the interviewer can ask a lot of things. However, a good AWS training online will help you prepare for it all.

AWS Interview Questions FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Que 1. How do I prepare for an AWS interview?

Ans. To prepare for an AWS interview, you must divert all your focus and attention towards it. Since the field is quite huge, you must be prepared to answer all sorts of questions. Be certain of where your strengths lie and get your interviewer to focus on those. Go through as many AWS interview questions as you can.

Que 2. What does EC2 stand for?

Ans. EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Que 3. What is the full form of S3?

Ans. The full form of S3 is Amazon Simple Storage Service.

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