Splunk Fundamentals: Get Started with Data Analytics and Visualization

September 13th, 2023
Splunk Fundamentals

Many organizations are yet to unlock the optimum potential of their data. And while they might think of it as a tedious task, all they need to do is hire a Splunk expert having Splunk certification.

One of the top technologies out there to make it all happen is Splunk. An innovative technology, Splunk is widely used for big data analytics and visualization.

Before we move onto why you should learn Splunk, it's best to give an introduction to it. In this blog, we will discuss more about Splunk fundaments and how to get started with data analytics and visualization.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a powerful tool that is popularly used for monitoring, alerting, searching, troubleshooting, reporting, and investigating machine-generated data. It holds the potential to rightly handle big data without any negative impact on the performance.

Splunk uses indexes for storage of data. Hence, eliminating the need to have a separate database for the storage of information. All the information is indexed and correlated in a container, making it searchable.

Why Do Companies Use Splunk?

Splunk is enjoying this rapid growth because of the fact that companies are finding this technology useful. While it is quite difficult to write down all the reasons companies are choosing this tool, here are a few of them-

  • Splunk allows real-time monitoring of an organization's infrastructure. It also aids in reducing the time required for solving technical issues by making use of machine learning systems. 
  • Splunk software has lowered the monitoring costs, which directly leads to better work. 
  • Splunk has some wonderful advanced cybersecurity tools. These tools facilitate easy navigation through data across the company. Increased cybersecurity means that threats are identified before they turn into any major problems.
  • It helps in integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions smoothly into data management.
  • Splunk makes it easy to report and visualize data to ensure it is meaningful to everyone in the organization, including employees and stakeholders. 

Now that we know how popular Splunk is among companies, you should not miss the chance of becoming an expert in the field. And you know the best way to make it come true? It is by enrolling in an advanced training program or Splunk course.

Splunk Certification - Your Guide to Getting Started with Data Analytics and Visualization

Now that we already know that Splunk is a super tool, it is best to get started now with a Splunk certification. There are myriad of ways in which this tool benefits organizations and data analytics and visualization is only the tip of the iceberg.

Before we move ahead towards how you will be able to carry out each of these tasks after Splunk training, let's look at what data analytics and data visualization are.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a process wherein data sets are analyzed. The purpose is to make decisions around the information in hand. It makes predictions around needs to improve the business.

Data holds the power to help organizations understand their customers better, personalize content accordingly, improve marketing campaigns to make it happen, and move ahead accordingly. Thus, a business can optimize its entire performance on the basis of the results derived from data analytics.

How Does Splunk Make Data Analytics Easier For Companies?

Splunk aids companies in extracting value from server data. This aim is to facilitate efficient IT operations management, security monitoring, compliance, and applications management.

It has an engine whose job is to collect, manage, and index big data. It has the potential of handling multi terabytes of data.

It is easy to deploy Splunk on a standalone laptop or in a widespread architecture situated in a company data center. After completing your Splunk training, you will become skilled to use your new-gained knowledge and prowess towards data analysis.

Benefits of Data Analytics with Splunk

There are dozens of benefits that walk in through the door when data analytics and Splunk come together.

  • Incredible insights on historical and real-time data
  • Easy scalability from one to many data centers
  • Facilitates powerful reporting to stakeholders and employees
  • Increased security in auditability, data integrity, and data handling
  • Easily analyze data from  various formats like JSON and CSV. 

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What is Data Visualizations?

Sample Airline Data

Splunk Fundamentals

Data Virtualization is the graphical representation of data and information. This is done in graphical or pictorial format and includes maps, graphs, and charts, among others.

It is not easy for non-tech people to understand the derivations of data. However, a company is not just composed of tech-fluent people. Thus, it is essential that the results attained by processing raw data are put forth in a manner that can be decoded by anyone. This is where data visualization helps.

How does Splunk make Data Visualization easier for Companies?

Splunk Visualizations offer a powerful toolset to visually represent and interpret data. Raw data can easily be converted into intuitive dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps. Thus, paving the way to detect anomalies, uncover valuable insights, and effectively communicate complex information.

Benefits of Data Visualization with Splunk 

There is a reason why Splunk is being so widely adopted by companies everywhere. Here is how data visualization with Splunk benefits-

  • When data is visually represented, even complex information is quickly comprehended. Thus, allowing the users to easily grasp any hidden insights. 
  • When people are able to easily eye the insights, the decision-making process gets evened out. 
  • Visualizations aid in collapsing the gap between the understanding of a technical and a non-technical person. Thus, leading to enhanced communication and collaboration. 

Why Should You Learn Splunk?

The topic of Splunk learning is never-ending. But we are sure you must have understood a little. The only way you can learn more about this technology is with the right training program.

There are quite a lot of reasons to begin your career in this field.

  • Splunk is being extensively used across multiple industries in mission-critical applications. 
  • It is a user-friendly platform. It willingly makes space for anyone who wishes to enter it.
  • It offers real-time troubleshooting and processing, making it a boon for companies everywhere. 
  • Splunk has some good tools to offer.
  • It is not a field you can ace overnight. However, once you do it, you will truly become an asset for organizations. 

How to Start a Career in Splunk?

The best to start building your career in any technology is by enrolling in a good Splunk online training program. The right institute will help you ace all the essential skills and gain all necessary knowledge.

Since we are in the internet era, an online Splunk training will be the best. You can choose the program as per your convenience and needs.

While there are a few Splunk free training available online, it is best to go with a trust-worthy program. If you plan on making a career in the tech field, then a certification is essential and only the best institute can help you achieve it.

Splunk is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. This is evident with big companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Adobe, IBM, Walmart, Visa, NASA, and PespiCo using it.

Final Words

There are no doubts around the fact that Splunk is going to be a part of the future. While we witness technological advancements every day, there are certain names that make a place for themselves. And Splunk is one of them. All you have to do is find a good place for Splunk admin certification and get started.

Splunk Fundamentals FAQs

Q1. What are the prerequisites to enroll in a Splunk course?

Ans. There are no definite prerequisites to enroll in the Splunk course. You also do not need to have a technical background to get started with this technology.

Q2. What is the fee for Splunk training?

Ans. The Splunk certification cost varies depending upon the mode of learning you choose. It is different for self-paced learning, online classroom programs, and corporate training.

Q3. What is the course duration of Splunk online training?

Ans. The duration for online Splunk training ranges between 23-26 hours.

Q4. How long will it take me to complete Splunk Fundamentals 1?

Ans. There are various available courses. Splunk Fundamentals 1 can be completed in somewhere between 10-15 hours. It also depends upon your educational background and experience.

Q5. Do I need to have knowledge of coding to learn Splunk?

Ans. While many people think that they need coding knowledge to make a career in the tech world, it is not true for Splunk. You do not require any coding knowledge or experience to get started in Splunk.

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