DevOps Engineer Salary: Everything You Need to Know

October 12th, 2023
DevOps Engineer Salary

DevOps is a buzzword that has taken the world of technology by storm. Neither a tool nor a technology, DevOps is a collection of practices, philosophies, tools, and strategies that aid in efficient delivery of applications for an organization. It is being used in companies everywhere and consequently, the demand for DevOps Engineers is rising too.

If you are on your way to become DevOps Engineer and want to know the average DevOps Engineer salary, then you are at just the right place. Once you complete your DevOps training and are certified, you will be able to step into this field. An experienced DevOps Engineer earns pretty well and we will explore that here.

What is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer is a professional who performs various functions and operations throughout the software development lifecycle. This process involves various steps including development, deployment, operations, and testing. A DevOps Engineer works with various other professionals like software developers.

These people should be well-versed in IT infrastructure management. They have knowledge about a lot of tools and must keep themselves updated with the latest and changing trends and technologies.

Before we move to learning about DevOps salary in India and US, let us see what these professionals do.

DevOps Engineer Salary
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What Does A DevOps Engineer Do?

To be able to understand why DevOps engineers as much as they do, you first need to understand what they do. Here is a list of some of the top job responsibilities of these professionals.

1. Project Management

A DevOps engineer is often responsible for project management and ensuring everyone is clearing with the end objectives. They look after the who, what, and where of an IT project.

2. Performance Testing & Benchmarking

Their everyday work involves ensuring that the system is running smoothly and properly.

3. Optimizing Release Cycle

A DevOps engineer optimizes the release cycles while removing all unwanted time drains and replacing them with new methods to further simplify the release process.

4. Security

DevOps engineers keep the development process' security intact by automating infrastructure design, key processes, and release schedules.

5. Designing & Improving IT Infrastructure

They make changes in the infrastructure to facilitate collaboration, leading to faster releases.

6. Automation

They are tasked with automating repetitive actions to support faster releases and unburden the software development team.

7. Monitoring & Optimizing

They have to work on any feedback received from the production team. They must also detect any persisting errors and minimize them to back faster release.

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Average Salary of DevOps Engineer in US

Let us take a look at the average salary of DevOps engineers in the US.

  • Junior DevOps Engineer Salary: $93,200 USD
  • Mid-level DevOps Engineer Salary: $102,600 USD
  • Senior DevOps Engineer Salary: $144,800 USD

Average DevOps Engineer Salary in India

When it comes to India, here is the average DevOps Engineer Salary.

  • Junior DevOps Engineer Salary: Rs. 3.9 LPA
  • Mid-level DevOps Engineer Salary: Rs. 7.6 LPA
  • Sr DevOps Engineer Salary: Rs. 16.3 LPA

AWS DevOps Engineer Salary

Average AWS DevOps Engineer Salary in US: $136,413 USD per year

Average AWS DevOps Salary in India: Rs. 6.5 LPA

Azure DevOps Engineer Salary

Average Azure DevOps Engineer Salary in US: $130,000 USD per year 

Average Azure DevOps Engineer Salary in India: Rs. 6.5 LPA

Factors Affecting DevOps Salary

If you are wondering what factors affect DevOps salary, then you are at the right place. This is where you will learn more about what can really make a difference and lead you to earn more or less as a DevOps engineer.

1. Experience

As already mentioned above, your salary as a DevOps engineer will vary significantly depending upon your experience. Thus, the salary of a fresher will be way less than that of a senior. This is because the more experience you have, the better you will be able to manage teams. Thus, more companies will want to hire you, increasing your worth.

2. Organization/ Sector

Where you work and which sector you work in highly influences your pay. Some of the top companies hiring DevOps engineers include Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Facebook, Infosys, Google, and Apple.

3. Preparation

How far you want to go depends on how well you prepare to make it happen.

  • Move to a city where there is a higher demand for these professionals
  • Gain the right soft skills 
  • Work on gaining more focused technical skills and knowledge 
  • Work on side projects to gain additional working experience
  • Earn related certifications

4. Qualifications & Certifications

It is very important you work closely on your qualifications and certifications to move up in this field. There are a plethora of DevOps certifications being offered by different leading companies. Depending upon where you see yourself in the future and what you think will benefit you the most, you can choose the DevOps certification.

But remember that getting certified is a must and only that is how companies will deem you as worthy.

5. Location

The city or the country where you work plays a major role in influencing your salary bracket. There is a wide gap between what DevOps engineers are paid in India and what they are paid in the US.


The future of DevOps is pretty bright and anyone who decides to enroll in a good DevOps online training course today is sure to find success in the coming years. The salary of these engineers keep on changing and will vary a lot as per various factors. Get DevOps certification today and while you have to start as a fresher, you will soon become a senior and enjoy a good salary.

Choose the best institute for your DevOps course online today because that is how you will be able to learn from industry experts. This will not only enhance your knowledge in the latest trends but also give you more confidence when you sit in an interview.

DevOps Engineer Salary FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How much is a Senior DevOps Engineer Salary in India?

Ans. As a Senior DevOps engineer, you can earn anywhere between Rs. 10 LPA - Rs. 23 LPA in India.

Q2. Do I need to learn to code for this profile?

Ans. It is extremely important for a DevOps professional to know how to code and script as these two are essential for automating tasks and working with code repositories.

Q3. Can I get a DevOps job as a fresher?

Ans. Yes, DevOps is a good field for freshers, Developers, and Quality Assurance guys.

Q4. Why is DevOps salary so high?

Ans. DevOps salary is so high because companies everywhere are searching for the right DevOps candidates. Companies are open to hire anyone possessing the right skills at a good salary package.

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