Top 5 Features Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

September 25th, 2023
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the Salesforce product family's digital marketing arm. Often abbreviated as SFMC, it shoulders the task of automating marketing over mobile apps, websites, email, SMS, social media, and more.

Organizations across the globe invest in SFMC to bring all their marketing channels under a single roof. This allows marketers to send customized messages to the right customer at the right time and via the right channel. Anyone with a Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification is sure to have a bright future in the tech world. In this blog, let us take a closer look at the top 5 features of Salesforce marketing cloud platform.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

SFMC is a SaaS system that acts as an organization's client integration and business automation system. It is a promotional tool that assists companies in different types of advertising. These may include-

  • Before and after campaign statistics
  • Social site interaction
  • Ads implementation
  • Community profiling and creation
  • Social site advertising
  • Varying consumer experiences
  • Information control, etc.

Key Components of SFMC

The SFMC is made up of multiple components including-

  • Journey Builder
  • Salesforce Data Management Platform
  • Data Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Email Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Interaction Studio

Top Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We are living in a digital environment where everything we do is either directly connected to the internet or is happening as an influence of the internet. For organizations, the quest to keep their digital presence meaningful can be challenging. This is where platforms like SFMC come into the picture.

Here is a list of the top 5 features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

1. Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud is so widely used because of its clean integration with other Salesforce Clouds. Marketing Cloud Connect facilitates easy alignment of the marketing and sales teams to share data and branded assets.

Using a connector allows automating customer journeys based on their Salesforce CRM records. You can also easily remove or add prospects from campaigns, depending upon their current talk with the sales rep.

2. Ad Campaign for Journey Builder

Journey Builder has a plethora of 'Activities' and one of these is advertising. It includes creating an ad audience and then adding your contact to an ad campaign. The Advertising Studio module is essential to access this feature.

It is widely preferred because it renders the journeys multi-channel by enabling the inclusion of social media in the organization's touchpoints. Journey Builder allows sending the intended person an SMS and an email while admitting them to a relevant ad campaign automatically, all from a single screen.

3. Interactive Email Forms

All good marketers know that most conversions or engagements are received as a result of decreasing the number of steps that the user needs to take. Thus, the aim of the organization should be fewer clicks and fewer page loads.

The Email Builder offers the Marketing Cloud Interactive Email Forms feature that allows the inclusion of forms in an email. Thus, your prospect does not have to leave their inbox to answer a few questions. Its usefulness is endless.

4. Data Extensions

When you set out to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will learn more about Data Extensions. This topic can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for those who are new to relational data models.

But Marketing Cloud holds a higher status than any other marketing automation platform because of how powerful Data Extensions are. It is essential for tools like Journey Builder and allows the creation of flexible hybrid objects.

5. Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL is a more technical feature and thus, it will be best if it is managed by an experienced professional. SQL means that the expert can instantly extract more complex segments and then move ahead to use them in your marketing. It renders managing the data simpler because it allows adjusting or merging humongous tables of data as needed.

While learning and working with SQL is not the most straightforward task, it is definitely one that will benefit the organization tremendously.

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Why Learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

We know it's a fair question to ask why I should learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud. And you should because the answer will motivate you more to start soon.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

Enrolling in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud training program and getting certified will help you unlock a sea of opportunities. Here are a few -

  • Abundant job opportunities
  • Industry credibility and recognition
  • Good salary package
  • Access to a robust network
  • Skill mastery and enhancement
  • Opportunity to work in top companies
  • Bright future
Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud


SFMC is that cloud-based digital marketing platform that can change how an organization is perceived by its target audience. Thus, when you enroll in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud course, you are giving yourself the chance to have a bright future.

Upon completion of this training and certification, you will be perceived as an asset by any organization looking to ace its marketing game. So, the best thing you can do today? It is to enroll in a training program that will give you everything you need to excel in this field.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Ans. SFMC is used by organizations from various sectors, levels, and nature.

Q2. Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2C or B2B?

Ans. While it was earlier considered more inclined towards only B2C, it has recently emerged as a great choice for B2B marketing as well.

Q3. What is the average salary of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant?

Ans. The average salary of an SFMC consultant is around Rs. 9.5 LPA.

Q4. Who is Salesforce's biggest customer?

Ans. Amazon and Walmart Inc. are on the list of Salesforce's biggest customers.

Q5. Is this a good career choice?

Ans. Since the demand for automation in the marketing space is increasing, it can be definitely said to be a good career choice.

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