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October 3rd, 2023
golang tutorial

Originally designed at Google in 2007, Go was publicly released in 2012. This open-source project designed to focus on quick and simple performance soon gained a surprising amount of popularity. Today, it is counted as one of the most loved programming languages worldwide as per the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Professionals are using Golang tutorial to learn go programming language.

Thus, it is easier to say that anyone who chooses to go with a Golang course or Golang certification will end up loving it. It is one of those choices that affect your future in the best way possible. Let us understand more about it in this Go language tutorial.

What is Go Language - A Complete Golang Tutorial

Go Language, more popularly referred to as Golang is a procedural programming language. It is a statically typed language with syntax quite similar to C. Go is often chosen by beginners as their first language, making it a tough competition for Python. Golang supports concurrent programming, which means that the developer can run multiple processes at the same time. 

This Golang tutorial will give you a good insight into the various benefits of Golang and why you should be learning it. Let's begin!

What Are The Key Features of Golang?

Go is a language that is full of features to flaunt. Here are a few of those-

  1. Simplicity

Golang is easy to learn and use. It has a simple and straightforward syntax that makes it an apt choice for beginners as well as experienced programmers.

  1. Garbage Collection

Golang flaunts automatic memory management. Thus, it allows the developers to stay free from the cycle of memory allocation and deallocation.

  1. Strong Typing

Golang is a statically typed. This means that it helps in catching errors at the time of compilation rather than at runtime.

  1. Concurrency

Go allows developers to write easily scalable and highly efficient code for distributed and multicore systems.

  1. Fast Compile Times

Golang has a fast compiler that aids in quick iteration during development.

  1. Strong Community

Go has a strong community of developers that is growing at a good pace. It is being used by a lot of popular companies like Google, Dropbox, Uber, etc.

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Why Should You Learn Go Programming Language?

Are you also wondering why you should learn Go programming language? If yes, then you are at the right place because we are about to tell you more about what makes this programming language a good fit for you.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Golang developers are among the highest-paid developers globally. These professionals are sought after by some of the biggest companies spanning various industries.

The average salary of a Golang developer in India is around Rs. 8 LPA.

  1. Fast Executions 

Golang supports fast executions as it is statically typed and compiled. This language is first compiled and then executed. Since it is statically typed, it is familiar with data types and does not have to check types dynamically when executing.

  1. Standard Libraries

All modern programming languages have libraries as a core component. Go standard libraries comprise a set of programs and packages that offer core language features. This further aids in redundant tasks such as encoding, parsing, logging, decoding, and handling of I/O. These libraries also aid in writing generic programs. os, encoding, and fmt are a few examples of standard libraries.

  1.  Easy to learn

Go's syntax is quite similar to the language C. It follows a principle of a minimalistic feature set through which it avoids features that create duplication. Hence, significantly reducing the learning curve of the developer.

  1. Versatile 

Golang is a highly versatile language along with being simple, light on memory, and super fast. It is apt for developing cloud-based applications. Since cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS offer good support for Golang, it becomes an interesting language to learn.

Software tools Kubernetes and Docker are also written in Go.

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How to Learn Golang?

If you want to learn Golang, then here are some basic steps to follow.

  1. Learn the Basics

A good understanding of the language and its syntax is very important. There are many ways you can start to learn it. You can either watch the various online free videos or go for a full-fledged Golang training. A good Go learning path should resemble this-

  • Filenames, identifiers, keywords
  • Pointers, methods, structures, Go CLI
  • Go design patterns
  • Operators, contents, functions, types
  • Error handling
  • Panic, defer, error, recover
  • Maps, slices, arrays
  • Interface
  • Goroutine, channel, buffer
  1. Master Go Libraries & Other Tools

Once you are done learning the basics, move on to Go libraries and tools that ensure Go becomes easier for you. Most companies require the professional to have experience with-

  • Semantic versioning
  • Go libraries
  • Basic authentication
  • Go dependency management tools
  • Relational database
  • Scripts & repositories
  • GIT
  • SQL fundamentals
  • Web frameworks and routers
  1. Learn Testing with Go

Software testing is employed to check whether the actual product is working as per the requirements upon distribution or not. Testing is thus an important skill held highly by many companies.

There are various different types of testing that a Go developer must use when building a product in the real world. Different types of testing include–

  • Behavior testing
  • Unit testing
  • E2E testing
  • Integration testing
  1. Understand Go Patterns

Most hiring managers will be interested in whether you have a good understanding of Go's different design patterns. A design pattern is a general and repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem in a software design. Go offers various design patterns as do other languages. The general categories they fall under are-

  • Structural
  • Behavioral
  • Stability
  • Creational
  • Concurrency
  1. Start Building a Portfolio

Once you have thoroughly understood the above steps and incorporated them to learn the language deeply, it's time to start building a portfolio. The best way to master any programming language is to work with it. Having hands-on experience will help the hiring managers see your true potential and increase your chances of getting hired.

Here is how you can build your portfolio-

  • Complete online courses
  • Build Go projects from scratch
  • Code classic algorithm problems with Golang
  • Contribute to open-source Golang projects
  • Complete courses on technologies along the same line (eg. SQL)
  • Implement Go in existing projects


Since there is no official Golang certification as of yet that is issued by Google, companies do not require you to prove your skills. This can also work to your advantage as you can simply complete a Golang training course from a reputed institute. 

A good golang tutorial or training will help you get seen by the hiring managers of the company that you interview with. In fact, the process of being seen starts earlier when you send your resume and flaunt completion of a Golang course.

Golang Tutorial FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are Goroutines?

Ans. Goroutines are functions that can run both independently and simultaneously. These are non-blocking threads that take up only 2 KB memory.

Q2. Can a fresher learn Golang?

Ans. Yes, Golang is a good programming language for beginners because of its simple syntax and easy accessibility.

Q3. Is Golang used for developing DevOps tools?

Ans. Golang is widely used for developing DevOps tools because of its high efficiency, stability, and performance. It can handle humongous amounts of data and manage complex operations quickly.

Q4. How long will it take me to learn Golang with Golang tutorial?

Ans. If you already have knowledge of C or Java, then you will be able to start with this language in only a few days. If you are a complete beginner, then it will take a couple of months.

Ans. Yes, Go is a popular language and widely used throughout the world.

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