How To Earn Your CCSP Certification in 5 Steps

October 5th, 2023

Those who want to enjoy a bright career in the world of cloud security find the CCSP certification very useful. It is counted as one of the most important and noteworthy credentials in the market as of now in this field. If you are wondering how to earn this credential, then this blog, how to earn CCSP certification is 5 steps, is the best for you.

This blog will cover everything you need to know about getting started with this certification, including why you should learn CCSP by enrolling in a course. Before we get down to how you can achieve it, let us give you a brief intro to this certification.

What is CCSP Certification?

What is CCSP Certification? It is extremely important to understand what this certification is to be able to further assess whether it is even right for you or not.

(ISC)2 offers CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional certification. It is for those professionals who have the ability and skills to demonstrate their knowledge in developing, securing, and managing applications, infrastructure, and data in the cloud. Their job role includes applying industry-relevant policies, procedures, and best practices to achieve the maximum level of security.

The CCSP exam questions are curated to validate your cloud security, information security, and information technology expertise. Once you clear this examination, you will automatically become an (ISC)2 member.

Does your job require this credential?

While it is a good certification to have, the question here is do you or your job require this credential? After all, before you put in so much effort and time, you should know if it's even worth it or not for you.

It begins by planning your career goals. There are various job roles where this certification will be appreciated. Above all, you should want to have this added credential.

Some professionals who can benefit from this include cloud consultants, cloud specialists, cloud engineers, cloud developers, cloud architects, cloud administrators, etc.

How to Earn Your CCSP Certification in 5 Steps?

A lot of people want to earn this certification but very few of them know how to best do it. Here are the five steps you can follow to make it happen.

  1. Earn Relevant Experience

The CCSP credential is not for beginners. Thus, you will have to earn relevant and adequate experience before you go for this certification.

  • Minimum 5 years experience in the IT field. This should be full-time and paid work experience. 
  • 3 years from the above-mentioned span should be spent in the information security domain. 
  • 1 year from the first mentioned span should be in at least (can be more) CCSP CBK domain. (there are a total of 6 domains)

What if you don't meet all the prerequisites at the time you are hoping to earn this certification?

If you are someone who is hoping to get this certification right now but does not meet all the prerequisites, then keep reading.

You are still eligible to take the exam even if you don't have this experience. With a CCSP study guide, you will be able to pass this exam and instead of getting a certification, you will become an official associate of (ISC)2. This position will allow you six years to get all the experience. Additionally, you will also get CCSK or Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge designation. 

  1. Agree to the (ISC)2 Ethics

There is a clear code of conduct that is to be agreed to and followed by all those who are a part of (ISC)2. Once you agree to follow these ethics, you will be doing the following -

  • Work towards advancing the imperativeness of security professionals 
  • Act in good faith and honor
  • Say no to nefarious activities
  • Protect the common good via cloud security protocols
  1. Apply for the CCSP Exam

When it comes to applying for the CCSP exam, you will have to create a Pearson VUE account. A good CCSP training course will be helpful. All necessary information regarding the exam can be found on the official website. 

Do I Need To Enroll In CCSP Training To Qualify?

CCSP training will increase your chances of passing the exam. Choosing a trusted institute is even better. While it is not a compulsion, it is best to leave no stone unturned.

What is the CCSP Exam Cost?

The CCSP exam cost is $599 USD.

  1. Receive an (ISC)2 Endorsement

As you pass your test, your next step should be filling out an online (ISC)2 endorsement application. Once you do that, an (ISC)2 certified professional will sign your application and endorse it. They do not have to know you personally to do it. This endorsement is a testament to your knowledge and skills.

  1. Obtain Your Certification

Completing the endorsement process will attest to your skills, leading you to your certification. Once you obtain your certification, many more job opportunities will open up for you.


There are a lot of ways to learn CCSP. Since we understand that a working professional might not have the time to go for a traditional classroom setting learning, online learning is a good option. In this, you can further choose an instructor-led training or a self-paced CCSP course curated by experts.

CCSP Certification FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Do I have to pay the CCSP certification cost separately from the exam cost?

Ans. No, you only have to pay the CCSP certification cost once i.e. $599 USD. This includes your exam and certification fee.

Q2. Where can I find the official certification exam outline?

Ans. You can find the official exam outline on the (ISC)2 website.

Q3. How long is the CCSP valid for?

Ans. The CCSP certification has a validity period of 3 years.

Q4. Is the CCSP exam open-book?

Ans. No, none of the CCSP exams are open-book.

Q5. Is CCSP valuable?

Ans. CCSP is on the list of the 8 top certifications (salary-wise). Hence, we can conclude that yes, CCSP is valuable.

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