Mendix Tutorial- A Complete Guide For Beginners

January 23rd, 2024
Mendix Tutorial

A new surge is blooming in the space of low-code/no-code frameworks that is expected to go a long way in the coming years too. Since more businesses want the development to happen faster and more customers are looking to be served in less time, these frameworks are gaining more popularity. One such platform that lies high on the list of great low-code frameworks is Mendix. This Mendix tutorial will take you on a journey to understand Mendix better to become a Mendix developer.

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Mendix Tutorial - A Journey to Understand Mendix

There are a plethora of things to learn about Mendix and a dozen steps to learn Mendix. This Mendix tutorial is for everyone who knows how bright its future is and how learning it today will ensure a successful career. So, let us begin with a basic intro to Mendix.

What is Mendix?

Mendix low code platform is a powerful force that is taking businesses to the next level. This transformation is happening via rapid integration, building, and deployment of applications. In simpler terms, Mendix allows the creation of mobile and web apps without any extensive coding knowledge. Working professionals are doing Mendix course through different-different resources to earn Mendix certification.

This automation-based tool works to accelerate the application's lifecycle development. It provides good speed and scalability by automating process workflows and flows. Business gets an amazing boost as the applications are built in the finest way possible.

Why is Mendix Considered a Low-Code Platform?

Mendix stands out in the crowd because of being a low-code platform, which basically entails it using minimum coding. Instead, it follows the visual approach to develop apps. This facilitates in automating the app lifecycle for streamlining software development, simplifying deployment, and ultimately accelerating application delivery.

Features of Mendix

Features of Mendix

If you are wondering 'why is Mendix so popular', then reading this list of Mendix features will pacify your questions. Here are a few of the top mendix features of this low-code platform.

1. Application Development

Mendix has two major platforms for building applications, namely Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro. The names throw enough light on the differences between the two. Mendix Studio is preferred by citizen developers looking for quick ways to build and collaborate highly intuitive web portals. Mendix Studio Pro is preferred by professional developers for building custom-built apps.

2. Intelligent Automation

Automation is the key to building future-ready enterprise applications. Mendix is the unprecedented leader in platforms that supports machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Thus, facilitating Mendix in automation business workflows and process flows.

3. Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment is one of the key features that make it suitable for modern businesses. This one platform eases multi-cloud operations due to the microservice apps simplifying the entire cloud operations. Mendix cloud facilitates central managing of apps, monitoring logs, scheduling events, and updating patches within a single platform.

4. Data Integration

The developer can easily integrate data in their apps during the development phase. This is possible due to the data hub catalog, which is a standard-oriented and open source Metadata Repository for discovering data resources through data hub connectors.

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Getting Started with Mendix

No Mendix tutorial is complete without giving you a nudge towards the right way to get started with Mendix. Here are the steps you can follow to set up your development environment correctly to begin the process of building applications.

  1. Download & Install Mendix Studio- Begin by visiting Mendix's official website and downloading Mendix Studio. Having it on your system will ensure you are able to get the right amount of hands-on experience. The more you train, the better are the chances of landing a good job.
  2. Create a Mendix Account- Once the installation process is completed, create a Mendix account. This account is your gateway to tutorials, developer community, and additional resources. Explore these tutorials and become an active part of the community to learn from what professionals are doing, latest changes, and best practices.
  3. Explore the Documentation- Mendix offers an extensive documentation with which you must familiarize yourself. It has a plethora of knowledge for both beginners and experienced developers. This documentation might be a bit of a boring way to learn, but certainly a highly impactful one.
  4. Enroll in Leading Mendix Training - Mendix training is a great way to make sense of everything this blog is talking about. Be it its features or the path to become a Mendix developer, only a good course will give you the right guidance in the field. Learning from seasoned and certified professionals will help you move ahead in your career.

The Path to Becoming a Mendix Developer

Become Mendix Developer

Mendix application development platform is humongous and thus, there are four official Mendix certifications. Here is a bit more information on each of these-

1. Rapid Developer Certification

To earn the Rapid Developer certification, you must pass the official online exam that weighs your knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the Mendix platform, along with how, where, and when to utilize them.

2. Intermediate Developer Certification

To earn the Intermediate Developer Certification, you must pass the official online proctored exam that weighs your intermediate-level knowledge and understanding of this platform for building great apps. (50 questions - 90 minutes - 75%)

3. Advanced Developer Certification

To earn the Advanced Developer Certification, you must pass the official online proctored exam that weighs your advanced-level knowledge and understanding of this platform to specialize as a business or technical consultant, coach junior team members, or work independently. (50 questions - 120 minutes - 75%)

4. Expert Developer Certification

To earn the Expert Developer Certification, you must send an application to Mendix where it is evaluated on the basis of your customer references, portfolio, project description, and motivation. This is followed by an interview to give you a platform to showcase your expertise.


There is a lot to learn about Mendix and one of them is via Mendix Academy. Additionally, you can choose to go with a leading learning platform offering highly esteemed Mendix training. This Mendix tutorial is intended to help you get on with the basics of this low-code platform, along with an introduction to its certifications. These certifications will help you move ahead in your career and enjoy a bright future.

Mendix Tutorial FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1. What are the perks of using Mendix for app development?

Answer. Rapid development, scalability, and low-code approach are some of the perks of using Mendix for app development.

Que 2. Is Mendix suitable for enterprise-level applications?

Answer. Yes, it is suitable for enterprise-level app development as it has features like team collaboration, security, version control, and scalability.

Que 3. How long will it take to learn Mendix?

Answer. It will take somewhere around 2-3 days to learn Mendix.

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