Python Tutorial

Python Tutorial- A Complete Guide for Beginners

Vidhi Gupta
June 6th, 2023
6:00 Minutes

Python is an extremely popular interpreted programming language. It has gained immense popularity on a global level among developers. While there is a long list of its features and benefits, its simplicity and readability are among the key factors.

Being an excellent beginner language for those looking to learn programming. Its straightforward syntax makes it easier for even a fresher to learn to write and debug code with minimal practice. This Python tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of this language. It talks about its benefits, the various resources available for beginners and features. Let's get started!

Python Tutorial- An Introduction

Python has gained popularity as the first choice for a lot of beginner and advanced-level developers. Anyone who wants to build ML algorithms, perform data analysis or build web applications picks this language. Part of its popularity is because of its readability, ease of use and simplicity.

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Here are a few key current trends around Python. These are sure to make this language a must-learn for every aspirant.

  • It is also the most wanted language by developers.
  • As per the TIOBE Index for April 2023, Python is on the second number as the most popular programming language in the world. It is only behind Java.
  • Python is considered to be the top language that is used for data science. More than 50% of all the data scientists globally are using it.
  • Over 10 million developers use Python worldwide.

Why Learn Python?

Learning Python has many benefits. While it is not easy to sum them all up in a small list here, this blog aims at providing the top reasons for the same.

Easy to Learn

Python boasts a pretty straightforward syntax. This renders it an easy language to learn and understand.

Large Community

Python has a gigantic community of developers that is super active. They all contribute to making open-source frameworks and libraries to easily find support and resources.

High Demand

Python has come to be widely used in multiple industries. Some of the top ones are web development, Machine Learning and data science. Hence, it is a valuable skill to have today.


Python is being used widely for many different kinds of tasks. These mainly include web development, data analysis, automation and machine learning.

Great for Prototyping

Python is an exceptional programming language for prototyping and even testing new ideas. It is simple and easy to use, which makes it an amazing one to create and test new programs quickly.

Features of Python

Python is one of those languages that is full of exceptional features. These features are what makes it such a popular choice among developers. Here are a few of its most utilized features.


It's a dynamic language and hence, variables are easily created as well as changed at runtime. This makes writing codes easy.

Easy to Read & Write

Python is known for its super simple and easy-to-read syntax. Both these aspects make it easy for beginners to write and understand the code.

Interpreted Language

Python is known for being an interpreted language. Hence, the code is executed line-by-line.


Python is a big supporter of object-oriented programming. Writing modular and reusable code is easier.


Code written in Python can easily be run on different platforms. These mostly include Windows, Linux and macOS. Hence, it's called a versatile language.

Rich Library

It boasts a wide and exclusive collection of frameworks and libraries. Some of the top ones are Pandas, TensorFlow and NumPy.

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Top Companies Relying on Python

Python is gaining popularity and is being used in many industries today. A lot of companies heavily rely on this language for all their software development needs. Here is a list of the top companies using Python-

  • Google

Python is being used by Google for many tasks. These mostly revolve around web development, data analysis and machine learning.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox's Desktop Client has been built by using Python. This language is also used for its automation tasks.

  • Instagram

Python and Django have been used to build Instagram's backend. It is also used to execute this company's data analysis.

  • Netflix

Netflix uses this programming language for multiple tasks. Some of the key ones are recommendation systems, automation and content delivery.

  • Spotify

Python has been used to build Spotify's backend. This company's data analysis and ML is also done with Python.

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Future Scope of Python

Python's popularity is not going to stop anytime soon. In fact, it is expected to keep on growing in the future. Many industries are heavily relying on this language to tend their software development needs.

In fact, Python has found usage in data science and ML, both of which are growing fields. Thus, it has become an exceptional pick for developers. Python certainly has a bright future as new use cases and applications get discovered. Some key areas where Python is predicted to grow are:

  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Data analysis & visualization
  • Web development & server-side programming
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Robotics

Python Certifications

Python developers can benefit incredibly by earning a Python certification. There are multiple certifications available in the market for this language and the most highly revered ones are:

Python Institute Certifications

The Python Institute offers many credentials for professionals. These include the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP) and the Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) certifications.

Azure AI Engineer Associate by Microsoft

This certification is a great way to validate the skills needed by a professional to build and deploy ML models. This is done by using Azure ML and Python.

Data Science Professional Certificate by IBM

This credential incorporates many courses around Python programming, ML and data analysis.

Job Roles For Python Professionals

Python is experiencing super high demand and is also creating plenty of job opportunities. Some of the top job prospects that can be pursued after completing a Python training and certification are -

Python Developer: Python developers are the ones in charge of debugging programs, designing applications and writing and testing code.

Data Analyst: Data analysts utilize Python for analyzing and interpreting gigantic datasets.

Machine Learning Engineer: Machine learning engineers employ Python for building and training ML models.

Web Developer: Web developers utilize Python for building web apps and websites.

DevOps Engineer: DevOps engineers make use of Python for automating processes like software development and deployment.

Python Developer Salary in India

The increasing demand for Python developers is getting reflected in their wages. As per the expertise and talent of a Python developer, they may be offered somewhere around INR 5.5 LPA in India.

Tips for Learning Python Quickly

Learning any new programming language can be a challenge. However, with the right tips, this process can be rendered a bit easier. Here are a few tips to help aspirants learn Python quickly-

Start with the Basics

Before diving into any advanced topics, one should make sure that they have a solid understanding of Python basics. This usually involves commencing with data types, control structures and syntax.

Practice Coding

The prime way to become a pro at Python is to practice coding. Dedicate a set quantity of time each day to conduct coding exercises or projects. More coding helps become comfortable with the language faster.

Use Online Resources

Many online resources are available in the market for learning Python. These usually include tutorials, Python courses, forums and documentation. Using these resources to supplement the learning process will certainly make the process faster.

Join a Community

Joining a Python community full of experienced and beginner developers can certainly be a good way to get started. Begin searching for online forums or even local meetups to connect further with these Python enthusiasts.

Work on Projects

Working on projects is an essential step to begin applying what one has learned. This helps gain experience and even get a job faster consequently. Commence with small projects and gradually work on more complex ones.


Learning Python can prove to be a highly valuable skill for those who are interested in data analysis, web development or programming. These steps outlined here in this complete guide are enough to help beginners gain a strong foundation in this language. It will help aspirants build their knowledge and become highly proficient in this programming language.

Python Tutorial FAQ

Q1. What is Python used for?

Ans. Python is used for various tasks, including web development, data analysis, machine learning, and automation.

Q2. Is Python easy to learn?

Ans. Yes, Python has a simple and easy-to-read syntax, making it easier to learn and understand than other programming languages.

Q3. Can I get a job with Python?

Ans. Yes, there are many job roles available for Python professionals, including Python Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Web Developer, and Automation Engineer.

Q4. What certifications are available for Python?

Ans. There are various certifications available for Python developers, including certifications offered by the Python Institute, Microsoft, and IBM.

Q5. What are the benefits of learning Python?

Ans. Learning Python has many benefits, including easy to learn, a large community, high demand, career opportunities, and versatility.

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