Salesforce Admin Tutorial - A Complete Guide For Beginners

January 25th, 2024

Salesforce has become a trusted name that is being used by millions of businesses everywhere. It aids more than 150,000 customers to connect to their customers. Salesforce users belong to different businesses, institutions, and nonprofits, all on a global level. In the last decade, Salesforce has grown manifold and has led to the emergence of various job opportunities. One of the most sought after job roles that has stemmed from this customer relationship management (CRM) platform is Salesforce Admin. This Salesforce admin tutorial is a complete guide to understand this field.

Let's begin!

What is Salesforce?

A cloud-base CRM platform, Salesforce manages customer integration and relationships with other systems. This amazing SaaS tool is employed to create custom solutions for services, ecommerce, sales, and marketing, depending on the business requirements.

Salesforce is no longer just a CRM. Instead, it offers multiple products.

What is a Salesforce Admin?

Salesforce Admin Tutorial

A Salesforce Admin or administrator is a trained and certified professional with the knowledge and skills to solve business problems through the usage of the Salesforce platform. These professionals also work alongside stakeholders to customize the platform and define system requirements.

A Salesforce Administrator knows how to ensure the organization benefits the most from the platform. Many organizations have hired more than one Salesforce admin.

What does a Salesforce Admin do?

The job roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Admin vary a lot. There are various factors that lead to this distinction. Two of the top factors include your experience and what your company requires from you. Here are the core key responsibilities of a Salesforce admin-

  1. Data Management

Salesforce Admins are responsible for managing data exports and imports, keeping a check on the data quality, and performing data cleanups. This also includes enforcing key data validation processes, maintaining compliance and data security, and setting apt sharing rules.

  1. User Management

As a Salesforce Admin, you will have to create and manage user profiles. This aids in providing apt permissions and access on the basis of the roles and responsibilities in that company. This aspect also involves providing essential support and training to the users, so they can optimally use Salesforce functionalities.

  1. Security & Access Management

A Salesforce Admin also enforces security within Salesforce. They also establish sharing rules, profiles, and role hierarchies, leading to determining the permissions and access level held by users on the platform.

  1. Customization & Configuration

Salesforce Admins consider the requirements of the organization, and customize the Salesforce platform accordingly. There are a lot of ways to make it happen. It includes setting up page layouts, defining workflow rules, creating custom objects and fields, and curating user-friendly dashboards.

  1. Maintenance & Troubleshooting

It is the responsibility of a Salesforce Admin to ensure the smooth running of the Salesforce platform. Their tasks also include managing software updates, coordinating as and when needed with the Salesforce support team, and troubleshooting all arising issues.

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How to Become a Salesforce Administrator?

While many people think that they need a technical background to become a Salesforce Administrator, it is absolutely not true. Even someone from a non-technical background can get in the field of Salesforce. Here are certain steps you can take to become a Salesforce administrator.

  1. Gain Knowledge about the Official Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce offers a few certifications that will help you establish yourself in this field. Each of these certifications play a different role, have a different impact, and will open different doors for you.

Since Salesforce offers more than one certification for Salesforce Admins, it is important to pan out which one is the best for you. There are various factors that play a weighing role here. It includes your existing experience, your desired field of work in the future, how much time you wish to devote, and what you require to move up in your company.

  1. Gain all Essential Skills

To become a Salesforce Administrator, you must gain all essential skills. Here is a list of the top skills to become a Salesforce Administrator.

  • User Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Product Management
  • Data Management
  • Automating Processes
  • Security
  • Problem Solving
  • Learner Mindset
  • Analyzing Data
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication
  1. Enroll in a Salesforce Admin Training Course

Becoming a pro as a Salesforce Admin requires you to learn everything important about the field. To get started and learn all that needs to be learned, enrolling in a Salesforce Admin training course is advised.

A reliable learning platform will ensure that the course curriculum they teach is as per the industry standards. Hence, you will be preparing in the direction needed to ace the Salesforce Admin certification exam.

  1. Join Trailhead & the Trailblazer Community

Trailhead gives you the opportunity to master the basic features and concepts of Salesforce as you complete the Salesforce Admin Beginner trail. As you complete 100 badges there, you will become a Trailhead Ranger.

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community will help you grow by giving you the opportunity to learn from what others are doing. This also helps you stay motivated.

  1. Get Started

The best way to learn and grow as a Salesforce Admin is by learning through Salesforce admin tutorial and working on practical projects to gain hands-on experience. When you actually work on the platform, you will understand it better. This will give you an edge in the longer run. If you think you do not want to get into a job just yet, then you can go for freelance projects or volunteer your skills.

This hands-on experience will add stars to your resume. It will reflect to the hiring managers how well you know the Salesforce platform and hold the ability to work.

What Is Salesforce Administrator Certification?

Salesforce Administrator Certification

A Salesforce Administrator certification is what makes you a sought-after name in the widespread field of Salesforce. This credential is what can help you improve the career path you are already on, or even rev up a new one for you.

Few Salesforce categorizations as Administrator credentials are mentioned here. Which one you choose depends on a few factors that we have already listed.

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  •  Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Business Analyst
  • Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder


Salesforce Administrator certification is a credential with the power to alter your career prospects. If this is the field that holds your interest, then you should begin in the field now. There are ample resources and sources like Salesforce admin tutorial to learn from on the internet.

Begin today because Salesforce is a growing field and you could easily be a part of it. Learn well, pass the certification exam, gain credential, and you are all set to rule the Salesforce world.

Salesforce Admin Tutorial FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1. How to learn Salesforce administration?

Answer. The best to learn Salesforce Administration is by enrolling in a leading course by a trusted learning platform. You can also take the aid of Salesforce Trailblazer Community, online Salesforce tutorials, and other free sources available online.

Que 2. Is Salesforce admin difficult?

Answer. Salesforce Admin certification, despite being an entry-level certification, cannot be called easy. Earning this credential is going to take a lot of effort, deep understanding, and unwavering determination.

Que 3. How many Salesforce admin certifications are there?

Answer. There are 6 Salesforce Admin certifications being offered by Salesforce. Each of these hold a different value and will lead you to distinct places in your career.

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