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Top 10 Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions with Answers

Vidhi Gupta
March 12th, 2024
5:00 Minutes

Salesforce CPQ is the most useful tool, helping businesses streamline their sales and marketing operations. Moreover, mastering CPQ is crucial for Salesforce professionals and this blog provides Salesforce CPQ interview questions and answers created by experts, helping you prepare effectively and clear interview rounds confidently.


Salesforce CPQ or configure, price, quote is a sales tool that aids companies in providing highly accurate pricing and quotes to their customers. This one tool facilitates sales reps to accurately and swiftly quote prices by considering account optional features, discounts, quantities, and customizations.

It is an easy-to-use software, which can be made available on any device as it is a cloud-based platform. Since it is hosted within the Sales Cloud platform, it provides a direct connection to the CRM, enabling impactful sales decision making.

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Basic Salesforce CPQ Interview Questions

Here are a Top 10 Salesforce CPQ interview questions with Answers to help you ace your interview!

Q1. What is CPQ and why do companies use it?

Ans. CPQ is a part of an organization's sales process that impacts various teams including sales, finance, operations, and legal. Companies use Salesforce CPQ to ensure creation of highly accurate quotes with correctly configured pricing and products.

Q2. What is a Bundle?

Ans. A bundle refers to logical grouping of products which are sold together, forming a single quote line item. For instance, upon buying an entertainment package, you may receive additional services like television and internet. However, you only pay for one product.

Q3. What is a price rule?

Ans. Price rule is a versatile tool employed to make sure the products are rightly priced. These are also used for injecting field value, summary variable, or static value to a quote or quote line.

Q4. What is a product rule?

Ans. Product rules are employed for enforcing certain specific configurations, either at the quote or at the bundle level. The four types of product rules are selection, filter, validation, and alert.

Q5. How is a subscription product different from a one-time product?

Ans. Subscription product is one that generates recurring revenue. For instance, ongoing service subscription or software license, which is rented or leased. One-time product is one that generates revenue once, as it is sold. For instance, fee for implementation services, etc.

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Q6. What are contracted prices?

Ans. Contracted prices are associated with certain accounts, wherein the regular price of the quote line is overridden, as per the price agreed upon by the customer. It is applied in the field of 'special price'.

Q7. What is the difference between Products and Product Options?

Ans. Products refer to records holding specifics about products like code, description, name, etc. Product Options refers to records about two product records - the configured SKU and the option as well.

Q8. What are the primary components of a CPQ app?

Ans. The primary components of a CPQ app are pricing engine, quoting mechanism, and product catalog. 

Q9. Where is guided selling beneficial?

Ans. Guided selling is beneficial when sales reps require assistance in picking the right products as per the customer's specific needs and wants.

Q10. How can Apex be used to customize the functionality of Salesforce CPQ?

Apex can be implemented for creating complex business logic surpassing standard configuration, including writing classes or Apex triggers to automate processes.


These basic Salesforce CPQ interview questions are to help you get started in preparing for your interview. Once you learn about this field, you will automatically have enough knowledge and skills to give your resume a boost and ace your interview.

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