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igmGuru’s Microsoft Azure training in Kochi will help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. Choosing the Microsoft Azure training institute in Kochi has its share of benefits like getting trained from industry experts with 10+ years of experience. Our training program will help you learn everything about Microsoft Azure environments to optimize performance and establish compliance and security.

Microsoft Azure Course in Kochi Overview

IgmGuru offers one of the Best Microsoft Azure Training in Kochi. Microsoft Azure Course in Kochi been designed with an advanced learning concept based on the Azure platform. Trainees shall gain immense knowledge about data access methodologies, Azure resources management, virtual machines, network configuration , deployment, designing web apps, Architecting Microsoft azure solutions, integrating SAAS services on Azure and real hands on projects for azure infrastructure and much more.

IgmGuru is one of the best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Kochi which delivers a high level of quality training with the help of Industry Expert Professionals.

To make you a popular Microsoft certified professional, we provide extra facilities and attention to each student connected with us. We not only train you to clear your azure certification exam but also help you gain on-field skills. 

Microsoft Azure Course in Kochi Benefits

  • Creating Azure infrastructure plans and models
  • Building IAAS based server applications
  • Deploying resources with Azure Resource Manager
  • A comprehensive conception of Azure governance workings
  • Learning ways to implement and secure Azure resources and data
  • Creating applications with advance technologies
  • Providing Azure solutions for Azure storage back-ups
  • Developing for cloud computing
  • Advanced awareness of Cloud Architect Technology Solutions

Who should take the Microsoft Azure Training in Kochi?

Candidates who are cloud solution architects and programmers, professional DevOps and QA engineers, professional IT, Experienced Azure virtualization and Network developers and administrators, and interested and keen to build SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS applications, and provide all kinds of Azure solutions, should take up the azure course.

Prerequisite for Microsoft Azure Training in Kochi?

To take up the azure training, trainees must already be proficient with cloud computing and networking. They should be professional in any of the fields like Azure development, Azure administration, or DevOps. They are also required to have good hands-on fields like compute, billing and budgeting, storage, virtualization, governance, networking, and security. 

Why should you take MS Azure Training in Kochi?

Microsoft Azure has become a vast sea to explore cloud computing, and it is still growing at a fast pace. The cloud solutions in the form of designs and architectures create demand at higher levels and the claim for a solution provider as well. Undergoing IgmGuru’s azure training shall not only supervise you to crack your azure certification exams but also assist you as a backbone to stand in the form of an idol, in your allocated company. Our effective style for training the candidates makes this possible. You will be a Microsoft certified architect and your colleagues in your company will seek your assistance, as they shall see a true architect in you. Excellent salary and compliments come as a reward for you.

Key Features

Azure Training in Kochi Modules

1. Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
2. Implementing and Managing Storage
3. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)
4. Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
5. Managing Identities

1. Evaluating and Performing Server Migration to Azure
2. Implementing and Managing Application Services
3. Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking
4. Securing Identities

1. Selecting Compute and Storage Solutions
2. Hybrid Networking
3. Measuring Throughput and Structure of Data Access

1. Creating Web Applications using PaaS
2. Creating Apps and Services Running on Service Fabric
3. Using Azure Kubernetes Service

1. Developing Long-Running Tasks and Distributed Transactions
2. Configuring a Message-Based Integration Architecture
3. Developing for Asynchronous Processing
4. Developing for Autoscaling
5. Developing Azure Cognitive Services Solutions

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Azure Certification in Kochi

After successful completion of the Microsoft Azure Training in Kochi, the candidates are eligible to appear for azure certification exam. This exam is the only source for candidates seeking valid azure certification. The entire course content is developed based on real scenario-based concepts. Leading instructors from all over the world have joined hands with IgmGuru to provide a superlative environment to facilitate professionals go under extensive azure architect training process and grasp the course easily. A demo exam is taken previously to help candidates prepare for their finals. 

After clearing the exams with required %, the students need not wait for another full moon day. The results are announced as immediately as possible. However, for the certificates, the professionals must wait until sent via email. A hard copy of the Azure certification is sent later on the valid email address. The certifications are provided by Microsoft itself which eventually gives them a status and recognition in the international market seeking skilled candidates. Top MNCs are eager to know your results more than you. 

Azure Certification in Kochi

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