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Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training

  • 40 Hours

IgmGuru's Deep Learning internet instructional class can change you into a specialist in profound learning methods utilizing TensorFlow, the open-source programming bundle library intended to direct machine learning and profound neural system investigation. With this course, you'll ace profound learning and TensorFlow thoughts, figure out how to actualize calculations, fabricate fake neural systems and cross layers of data deliberation to get a handle on the office of data.

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Online Class Room Program

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Deep Learning is one among the premier energizing and promising portions of AI and machine learning advancements. IgmGuru's profound learning internet instructional class with TensorFlow is planned to help you to ace profound learning procedures and construct profound learning models utilizing TensorFlow, the open-source bundle library created by Google for the point of directing machine learning and profound neural systems investigation. it's one of the premier well-known bundle stages utilized for profound learning and contains great devices to help you to assemble and actualize counterfeit neural systems. 

Progressions in deep learning are being seen in cell phone applications, making efficiencies inside the power framework, driving headways in social insurance, enhancing rural yields, and helping us see answers for temperature change. With this Tensorflow course, you'll assemble involvement in profound learning models, figure out how to work TensorFlow to oversee neural systems and translate the outcomes.

What Skills will you grasp in this training course?

Before the finish of deep learning internet instructional class with TensorFlow, you'll have the capacity to achieve the accompanying: 

  • Comprehend the thoughts of TensorFlow, its primary capacities, activities and in this manner the execution pipeline 
  • Execute profound learning calculations, see neural systems and cross the layers of reflection which can engage you to get a handle on information like ne'er previously 
  • Ace and appreciate propelled points like convolutional neural systems, nonstop neural systems, instructing profound systems and abnormal state interfaces 
  • Fabricate profound learning models in TensorFlow and translate the outcomes 
  • Comprehend the dialect and fundamental thoughts of counterfeit neural systems 
  • Investigate and enhance profound learning models 
  • Fabricate your very own profound learning venture 
  • Separate between machine adapting, profound learning, and processing 

Who should go for Deep Learning Online Training course?

There is a tremendous interest for gifted profound learning engineers over an extensive variety of ventures, making this profound adapting course with TensorFlow preparing appropriately for experts at the middle to cutting edge level of understanding. IgmGuru prescribes this profound learning on the web course especially for the accompanying experts:

  • Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Statisticians with an interest in deep learning

What are the Prerequisites?

There is no essential to learn Deep Learning, yet having a fundamental information of Python will be the preferred standpoint. 


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Deep Learning

  • 1.1 Define Deep Learning
  • 1.2 Neural Networks
  • 1.3 Deep Learning Applications

Lesson 2 - Perceptron

  • 2.1 What is a Perceptron
  • 2.2 Logic Gates with Perceptrons
  • 2.3 Activation Functions
  • 2.4 Sigmoid
  • 2.5 ReLU
  • 2.6 Softmax
  • 2.7 Hyperbolic Functions

Lesson 3 - How to train ANNs

  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Perceptron Learning Rule
  • 3.3 Gradient Descent Rule
  • 3.4 Minimize Cost Function
  • 3.5 Tuning Learning Rate
  • 3.6 Stochastic vs Batch Gradient Descent

Lesson 4 - Multi-layer ANN

  • 4.1 Intro to MLP
  • 4.2 Forward propagation
  • 4.3 Minimize Cost Function
  • 4.4 Backpropagation
  • 4.5 Convergence in a neural net
  • 4.6 Overfitting and Capacity
  • 4.7 Hyperparameters in an ANN

Lesson 5 - Introduction to TensorFlow

  • 5.1 Intro to TensorFlow
  • 5.2 Computational Graph
  • 5.3 Key highlights
  • 5.4 Creating a Graph
  • 5.5 Regression example
  • 5.6 Gradient Descent
  • 5.7 Saving and Restoring Models
  • 5.8 Tf.layers API
  • 5.9 Keras-based networks
  • 5.10 TensorBoard

Lesson 6 - Training Deep Neural Nets

  • 6.1 Vanishing/Exploding Gradients
  • 6.2 Xavier Initialization
  • 6.3 Leaky ReLUs and ELUs
  • 6.4 Batch Normalization
  • 6.5 Transfer Learning
  • 6.6 Unsupervised Pre-training
  • 6.7 Optimizers
  • 6.8 Regularization
  • 6.9 Dropout

Lesson 7 - Convolutional Neural Networks

  • 7.1 Intro to CNNs
  • 7.2 Convolution Operation
  • 7.3 Kernel filter
  • 7.4 Feature Maps
  • 7.5 Pooling
  • 7.6 CNN Architecture
  • 7.7 Implement CNN in TensorFlow

Lesson 8 - Recurrent Neural Networks

  • 8.1 Intro to RNNs
  • 8.2 Unfolded RNNs
  • 8.3 Basic RNN Cell
  • 8.4 Dynamic RNN
  • 8.5 Training RNNs
  • 8.6 Time-series predictions
  • 8.7 LSTM
  • 8.8 Word Embeddings
  • 8.9 Seq2Seq Models
  • 8.10 Implement RNN in TensorFlow

Lesson 9 - Other forms of Deep Learning

  • 9.1 Autoencoders
  • 9.2 Reinforcement Learning (RL)
  • 9.3 Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Exam Certification

How might I accomplish IgmGuru's Deep Learning Certificate? 

  • Go to finish preparing. 
  • Must score over 60% of imprints in test masterminded by IgmGuru.

Frequently Asked Questions

A :Yes, Exam expense is incorporated in the preparation charges.

A :Igmguru provides the course completion certificate once you complete 40hrs of instructor-led training.

A :We offer day in and day out help through email, talk, and calls. we have a tendency to try and have an energetic group that gives on-request help through our locale discussion. What's a great deal of, you may have life expectancy access to the network gathering, even once fruition of your course with us.

A :Our instructing collaborators are an over the top group of material experts here to help you to get ensured in your underlying attempt. They have communication with understudies proactively to affirm the course way is being pursued and help you to advance your learning ability, from classification onboarding to extend tutoring and work help. Training help is open all through business hours.

A :All of our to a great degree qualified mentors are AWS ensured with long stretches of ability instructing and managing inside the cloud space. everything about has had a thorough decision strategy that has profile screening, specialized examination, and an instructing demo before they're ensured to mentor for us. we tend to conjointly ensure that exclusively those mentors with a high graduated class rating remain on our personnel.

A :The devices you'll have to go to preparing are • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher Headset, speakers, and amplifier: You'll require earphones or speakers to hear guidance obviously, and also a mouthpiece to converse with others. You can utilize a headset with an implicit amplifier, or separate speakers and mouthpiece.

A :All of the classifications square measure led through live on-line spilling. they're intuitive sessions that adjust you to bring inquiries and take an interest up in discourses all through classification time. We do, in any case, offer chronicles of each session you go to for your future reference. classes square measure gone to by a world group of onlookers to supplement your learning aptitude.

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