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Deep Learning With TensorFlow Training

  • 40 Hours

IgmGuru's Deep Learning online training course can transform you into an expert in deep learning techniques using TensorFlow, the open-source software package library designed to conduct machine learning & deep neural network analysis. With this course, you’ll master deep learning and TensorFlow ideas, learn to implement algorithms, build artificial neural networks and traverse layers of information abstraction to grasp the facility of information.

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Online Class Room Program

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Deep Learning is one among the foremost exciting and promising segments of AI and machine learning technologies. IgmGuru's deep learning online training course with TensorFlow is intended to assist you to master deep learning techniques and build deep learning models using TensorFlow, the open-source package library developed by Google for the aim of conducting machine learning and deep neural networks analysis. it's one of the foremost popular package platforms used for deep learning and contains powerful tools to assist you to build and implement artificial neural networks.

 Advancements in deep learning are being seen in smartphone applications, making efficiencies within the power system, driving advancements in healthcare, improving agricultural yields, and helping us notice solutions to temperature change. With this Tensorflow course, you’ll build experience in deep learning models, learn to work TensorFlow to manage neural networks and interpret the results. What skills will you learn with this Deep Learning course?

What Skills will you learn in this training course?

By the end of deep learning online training course with TensorFlow, you'll be able to accomplish the following:

  •  Understand the ideas of TensorFlow, its main functions, operations and therefore the execution pipeline
  • Implement deep learning algorithms, perceive neural networks and traverse the layers of abstraction which is able to empower you to grasp data like ne'er before
  • Master and comprehend advanced topics like convolutional neural networks, continual neural networks, coaching deep networks and high-level interfaces
  • Build deep learning models in TensorFlow and interpret the results
  • Understand the language and basic ideas of artificial neural networks
  • Troubleshoot and improve deep learning models
  • Build your own deep learning project
  • Differentiate between machine learning, deep learning, and computing

Who should opt for Deep Learning Online Training course?

There is a huge demand for skilled deep learning engineers across a wide range of industries, making this deep learning course with TensorFlow training well-suited for professionals at the intermediate to advanced level of experience. IgmGuru recommends this deep learning online course particularly for the following professionals:

  • Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Statisticians with an interest in deep learning

What are the Prerequisites?

There is no prerequisite to learn Deep Learning, but having a basic knowledge of Python will be the advantage.


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Deep Learning

  • 1.1 Define Deep Learning
  • 1.2 Neural Networks
  • 1.3 Deep Learning Applications

Lesson 2 - Perceptron

  • 2.1 What is a Perceptron
  • 2.2 Logic Gates with Perceptrons
  • 2.3 Activation Functions
  • 2.4 Sigmoid
  • 2.5 ReLU
  • 2.6 Softmax
  • 2.7 Hyperbolic Functions

Lesson 3 - How to train ANNs

  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Perceptron Learning Rule
  • 3.3 Gradient Descent Rule
  • 3.4 Minimize Cost Function
  • 3.5 Tuning Learning Rate
  • 3.6 Stochastic vs Batch Gradient Descent

Lesson 4 - Multi-layer ANN

  • 4.1 Intro to MLP
  • 4.2 Forward propagation
  • 4.3 Minimize Cost Function
  • 4.4 Backpropagation
  • 4.5 Convergence in a neural net
  • 4.6 Overfitting and Capacity
  • 4.7 Hyperparameters in an ANN

Lesson 5 - Introduction to TensorFlow

  • 5.1 Intro to TensorFlow
  • 5.2 Computational Graph
  • 5.3 Key highlights
  • 5.4 Creating a Graph
  • 5.5 Regression example
  • 5.6 Gradient Descent
  • 5.7 Saving and Restoring Models
  • 5.8 Tf.layers API
  • 5.9 Keras-based networks
  • 5.10 TensorBoard

Lesson 6 - Training Deep Neural Nets

  • 6.1 Vanishing/Exploding Gradients
  • 6.2 Xavier Initialization
  • 6.3 Leaky ReLUs and ELUs
  • 6.4 Batch Normalization
  • 6.5 Transfer Learning
  • 6.6 Unsupervised Pre-training
  • 6.7 Optimizers
  • 6.8 Regularization
  • 6.9 Dropout

Lesson 7 - Convolutional Neural Networks

  • 7.1 Intro to CNNs
  • 7.2 Convolution Operation
  • 7.3 Kernel filter
  • 7.4 Feature Maps
  • 7.5 Pooling
  • 7.6 CNN Architecture
  • 7.7 Implement CNN in TensorFlow

Lesson 8 - Recurrent Neural Networks

  • 8.1 Intro to RNNs
  • 8.2 Unfolded RNNs
  • 8.3 Basic RNN Cell
  • 8.4 Dynamic RNN
  • 8.5 Training RNNs
  • 8.6 Time-series predictions
  • 8.7 LSTM
  • 8.8 Word Embeddings
  • 8.9 Seq2Seq Models
  • 8.10 Implement RNN in TensorFlow

Lesson 9 - Other forms of Deep Learning

  • 9.1 Autoencoders
  • 9.2 Reinforcement Learning (RL)
  • 9.3 Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Exam Certification

How can I achieve IgmGuru's Deep Learning Certificate?

  • Attend complete training.
  • Must score more than 60% of marks in quiz arranged by IgmGuru.

Frequently Asked Questions

A :Yes, Exam fee is included in the training fees.

A :Igmguru provides the course completion certificate once you complete 40hrs of instructor-led training.

A :IgmGuru offers 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. we tend to even have a passionate team that gives on-demand help through our community forum. What’s a lot of, you may have lifespan access to the community forum, even once completion of your course with us.

A :Our teaching assistants are a fanatical team of material consultants here to assist you to get certified in your initial try. They have interaction with students proactively to confirm the course path is being followed and assist you to enrich your learning expertise, from the category onboarding to project mentoring and job help. Teaching help is accessible throughout business hours.

A :All of our extremely qualified trainers are AWS certified with years of expert coaching and dealing within the cloud domain. every one of them has had a rigorous choice method that has profile screening, technical analysis, and a coaching demo before they're certified to coach for us. we have a tendency to conjointly make sure that solely those trainers with a high alumni rating stay on our faculty.

A :The tools you’ll need to attend training are • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher Headset, speakers, and microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear instruction clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and a microphone.

A :All of the categories square measure conducted via live online streaming. they're interactive sessions that modify you to raise queries and participate in discussions throughout category time. We do, however, offer recordings of every session you attend for your future reference. categories square measure attended by a world audience to complement your learning expertise.

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