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The Alteryx Training Online is a useful credential to recognize professionals having knowledge and skills to use Alteryx, a leading data analytics platform. igmGuru’s Alteryx training program will help you become a pro by teaching you all the key aspects like predictive analytics. Geospatial analytics, blending, data manipulation, and filtering. With our Alteryx course online, you will learn to make data-driven decisions, improve business outcomes, streamline processes, and uncover insights.

Alteryx Course Overview

igmGuru's Alteryx Course online content is designed by highly experienced Data Analyst industry leaders and offers topic-based learning on data processing, data blending, Static Reporting, and Spatial analysis. Alteryx training course by igmGuru ensures that learners receive the most industry-relevant training and acquire on-job skills needed to become experts in the field of Data Analytics. Alteryx training online program by igmGuru is aligned with the latest version of the Alteryx certification exam.

igmGuru's online Alteryx course teaches you the building blocks required to complete more complex analytical tasks using Alteryx Designer. During the course, you will comprehend the core concepts that will enable you to prepare, parse, transform, and analyze data from different sources and output their results. Along with that, you’ll explore various things including spatial analytics for creating points, polygons, and lines, macros and apps to minimize workflow dependencies, creating reports for consumption, and more. Start your journey with most of the Alteryx with this hands-on course for superior insights.


The objective of this Alteryx training course is to develop industry-specific knowledge and skills in the learner. This online course is crafted to make you an expert in using the Alteryx tool to carry out predetermined tasks in well-defined job contexts. Dive deep into new analytics techniques with lessons taught by our industry expert instructors with 15+ years of experience.

Why Should You Opt?

The opportunities for data preparation, blending, advanced analytics, and sharing insights are increasing in demand. As per the Research and Markets, the global analytics market is poised to grow by $172.77 billion by 2025. Companies worldwide are looking for data to improve the efficiency of their business. Alteryx is counted as one of the best data analytics platforms globally due to its ability to easily blend, prepare, and analyze data by incorporating a repeatable workflow. Enrolling in the Alteryx course from igmGuru will help you grasp all the ins and outs of Alteryx through a combination of hands-on lectures, videos, downloadable resources, and projects to grab better career opportunities.


You not require any specific prior knowledge for this Alteryx course. However, you should be comfortable with data transformation and reporting using tools like MS Excel.

Key Features

Alteryx Training Modules

1. Introduction to Alteryx
2. Sample workflows for better understanding
3. Overview of all Alteryx UI
4. Overview of workflow publishing

1. Tools: Browse, Input Data, Output Data, Text Input
2. Identify how to efficiently connect to multiple data sources and write out multiple files
3. Describe how Data Profiling provides insight into a data set
4. Differentiate features of Input Data and Text Input tools
5. Identify how to use wildcards to read in multiple files
6. Identify symbols for delimiters in Input Data tool
7. Identify how to disable all Browse tools
8. Describe functionality of the Results window
9. Identify common errors of the Output Data and Input Data tools
10. Identify the correct file destination when relative paths are used in the Output Data tool
11. Identify the files created with prepend and append configurations of the Output Data tool
12. Identify the tool conversion capabilities of the Input Data and Browse tools

1. Tools: Data Cleansing, Filter, Formula, Sample, Select, Select Records, Sort, Unique, generate rows, record id, Multi-field formula, Multi-Row formula
2. Determine which tool will most efficiently blend a given set of data
3. Identify the expression that would transform a given input into a given output
4. Determine valid string and numeric formulas and expressions
5. Differentiate ascending and descending sorting order
6. Differentiate sorting order with dictionary order selected and deselected
7. Identify how numbers are sorted when they are a string data type
8. Identify the sampling options of the Sample tool
9. Determine how the Data Cleansing tool removes characters from strings
10. Determine the output of a Filter tool when configured with a compound expression
11. Identify the logical operator that can replace two connected Filter tools
12. Identify how case sensitivity impacts the output of the Unique tool
13. Determine the output of a Unique tool when multiple columns are selected
14. Identify operations that can be performed in the Formula tool for different data types
15. Determine the output of a given conditional expression
16. Identify valid syntax and functionality of expression statements
17. Identify output of string expressions that use a 0-based index

1. Tools: Append Fields, Find Replace, Join, Union
2. Determine which tool will most efficiently blend a given set of data
3. Identify common errors that may occur when joining data
4. Identify the options available to align fields in the Union tool
5. Differentiate the output of the Join tool when joined by name vs. position
6. Differentiate how the Join tool and Union tool blend and arrange data
7. Identify the records output in each anchor of the Join tool
8. Describe the multiplicative result in rows when using the Append Fields tool

1. Tools: Cross Tab, Summarize, Transpose, Count records, Weighted average
2. Determine which Summarize functions are valid
3. Differentiate how Cross Tab and Transpose transform data
4. Determine how the Group By action impacts the output of the Summarize tool
5. Identify common errors that occur with the Cross Tab tool
6. Identify how Key Columns are output from the Transpose tool

1. Tools: DateTime, Text to Columns
2. Match delimiters to their descriptions
3. Determine the result of using multiple delimiters in the Text to Columns tool
4. Use specifiers and separators to specify a custom format in the DateTime tool
5. Identify how the Text to Columns tool handles columns with nulls
6. Identify the output when the Text to Columns tool is configured to split to rows

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Alteryx Certification Exam

How to get Alteryx certified in 2024?

Alteryx certifications can help you get acknowledged! The Alteryx Certification team has developed certification exams based on the industry-recognized methods. These certifications are globally recognized for their integrity and credibility.

Alteryx offers an ever-expanding portfolio of micro-certifications and full certifications for a variety of software products including Alteryx Designer Desktop, Alteryx Cloud, and Alteryx Server. These certification exams are available at the beginner, advanced, and expert levels.

There are 4 levels to Alteryx Designer Desktop certifications:

  • Alteryx Designer Core
  • Alteryx Designer Advanced
  • Alteryx Designer Expert
  • Alteryx Predictive Master

The Alteryx Designer Core Certification exam

  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Price: Free
  • Exam Type: Online, on demand
  • Time allotted: 2 ½ hours
  • Questions: 80

The Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification exam

  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Price: Free
  • Exam Type: Online, on-demand
  • Time allotted: 2 hours
  • Questions: 40
  • Question Types: 36 multiple choice questions, 4 practical application questions
  • Passing Score: 80%
Alteryx Certification Exam

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