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igmGuru’s Data Analysis using Jamovi training course will take you on an educational journey covering how to carry out data analysis with Jamovi in a fast and friendly manner. A free and open-source Data Analysis application, Jamovi aids in bridging the gap between the power and freedom of R as well as the accessibility of SPSS. Jamovi is being used widely across the globe in companies of all industries. Earning the Jamovi certification will open many new opportunities of growth.

JAMOVI Certification Course Overview

igmGuru's Data Analysis using Jamovi online training course is crafted as per the updated content of Jamovi certification exam. JAMOVI is a new “third-generation” statistical spreadsheet, designed from the ground up to be easy to use. JAMOVI is a compelling substitute to expensive statistical tool such as SPSS and SAS. JAMOVI is free and open-source software that was developed to help the scientific community.

Introduction to JAMOVI
  • JAMOVI provides an absolute collection of analysis for various research areas; t-tests, ANOVAs, correlation and regression, non-parametric tests, contingency tables, reliability, and factor analysis.
  • It is a fully functional spreadsheet that becomes familiar to everyone immediately. Enter, copy/paste data, filter rows, compute new values, execute transforms across many columns at once – JAMOVI offers a streamlined spreadsheet knowledge, optimized for statistical data.
  • JAMOVI is easy of use, which makes it ideal for introducing people to statistics. It's advanced features make sure researchers will be well equipped for the challenges of real research upon completion.
  • JAMOVI saves your data, your analyses, their options, and the results in one file. This file can be backed up, shared with a social group, and at any time, loaded back into JAMOVI – it’s like you never left.
  • JAMOVI makes it ease for R programmers to expand and publish their own analyses. 
What are the objectives of igmGuru's JAMOVI Training Course?

As you will progress in the Data Analysis using JAMOVI certification program, you will acquire the below skills:
  • Introduction and installation of JAMOVI software
  • Basics of Statistical Data Analysis
  • Descriptive data analysis
  • Diagrammatic Presentation of data
  • Fundamentals of Hypothesis testing
  • T-Test: Independent, Paired, and One-Sample
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): One Way and Two Way
  • Nonparametric tests
  • Correlation & Regression
  • Factor Analysis (Reliability, Exploratory, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis)
Who can Opt for this Course?

Data Analysis using Jamovi certification course is best suited for:
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
  • Ph.D. Scholars
  • Researcher & Analysts
  • Those who want a GUI alternative for R
  • Those who want a free alternative to SPSS & other expensive statistics software

JAMOVI Tutorials Key Features

JAMOVI Online Training Modules

1. Basics of Statistics
2. Collection and tabulation of statistical data
3. Measurements of Scale
4. Types of Data
5. Types of statistical techniques

1. Installing JAMOVI
2. Navigating JAMOVI

1. Wrangling data
2. Entering data
3. Importing data
4. Variable types & labels
5. Computing means
6. Computing z-scores
7. Transforming scores to categories
8. Filtering cases

1. Frequency distribution
2. Measures of central tendency
3. Measures of Dispersion
4. Exporting tables and plots

1. Introduction to Hypothesis
2. Types of Hypothesis
3. Data Sampling
4. Confidence and Significance Levels
5. Assumptions of Parametric test and Non parametric tests

1. T test: Overview
2. Independent
3. Paired
4. One-Sample

1. ANOVA: chapter overview
2. One Way ANOVA
3. Two Way ANOVA

1. Kruskal Wallis H test
2. Mann Whitney U test
3. Chi Square test
4. Friedman test

1. Introduction to Regression Analysis
2. Types of Regression Analysis Models
3. Linear Regression
4. Non-Linear Regression
5. Regression Analysis with Multiple Variables

1. Reliability Analysis
2. Reliability Analysis
3. Exploratory factor
4. Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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How to learn Jamovi in 2024?

There is no official Jamovi certification. However, igmGuru's Jamovi course completion certificate is enough to put a stamp on your skills and learning. With our training and course completion certificate, you will be able to get a job in this field.

Jamovi Certification