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The Looker training online program by igmGuru will help you take your data analysis skills a notch higher. Elevate your data visualization and analysis skills by learning how to model data, generate in-depth reports, and create data visuals and dashboards with our Looker online classes. Our course will help you prepare for the Looker certification to give you the title of a Certified Looker Studio Expert. This ETL tool will help you have a successful career in the tech world.

Looker Certification Course Overview

Do you want to learn Looker to explore data visualization and analytics? igmGuru brings to you an interactive and easy-to-learn Looker course to help you craft fully customizable dashboards and reports. In today's world where data is at the center, Looker acts as a powerful enterprise-level data visualization tool for extracting meaningful insights from any complex data. Our 40 hours Looker training online includes theoretical cum practical sessions, live projects, and necessary concepts to make you an expert in this BI platform. Our trainers excel in Looker and promise to deliver dynamic training sessions. Upgrade your skills today with our career-oriented Looker online training program.

Enhance your data analytics and visualization ability with igmGuru's Looker Certification Training. Our advanced training program enables you with the knowledge and skills to harness Looker's capabilities fully.

Through our instructor-led Looker course, you'll get to learn about report creation, data modeling, and interactive dashboard design. Get hands-on experience with our training program and get knowledge of Looker's advanced features to transform data into actionable insights. Whether you're a data analyst, entrepreneur, or data enthusiast, our training caters to all skill levels.

Start your journey in BI and witness the analytical revolution by enrolling in igmGuru's online Looker training course. Through our course, you will be able to make important data-driven decisions, drive business growth, and stand out in the field.

Who Should Opt?

Professionals who have knowledge or interest in data visualization and business intelligence can benefit from Looker training. However, Looker certification training is best for-

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Developers
  • Project Managers may benefit the most from Looker training


Professionals having a decent knowledge of business intelligence and data analytics can apply for this Looker certification training. However, it is not mandatory.

Why Should You Learn?

An online Looker course is a smart choice for anyone aiming to boost their data analytics and visualization skills. It can open the doors to endless opportunities in all major industries. Since Looker is the most popular enterprise-level platform, professionals and businesses are using it to derive meaningful insights from any data. Getting mastered in this tool can help you out in this highly competitive market. Our Looker course online is designed to make you proficient in this tool, while practical sessions through hands-on experience and real-time projects will make you job-ready.


At igmGuru, we have designed this course to help professionals and students achieve several key objectives. Our main objective is to empower them with the essential skills needed to master Looker and its features. Our looker certification course will definitely help you boost your knowledge in data exploration, modeling, and creating insightful reports. Our top-notch trainers at igmGuru dedicatedly focus on bridging the gap between data and decision by teaching you how to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. Ultimately, our course aims to equip you with the expertise to excel in the dynamic field of data analytics, making you a valuable asset in today's data-driven world.

Skills Covered

At igmGuru, we believe in delivering quality training. Our training program is designed by experts to ensure you learn all important skills needed to succeed in the field of data analytics. We, at igmGuru, cover essential skills that are in high demand today. Some key skills you will learn include:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Modeling
  • Query Optimization
  • LookML
  • Data Analysis
  • Problem-Solving

By acquiring these skills, you'll be able to handle complex data-related queries smartly with high accuracy and make an important contribution to your organization. Hands-on Looker Projects We Have Our every course features a real-time project and we are offering the same in our Looker certification training course. Here are the project details for our live Looker training.

  • Project 1 - LookML Project File Creation
  • Project 2 - Importing Files From Other Projects
  • Project 3 - Model Generation.

Looker Training Key Features

Looker Training Modules

1. Navigate to Explores and Saved Content
2. Create Looks
3. Work with Dimensions and Measures
4. Exploring Data in Looker
5. Build and Save Reports

1. Dimensions and fact tables
2. Dimensional model
3. Star and SnowFlake schema
4. Understanding the data source

1. Understanding Looker Project Structure
2. How to create a view
3. How to create a model
4. Building Explores
5. How looker generates SQL
6. SQL runner basics
7. Editing and Validating LookML
8. Data security in looker
9. Model Parameters: Explore Parameters: View Parameters: Join Parameters: Field Parameters
10. Measures
11. Sets
12. Creating LookML Dashboard

1. Creating user-defined dashboard
2. Create Different Visualizations: Table; Bar Chart; Scatter plot; Line Chart; Area; Pie Chart; Single Value(KPI); Box Plot; Funnel Chart, Donut Multiples

1. Derived tables
2. Reusing code with extends
3. Table calculations
4. Liquid variables and Parameters
5. Filtering Explore data
6. Always filter on Explore
7. Always where on explore
8. Conditional filter
9. Content Validation
10. Changing Filter suggestions
11. Template filters

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Looker Certification Exam

There is no official Looker certification exam in 2024.

However, igmGuru's Looker training and course completion certification is enough to help you showcase your skills in this area and land the job of your dreams.

Looker Certification Exam

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