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Prepare to ace the Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification exam by enrolling in our Qlik Sense online course. Become a master of this self-service BI tool with our Qlik Sense training program as you explore data discovery, interactive dashboards, reports, self-service analytics, and data visualization. Prepare to win in this field as you extract analytics and make data discoveries on the go from a plethora of sources via a simple drag-and-drop process.

Qlik Sense Course Overview

igmGuru offers the best Qlik Sense training online program which is crafted by the industry experts with more than a decade worth of working experience with Qlik sense. Qlik Sense is data visualization and business intelligence (BI) platform developed by Qlik. It allows users to create interactive dashboards and reports, perform data analysis, and make data-driven decisions. igmGuru's Qlik Sense Course Online program is in sync with the latest Qlik Sense certification exam to help you get through in very first attempt.

Qlik Sense online training is based on hands-on and real-time practical project scenarios instead of just theoretical knowledge. igmGuru's Qlik Sense online training is aimed to provide you with an in-depth insight of data concepts and data analytics and consists of IT operations and data valuation training which helps you to learn Qlik Sense with the least amount of efforts.

Qlik Sense is a self-service data analytics tool that enables you to create your own visualizations and application, thereby not restricting you to pre-made charts and visuals. It enables you to extend your analytical capabilities and helps you perform business functions much more proficiently.

The course has been crafted by our team of experts at igmGuru who have a deep understanding of the subject and is well-versed with the ongoing industry standards.

Our Qlik Sense course online covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Qlik Sense: covers the basics of the Qlik Sense platform, including its architecture, data model, and user interface.
  2. Data loading and modeling: covers techniques for loading and transforming data in Qlik Sense, including the use of the data load editor and data connection.
  3. Creating visualizations: covers the process of creating and customizing visualizations in Qlik Sense, including the use of charts, tables, and maps.
  4. Data analysis: covers techniques for exploring and analyzing data in Qlik Sense, including the use of filters, selections, and calculated fields.
  5. Dashboard and story-telling: covers the process of creating and publishing interactive dashboards and stories, including the use of layout and design elements such as sheets and objects, and how to use the story-telling features.
  6. Advanced features: covers more advanced features of Qlik Sense, such as scripting, extensions, and APIs.
  7. Best Practices: covers best practices for designing, developing and deploying Qlik Sense apps, including performance optimization and security.
  8. Capstone Project: The course may include a final project where students apply the techniques learned in the course to a real-world business intelligence problem.

It is important to note that different Qlik Sense courses may focus on different aspects of the platform and may have different prerequisites, so you should check with the course provider for more information about the specific course you are interested in.

Qlik Sense Online Training Benefits

The amount of data that is being collected by companies is increasing at a rapid pace and is expected to rise at an exponential rate in the coming years too. The need for appropriate tools and expert professionals to handle such a large amount of data has thus risen. Qlik Sense is the perfect business analytics tools that provide businesses with the proper balance of efficiency and speed. Through our Qlik Sense program, we make sure that you become industry capable and can utilize Qlik Sense to its optimum potential.

Along with providing you with the knowledge of Qlik Sense, the main focus of our Qlik Sense certification course is to prepare you for the certification exam, which is important to make you a certified Qlik Sense professional. It is essential for boosting your career. Some course topics of our online training program are as follows::

  • A brief overview of data visualization and its concepts
  • An introduction to Qlik Sense and its functions
  • Understanding of data visualization foundations
  • Knowledge of preparing data models in Qlik Sense & how to resolve data model issues

Considering the tough competition in today’s market, the Qlik Sense program is becoming a must for aspiring data and business analysts. If you are one such aspirant, then don’t just wait, come and join igmGuru's Qlik Sense program and gain an edge to kick start your career in IT Industry.

Am I eligible for this Qlik Sense course online?

If you are a data analyst or aspire to take up data analytics as your career then yes, you are eligible for the training course.
Professionals such as software developers, project managers, and data valuation engineers are also eligible for the course and will benefit substantially.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, there are no specific prerequisites for the course.

Key Features

Qlik Sense Training Modules

1. How Qlik Sense varies from QlikView?
2. Need for self-service business intelligence/business analytics tools
3. Qlik Sense data discovery
4. Intuitive tool for dynamic dashboards and personalized reports
5. Installation of Qlik Sense & Qlik Sense Desktop

1. Drag-and-drop visualization, Qlik Data indexing engine
2. Data Dimensions relationships
3. Connect to multiple data sources
4. Creating your own dashboards, data visualization
5. Visual Analytics, ease of collaboration

1. Understand Data Modeling, best practices
2. Turning data columns into rows
3. Converting data rows into fields
4. Hierarchical level data loading, loading new or updated data from the database, using a common field to combine data from two tables
5. Handling data inconsistencies

1. Qlik Sense Data Architecture
2. Understanding QVD layer
3. Converting QlikView files to Qlik Sense files
4. Working on synthetic keys and circular references

1. Qlik Sense Star Schema, Link Table
2. Dimensions Table, Master Calendar, QVD files, optimizing data modeling

1. Qlik Sense Enterprise class tools, Qlik Sense custom app
2. Embedding visuals, rapid development, powerful open APIs
3. Enterprise-class architecture
4. Big Data integration
5. Enterprise security and elastic scaling

1. Learning about Qlik Sense Visualization tools
2. Chart & Map creation
3. Rich data storytelling
4. Sharing analysis visually with compelling Visualizations

1. Understanding Set Analysis in Qlik Sense
2. The various parts of a set expression like Identifiers, Operators
3. Modifiers and Comparative Analysis

1. Learning about set analysis which is a way of defining a set of data values different from the normal set
2. Deploying comparison sets, Point in Time analysis

1. Introduction to the various charts in Qlik Sense like Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Table Chart, Pie Chart, Pivot Table Chart
2. The characteristics of various charts

1. Understanding what is KPI Chart, Gauge Chart, Map Chart, Scatter Plots Chart, Map Chart/Geo Map

1. Introduction to the Qlik Sense Master Library, its benefits
2. Distinct features and user-friendly applications

1. Understanding how to do storytelling in Qlik Sense
2. The creation of storytelling, story playback

1. Understanding Mashups in Qlik Sense
2. Creating a single graphical interface from more than one sources
3. Deploying the Mashups flowchart, testing of Mashups
4. The various Mashup scenarios like Simple and Normal

1. Understanding Qlik Sense extension
2. Working with it, the various templates in Qlik Sense Extension, testing of it
3. Making Hello World dynamic
4. Learning how it works and adding a preview image

1. The various security aspects of Qlik Sense
2. Content security, security rules
3. The various components of security rules
4. Understanding data reductions and dynamic data reductions
5. User access workflow

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Qlik Sense Certification Exam

Qlik Sense Data Architect certification exam is a test that checks a candidate's knowledge and technical skills in using Qlik Sense for data visualization and business intelligence tasks. The exam typically covered topics such as data loading and modeling, creating visualizations, data analysis, and advanced features of the platform.

To prepare for a Qlik Sense certification exam, it is recommended to have a good understanding of the Qlik Sense platform, as well as experience working with data in Qlik Sense in the IT companies. Practicing with sample exam questions, working on real-world projects and reviewing relevant study materials such as videos, tutorials, PPT's and documentation can also help in preparing for the Qlik sense exam.

Qlik, the company behind Qlik Sense, offers several level of certifications for professionals those want to check their proficiency in Qlik Sense. Some of the certifications available are:

  1. Qlik Sense Business Analyst
  2. Qlik Sense Data Architect
  3. Qlik Sense System Administrator
  4. Qlik Sense NPrinting Designer

Each certification has a different set of requirements and focuses on different aspects of the platform, you should check with the organization offering the certification for more information.

The Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Exam Format:

  • Number of questions: 50
  • Time: 120 minutes
  • Passing percentage: 58%
  • Exam Cost: $250 USD
Qlik Sense Certification Exam

Qlik Sense Online Training FAQ