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QlikView Server online course by igmGuru is curated for experts who wish to learn to manage QlikView logs, troubleshoot QlikView Server and publisher, manage different QlikView services, and understand its development methodologies. With our QlikView Server training program, you will also learn to install, configure, and manage a QlikView Server. Our learning program is in line with the current QlikView Server certification exam. Become a pro by learning from industry experts with 10+ years of working experience.

QlikView Course Overview

igmGuru's best QlikView training online program is crafted by the industry experts. QlikView Server is business intelligence platform developed by Qlik. It help users to create interactive dashboards, reports and analytical applications, perform data analysis, and make data-driven decisions. QlikView Course online program is in sync with the latest QlikView Server certification exam. Through our QlikView Server training online, as a QlikView user, you will learn all the insights require to operate QlikView Server and become a QlikView Server administrator expert.

Our QlikView Server course online covers below topics:

  1. Introduction to QlikView Server: covers the basics of the QlikView Server platform, including its architecture, data model, and user interface.
  2. Installation and Configuration: covers the process of installing and configuring QlikView Server, including setting up the server environment, configuring security settings, and connecting to data sources.
  3. Managing Documents: covers the process of creating, publishing, and managing QlikView documents on the server, including the use of the QlikView Management Console and the Document Library.
  4. Data Management: covers techniques for loading and transforming data in QlikView Server, including the use of the Data Manager, Data Connections, and Data Transformations.
  5. Access Control and Security: covers the process of managing user access and security settings in QlikView Server, including the use of the User Management and Security Rules.
  6. Server Administration: covers the process of managing and maintaining the QlikView Server environment, including monitoring performance, managing backups, and troubleshooting issues.
  7. Advanced features: covers more advanced features of QlikView Server such as server deployment, scalability, and integration with other platforms.
  8. Capstone Project: The course may include a final project where students apply the techniques learned in the course to a real-world business intelligence problem.

Qlik View Server certification training by igmGuru equips students with a detailed insight into QlikView Server as well as its functions. With the help of QlikView Server, companies can easily connect to their clients and other QlikView users to update and share QlikView documents. This training gives you a high understanding of the QlikView Server administration and prepares you for the examination.

What are the benefits?

Our training program has been crafted to provide you with the maximum benefits possible. The main focus of the Certification training is to help you understand QlikView Server and prepare you for the certification exam that follows. Some of the key features and learnings associated with this training are:

  • An overview of a QlikView Server and its functions
  • An overview of AccessPoint, QlikView’s online portal
  • Understand how QlikView Server works in conjunction with AccessPoint 
  • Learn how to share QlikView documents with other QlikView users using QlikView Server
  • Importance of QlikView Server security management

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you will also be prepared for the QlikView exam that will be conducted at the end of this training. This examination is mandatory to get the certification.

What are the pre-requisites?

There are no required prerequisites for our QlikView Server training.

Why do I need to take up this QlikView Online Training?

As a data analyst who uses QlikView, the need to share QlikView documents with other users is apparent. This QlikView Certificating Training will enable you to have a thorough know-how of getting connected to other QlikView users and sharing QlikView documents. Our training will also prepare you for the examination that follows the course which will eventually help you build a promising career as a QlikView Server admin. Professionals who are into testing and analytics will also benefit from our course.

Key Features

QlikView Training Modules

1. Introduction to QlikView Server, its features and capabilities
2. Understanding how it works with Windows
3. Configuration and services

1. Introduction to QlikView Architecture
2. Working with Microsoft IIS
3. Learning how to decide on the Server size
4. Factors to consider before going in for scaling the Server

1. Learning about QlikView licensing
2. Managing and controlling the licensing group
3. The different ways to distribute licenses
4. Restricting rights using NAMED CAL user

1. QlikView Windows authorization
2. Access rights to users
3. The rules to follow while assigning Windows authorization
4. Managing the Windows authorization

1. Learning about the various prerequisites for QlikView installation
2. The ports to enable to communicate with QlikView licensing server
3. Things not to pre-install in QlikView Server
4. Managing the firewall and antivirus

1. The set-up for Server installation
2. The detailed process of Server installation
3. Learning to distribute the QlikView components in various Server boxes
4. The components that are available upon installation
5. QlikView Server licensing

1. Introduction to QlikView Management Console
2. Main portal to configure and manage QlikView Server
3. Application of license
4. Managing licenses and services

1. The QlikView license distribution and policy management
2. Providing various rights to various user segments

1. Learning how to organize various QlikView folders
2. Introduction to QlikView Distributed Services and QlikView Web Server.
3. The security group policies

1. Learning about QlikView Security management
2. The external security architecture
3. License lease and masking of connection

1. Managing the QlikView documents
2. Categories of distribution
3. Securing the documents
4. Collaboration and sharing of sessions
5. Learning about CAL & DOC CAL

1. The various issues faced during working with Windows
2. Administration and access denied issues
3. Resolving the problems

1. Understanding the features of QlikView Publisher
2. Difference between the Server and the Publisher
3. Server and Publisher management

1. Learning how Publisher extends the capabilities of the Server
2. The distribution function of the Publisher
3. Publisher security group
4. Access group section

1. Working with QlikView Publisher
2. Understanding distribution
3. Configuration of distribution group, task scheduling, looping and reducing
4. Learning what is source document
5. Dependencies

1. Understanding the concept of hyper-threading
2. Deploying various optimization techniques for scaling server performance
3. Testing of documents, dependencies
4. Using source library XMLs and log files

1. Understanding the need for QlikView clustering
2. The architecture of clustering.

1. Understanding how to deploy clustering in a Windows environment
2. Working with sandbox
3. LUN management and failover procedure

1. Working with various testing tools
2. The recommendations for scaling

1. Monitoring
2. System Admin Apps
3. Firewall issue
4. Antivirus issue
5. Log file checking

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QlikView Certification Exam

A QlikView System Administrator certification exam is a test that assesses a candidate's knowledge and skills in using QlikView Server for business intelligence tasks. The exam typically covers topics such as installation and configuration, data management, access control and security, server administration, and advanced features of the platform.

To prepare for a QlikView Server certification exam, it is recommended to have a solid understanding of the QlikView Server platform, as well as experience working with data in QlikView Server. Practicing with sample exam questions, working on real-world projects, and reviewing relevant materials such as tutorials and documentation can also help in preparing for the exam.

Qlik, the company behind QlikView, offers several certifications for professionals that want to demonstrate their proficiency in QlikView Server. Some of the certifications available are:

  1. QlikView Server Administrator
  2. QlikView Data Architect
  3. QlikView Business Analyst

Each certification has a different set of requirements and focuses on different aspects of the platform, you should check with the organization offering the certification for more information.

igmGuru's QlikView System Administrator Certification training program in 2024 has been developed extensively by industry-specific professionals and experts who have a good amount of experience in this field. Our training module focuses on the various aspects and has been prepared with various intuitive assignments and real-life projects to provide you with the best training possible. The certification is life-long and will help you boost your career.

The QlikView Data Architect Certification Exam Format:

Number of questions: 50

Time: 120 minutes

Passing percentage: 65%

Exam Cost: $250 USD

QlikView Certification Exam

QlikView Online Training FAQ