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With our Advanced Excel training program, you will be able to get a mastery over MS Excel, a world-wide used spreadsheet program. igmGuru’s Advanced Excel online course is here to impart you a sea of knowledge and skills around Excel tables, workbooks, interactive elements, sorting, data processing, creating dashboards, filtering, cells, charting, and PivotTables under the guidance of industry experts. Get ready to earn a top credential as you get the Advanced Excel certification.

Advanced Excel Course Overview

igmGuru's offers one the best Microsoft Advanced Excel Training Online program which is aligned as per the Excel Certification Exam. A Microsoft Excel course online is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use the spreadsheet software. With advanced Excel skills, professionals become capable to perform complex and large calculations and process huge volumes of data in no time. In brief, igmGuru offers you the opportunity to master the complete package of Microsoft advanced Excel online training with advanced Excel certification.

A Microsoft Excel course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use the spreadsheet software.

It covers the following key topics:

  1. Introduction to Excel: This covers the basics of Excel, including its interface, navigation, and basic functionality such as creating and editing worksheets.
  2. Data Entry and Formatting: This covers the process of entering and formatting data in Excel, including data validation, conditional formatting, and cell styles.
  3. Formulas and Functions: This covers the use of formulas and functions in Excel, including basic mathematical operations, financial functions, and date and time functions.
  4. Charts and Graphs: This covers the process of creating and formatting charts and graphs in Excel, including column charts, line charts, and pie charts.
  5. Data Analysis: This covers advanced data analysis techniques in Excel, including using filters and pivot tables to analyze data, and using the goal seek and solver tools to perform data analysis.
  6. Collaboration: This covers the process of collaborating on Excel documents, including sharing and co-authoring, and using Excel in the cloud.
  7. Macros and Automation: This covers the process of automating repetitive tasks in Excel, including recording and running macros, and using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to automate tasks.
  8. Best practices for data organization and management.

igmGuru’s Microsoft Advanced Excel training will start with the basics of Excel and rapidly take you to a more advanced level where you will grasp expert-level knowledge. We believe it is important for us to start at the bottom and build a solid foundation. This Advanced Excel course has been specially designed for research scientists, business managers, data analysts, accountants, students, and other professionals who wish to enhance their analytical skills and strategic decision-making ability.

This training is intended to mold you as advanced Excel specialists required to perform complex business operations and overall management functions. This Advanced Excel online program will help you become a world-class financial analyst. To make you a popular Microsoft Excel certified professional, we provide extra attention to each of our students.


  • Expertly use the intermediate and advanced level skills of Microsoft Excel.
  • Generate sophisticated data for financial analysis by computing it in charts, tables, and graphs.
  • Master all the advanced formulas and functions of advanced excel course
  • Get advanced MS excel course certificate of completion of Microsoft advanced excel training
  • Video-based classes and lessons can be easily followed without frustration.
  • Learn about Conditional formatting, Pivot table, charts, etc.
  • Learn to automate the repetitive task with the help of Macros.
  • Enhance student’s analytical skills and strategic decision-making ability.
  • Boost your capability through this innovative, unique, and independent learning.
  • Get trained by professional trainers with 10+ years of experience.
  • Learn to solve complex data calculations and organize them in minimum time.


  • To take up this training course, you need to have the basic knowledge of computers system.
  • Users should be proficient in the English language to understand what the expert is teaching.
  • They are also required to have fast-paced internet.
  • Also, the user should know how to operate MS Excel.

    You can take up the igmGuru’s beginner Microsoft Excel course to better understand the advanced Excel.

Whats Skills You will Learn?

  • Data, Power Query, Tables and Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Tables, Simulations and Solver
  • Advanced Charting
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Reporting
  • VBA and Macros
  • Using Excel Productively
  • Advanced Formulas and functions
  • To identify trends
  • Achieve High Performance and speed efficiently

This online curriculum is outlined in such a way that anyone eager to learn Excel can take up the program. This course include 3 levels of Microsoft Excel i.e. Intermediate, Advanced, and Macros or VBA. This is for professionals who want to build a career in MIS and Data Management. If you are looking to take your advanced Excel skills from intermediate to advanced level and beyond, then this course is definitely for you.

Why should you Choose?

igmGuru’s training will give you hands-on experience on real-time projects together with great online quizzes and video tutorials. This course can be accessed from any device, including computers, tablets, and mobiles with the help of an internet connection. The more you learn excel, the more you will enjoy working with data.

Advanced excel certification will make you an advanced excel certified and will give you an edge over your colleagues in the company. They will seek your assistance, as they shall see a true expert in you. Also, this advanced excel course will reward you with excellent pay and additional benefits. Undergoing igmGuru’s certification course shall not only supervise you to crack your Microsoft advanced excel exams but also assist you as a backbone to stand in the form of an idol, in your allocated company.

Our effective style for training the candidates makes them excellent in solving complex data with ease. The course is intended for individuals who want to learn how to use Excel effectively, including business analysts, IT professionals, and students. It provides hands-on experience and best practices for using Excel to manage and analyze data.

Key Features

Microsoft Advanced Excel Training Modules

1. Intro to Excel
2. Setting up tables
3. Cleaning bad data
4. Cleaning using Power Query
5. Writing formulas
6. Creating pivot tables
7. Making charts
8. Filtering & sorting
9. Shortcuts

1. Excel Tables
2. Filtering, slicing tables
3. Bad data to good with PQ
4. Unpivoting data with PQ
5. Merging multiple files to one table

1. Creating pivot tables Data model + relationships
2. Multiple table pivots
3. Customizing pivots
4. Extra calculations in Pivots
5. Grouping data
6. Slicing and dicing
7. Get Pivot Data

1. Intro to Charting
2. Picking right charts
3. Anatomy of Excel chart
4. Formatting charts
5. New charts in Excel 2016
6. Budget vs. Actual charts
7. Then vs. Now charts
8. Conditional charts
9. Sparklines
10. Interactive charts

1. Data validation
2. Creating templates
3. Workbook protection
4. Publishing to web
5. Shapes + pictures
6. Navigation buttons
7. Printing
8. Form controls
9. Custom ribbons

1. Referencing data
2. IF condition, CHOOSE, IFS
3. Statistical analysis
4. Conditional sum, count
5. Lookups
6. Advanced Lookups
7. Date formulas
8. Text analysis
9. Sentiment analysis
10. Exploratory data analysis

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Microsoft Excel Certification Exam

Microsoft offers a certification program for those who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using Microsoft Excel.

The certification is divided into two levels:

  1. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel: This certification is intended for individuals who are proficient in using Excel for creating and managing spreadsheets. It covers topics such as creating and editing worksheets, formatting data, creating charts and graphs, and using functions and formulas
  2. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel Expert: This certification is intended for individuals who are proficient in using advanced Excel features, including data analysis and visualization, creating macros, and collaborating on Excel documents

Both certification exams are proctored and consist of multiple-choice questions.

Both have about 40-50 questions and lasts for about 60 minutes.

To become certified, an individual must successfully pass the appropriate certification exam and meet the necessary prerequisites, which may include experience using Excel and/or completing relevant training.

The certification exams are intended for individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using Excel to potential employers or clients. It's recommended that the candidate have a good understanding of Excel and practical experience working with it before taking the certification exam.

Once you complete advanced MS excel, the students need to appear for the Advanced excel certification exam in 2024. If you pass this examination, you will get the intended certificate. This exam is the only source for candidates seeking Advanced excels certification. After the exam, you will instantly get the outcome in percentage. Microsoft provides certification for this training, delivering them the status and appreciation in the foreign market. However, professionals need to wait for their certificates which will be sent via email.

Microsoft Excel Certification Exam

Advanced MS Excel Online Training FAQ