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Digital Marketing Specialist Online Training

  • 53 Hours

IgmGuru's SEO Specialist Master program is designed according to the OMCA certification exam to make sure that candidate passes the exam in the first attempt. In this SEO Specialist Master Program, you get to learn the base of digital marketing. You master yourself in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Analytics, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Conversion Optimization.

Key Features of Digital Marketing & Programming

  • Instructor Led Training : 53 Hrs
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 24 X 7 Lifetime Support & Access
  • Experienced Trainers
  • 100% Job Assistance
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For Individuals

Online Class Room Program

Online Class Room Program

  • 90 days of access to 12+ instructor-led online training classes
  • 180 days of access to high-quality,self-paced learning content designed by experts
  • $384.30

100% Money Back Guarantee ?

Batches start from 27 Apr 2019.


The Digital marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) course is meant to assist you to master the essential disciplines in digital selling, as well as program improvement (SEO), social media, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion improvement, net analytics, content marketing, email, and mobile selling. Digital marketing is one of the world’s quickest growing disciplines, and this certification can raise your value within the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing.

What Skills will you grasp?

This course can enable you to:

  • Gain associate degree in-depth understanding of the varied digital selling disciplines: program optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), website conversion rate optimization, web analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing and many more.
  • Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook selling, Twitter Advertising, and YouTube marketing
  • Become a virtual digital selling manager for associate degree e-commerce company with Mimic professional simulations enclosed in our course. practice SEO, SEM, website Conversion Rate optimization, email marketing and a lot of.
  • Gain real-life expertise by finishing projects victimization Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, and YouTube marketing
  • Learn how to formulate, plan, and execute effective digital marketing methods with the proper channel combine in our digital marketing strategy module
  • Become associate degree professional in Twitter advertising—we developed the Twitter advertising module during this course in partnership with Twitter
  • Create the proper marketing messages tailored for the proper audiences
  • Prepare for prime digital marketing certification exams like OMCA, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, and YouTube marketing certifications

What are the projects included in this course?

Digital marketing training is incomplete without sensible learning. during this course, you may work on four live comes of ten hours every that may give you active digital marketing expertise. The projects can place you in charge of an internet site, and you’ll use numerous digital selling tools to execute your digital selling strategy.

 Project 1: Google Analytics & SEO: you may start your business website, guarantee correct SEO, and change Google Analytics to research its performance.

 Project 2: Google AdWords: you may style a Google AdWords campaign to extend relevant paid search traffic to your website.

Project 3: Facebook Marketing: you may run a Facebook selling campaign for your website and maintain the Facebook page to make sure complete visibility and engagement.

Project 4: YouTube and Video Marketing: you may run a YouTube marketing campaign for your website and maintain your YouTube channel.


Lesson 1 - Search Engine Optimization

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 On-Page Optimization
  • 1.3 Off-Site Optimization
  • 1.4 Duplicate Content
  • 1.5 Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence
  • 1.6 Design and Architecture
  • 1.7 Local SEO
  • 1.8 SEO Measurement
  • 1.9 Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes
  • 1.10 Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines

Lesson 2 - Marketing Automation

  • 2.1 Introduction to Marketing Automation
  • 2.2 Lead Capture and Nurture
  • 2.3 Triggers and Series
  • 2.4 Drip Campaigns
  • 2.5 Nurture Campaigns
  • 2.6 Measurement Attribution
  • 2.7 Customer Journey

Lesson 3 - Programmatic Buying

  • 3.1 What is Programmatic Buying
  • 3.2 Programmatic Buying vs. Traditional Paid Marketing Approaches
  • 3.3 Programmatic Direct vs. Real-Time Bidding
  • 3.4 Programmatic Workflow
  • 3.5 Targeting Strategies in Programmatic
  • 3.6 Targeting Strategies in Programmatic

Lesson 4 - Digital Analytics

  • 4.1 Introduction to Digital Analytics
  • 4.2 Organizational Maturity
  • 4.3 Building Blocks
  • 4.4 Management Perspectives of Digital Analytics
  • 4.5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 4.6 Segmentation
  • 4.7 The Analysis Process
  • 4.8 Marketing Management
  • 4.9 Experimentation and Testing
  • 4.10 Reports and Dashboard
  • 4.11 The Digital Analytics Stack

Lesson 5 - Conversion Optimization

  • 5.1 Introducing Conversion Optimization
  • 5.2 Laying the Foundations of Conversion
  • 5.3 Getting to Know Your Customers
  • 5.4 Creating the Message
  • 5.5 Anatomy of a Landing Page
  • 5.6 Why Design Matters
  • 5.7 Testing for Conversions
  • 5.8 Seeing the Bigger Picture

Lesson 6 - Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • 6.1 Introduction to CPC
  • 6.2 Psychology of Search
  • 6.3 Account Hierarchy
  • 6.4 Search Ads and Keyword Targeting
  • 6.5 Increasing Reach with Display Network
  • 6.6 Reaching Target Audiences
  • 6.7 The Buying Funnel
  • 6.8 The Paid Search Auction
  • 6.9 Setting and Measuring Marketing Goals
  • 6.10 How CPC Fits into the Digital Strategy?

Lesson 7 - Mobile Marketing

  • 7.1 Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • 7.2 Mobile Products and Services
  • 7.3 Promotions and Incentives
  • 7.4 Integration with Marketing Mix
  • 7.5 Mobile Advertising
  • 7.6 Mobile Analysis
  • 7.7 Rules and Regulations

Lesson 8 - Email Marketing

  • 8.1 Introduction to Email Marketing
  • 8.2 Elements of Email
  • 8.3 Working with an ESP
  • 8.4 Build and Maintain Your List
  • 8.5 Avoid Spam Penalties
  • 8.6 Email Deliver-ability
  • 8.7 Campaign Measurement
  • 8.8 Automation Basics

Lesson 9 - Content Marketing

  • 9.1 Introduction to Content Marketing
  • 9.2 Content Marketing Strategy
  • 9.3 Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
  • 9.4 Content Marketing Tactics
  • 9.5 Content Marketing Budget and Measurement

Lesson 10 - Social Media

  • 10.1 Introduction to Social Media
  • 10.2 Social Media Strategy and Planning
  • 10.3 Social Media Channel Management
  • 10.4 Social Media Management Tools
  • 10.5 Social Media Measurement and Reporting
  • 10.6 Social Advertising
  • 10.7 Social Media Platforms

Lesson 11 - Digital Marketing Strategy

  • 11.1 Digital Marketing Strategy

Exam Certification

How Can I become a Digital Marketing Certified Associate?

When you've finished the DMCA course, you'll plan your online OMCA examination. To win this industry accreditation, you'll require a passing score on the exam, confirmation of training and experience. The confirmation is legitimate for a long time when reestablished with expert advancement units.

Frequently Asked Questions

A :

No, Exam expense is excluded in the preparation charges.

A :We offer day in and day out help through email, talk, and calls. we have a tendency to try and have an energetic group that gives on-request help through our locale discussion. What's a great deal of, you may have life expectancy access to the network gathering, even once fruition of your course with us.

A :Our instructing collaborators are an over the top group of material experts here to help you to get ensured in your underlying attempt. They have communication with understudies proactively to affirm the course way is being pursued and help you to advance your learning ability, from classification onboarding to extend tutoring and work help. Training help is open all through business hours.

A :All of our to a great degree qualified mentors are AWS ensured with long stretches of ability instructing and managing inside the cloud space. everything about has had a thorough decision strategy that has profile screening, specialized examination, and an instructing demo before they're ensured to mentor for us. we tend to conjointly ensure that exclusively those mentors with a high graduated class rating remain on our personnel.

A :The devices you'll have to go to preparing are • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher Headset, speakers, and amplifier: You'll require earphones or speakers to hear guidance obviously, and also a mouthpiece to converse with others. You can utilize a headset with an implicit amplifier, or separate speakers and mouthpiece.

A :All of the classifications square measure led through live on-line spilling. they're intuitive sessions that adjust you to bring inquiries and take an interest up in discourses all through classification time. We do, in any case, offer chronicles of each session you go to for your future reference. classes square measure gone to by a world group of onlookers to supplement your learning aptitude.

Digital Marketing Specialist Online Training

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