Advanced PPC Management Training Certification Course

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25 Hours
igmGuru’s Google PPC training online program is offered to individuals who wish to master Pay-Per-Click, conversion optimization, web analytics, and display advertising. Our Google PPC online course will help you gain extensive knowledge of ranking algorithms, lead generation improvement, bidding methods, search engine marketing, performance measurement, and ad platforms with the purpose of driving measurable ROI. Get recognized as an expert with the Google PPC certification.

Google Adwords PPC Course Overview

igmGuru's Google PPC training online program is sure to transform you into an industry-ready, skilled professional. This is the right course for those who have been thinking of learning and gaining knowledge of the most awaited Google AdWords course online. You will get hands-on experience on the most amazing ongoing internet marketing strategies like pay-per-click, advertisement, and internet analytics with conversion optimization. Along with all these, in this training program, you will also get to enhance your working skills about curating the right kind of promotion strategy, to keep one’s business going in the right direction. Brand awareness, lead generations, sales conversion, and many more things play a big role in ensuring an organization's success. With Google PPC training by igmGuru, you will become a pro at making it all happen.

PPC Course Online Objectives?

This PPC certification course online helps participants to gain experience in Cost-Per-Click and Paid Search. A you move towards finishing this course, you will:

  • Have knowledge and experience on numerous aspects of Cost Per Click advertising.
  • Be accustomed to the auction model, ranking algorithms, and post-click activity.
  • Understand the variations between numerous search engines and the way each will have an effect on a campaign with a Google Adwords Certification.
  • Be ready to assess the market shared by the search engines.
  • Analyze past and future Cost Per Click trends.
  • Define, measure, and compare keywords and opt for the most effective one that suits your advertising model.
  • Have a powerful awareness of campaign settings, the way to structure a campaign, and rating models.
  • Be skillful in writing your own ads, developing landing pages, and good usage of ad teams.
  • Review the market trends to decipher that the PPC campaign works for alternative marketers.
  • Track clicks and also the Return on Investment (ROI) to see success in every campaign.
  • Have data about how advertising can gain insights into advanced content selling and advanced website conversion rate improvement.

What Skills will you Learn?

At the end of this PPC training, you'll be in a position to:

  • Ensure that your business will be found simply on program results
  • Dramatically increase the traffic to your website
  • Enhance your reach to each native and international customers
  • Control your ad budget
  • Measure your ads’ performances

Who can opt for this course?

Advanced PPC management skills are ideal for people who look for leadership positions in paid promotion. The subsequent roles square measure best suited to be a PPC specialist:

  • Marketing managers
  • Digital promoting executives
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Management, engineering, business, and communication graduates
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

Key Features

Google Adwords PPC Training Modules

1. ​Introduction To CPC Advertising
2. Psychology Of Search
3. The Search Opportunity
4. The Buying Cycle
5. Quick Note On User Interfaces

1. Introducing Keywords, Part 1: Keyword Basics & Keyword Organization
2. Introducing Keywords, Part 2: The Long Tail & Keyword Discovery
3. Understanding Match Types
4. Managing Search Queries & Negative Keywords
5. How To Add Keywords

1. Creating Compelling Ad Copy, Part 1: Connecting Search Queries To Websites
2. Ad Extensions
3. Landing Pages: Where To Send Your PPC Traffic
4. Ad Copy Testing

1. Account Settings And UI Walkthrough
2. Campaign Settings, Part 1: Location And Language Targeting
3. Campaign Settings, Part 2: Types, Budget, & Reach

1. Setting And Measuring Goals
2. ROAS, Conversion, & Setting Initial Bids
3. Effective Bid Strategies, Part 1: Bidding Options
4. Effective Bid Strategies, Part 2: Setting Bids
5. How To Extract Valuable Data

1. PPC: Introduction To Display Advertising
2. Advanced Display Targeting, Part 1: Advanced Targeting Options
3. Advanced Display Targeting, Part 2: Taking Action
4. Image And Video Ads
5. Remarketing

1. Ad Group Organization
2. Campaign Organization
3. Working With Multiple Accounts

1. Introduction To Quality Score
2. Working With Quality Score: Part 1
3. Working With Quality Score: Part 2
4. Pivot Tables And Quality Score

1. Creating, Launching, And Managing A PPC Account, Part 1
2. Creating, Launching, And Managing A PPC Account, Part 2
3. Strategy Documentation & Implementation

1. Landing Page Testing
2. Advanced Testing Techniques
3. Building The Perfect Landing Page

1. Save Time With AdWords Editor And Excel

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Google Adwords PPC Certification Exam

How can I get Google AdWords certificate in 2024?

Once you complete the 25 hrs of online courses by igmGuru, you have to go through the Google Ads certification. Ads certifications are professional accreditations that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads.

Passing percentage: 80%

Duration: 70 minutes

Google Adwords PPC Certification Exam

Google Adwords PPC Training Online FAQ