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A React Native certification is your key to unlocking the unlimited potential of the world of programming. This one certification will help your hiring manager get an idea of your competency in using React Native, a highly celebrated JavaScript framework. With igmGuru’s React Native online course, you will master the basics of React’s JAX, design principles, State, Props, and event handling. Enroll in our React Native training program to ace the prospect of building React Native applications.

React Native Course Overview

igmGuru's offers one of the best React Native Training Online program which covers basic and advanced concepts of React Native. React Native is a framework that is widely used for building mobile applications by utilizing React and JavaScript. React offers a huge amount of inbuilt components and APIs. This course is in sync with the latest React Native Certification exam course to help you pass with flying colors. igmGuru's React Native Course Online is designed for both beginners and professionals.

React Native is extensively used by developers for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React.

A React Native course by igmGuru will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to React Native and its concepts, including JSX and the virtual DOM.
  2. Setting up the development environment and creating a new project.
  3. Components and Props: Understanding the building blocks of a React Native application, including components and how to pass data between them.
  4. State and Lifecycle: Understanding how to manage the state of a React Native application and how components are rendered and updated.
  5. Handling user input: Understanding how to handle user input, including touch events and forms.
  6. Navigation: Understanding how to navigate between different screens in a React Native application, using either built-in or third-party libraries.
  7. Networking and APIs: Understanding how to fetch and handle data from remote servers and APIs.
  8. Debugging and troubleshooting: Understanding how to debug and troubleshoot React Native applications, including the use of developer tools and remote debugging.
  9. Deployment: Understanding how to package and distribute a React Native application for different platforms (iOS and Android)
  10. Best practices for performance optimization and code organization. React Native is a JavaScript Framework that is used to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android.

This React Native Certification Course includes all the topics which will help you to learn TypeScript. Some topics that are covered include First App Hello World, Flexbox, React Native Introduction, Text Input, Environment Setup, State, Height and Width, etc. React Native allows you to write code in JavaScript in a similar way as Node.js and build the mobile app natively in iOS without having to learn Objective-C or Swift.

What skills you will learn from React Native?

  1. Create new and innovative native applications for mobile
  2. Fundamentals of React Native
  3. Create apps for both iOS and Android
  4. Create smaller reusable components from complex components
  5. Create the authentications for apps
  6. Make impactful applications by employing expert-level React Native features
  7. Build new React Native apps with Expo
  8. Gain in-depth knowledge of the updated navigation options for upcoming React Native apps
  9. Update your users with cross-platform Push Notifications
  10. Handle users that are going offline with Redux Persist

Who can opt?

This training is designed for Developers and professionals who want to master React to build Native apps. By getting into this course, you will expand your React and JavaScript knowledge, learn multiple concepts of functional programming, and prepare to enter the mobile world.

What are the prerequisites?

To become a part of our React Native Online Training, you should have knowledge of React and JavaScript. Existing working knowledge of OOPs concept as well as JavaScript is recommended. Even those who do not have any prior React experience can enroll in this training course. In this learning program, you will learn about fundamental React concepts from industry experts.

It is intended for developers who want to build mobile applications for iOS and Android using JavaScript and React, it covers both the fundamental concepts and the practical skills required to build a React Native application. The course is hands-on, with a strong emphasis on practical exercises and building real-world applications.

Key Features

React Native Training Modules

1. Generating React Native Application
2. Running Application on your Device
3. Connecting Application to Developer Tools
4. Dealing with Errors and Warnings

1. Rendering First Component
2. Binding List to Application
3. Handling React Native Layouts
4. Styling React Native Component

1. Introduction to React Native Navigation
2. Adding Navigation to Application
3. Triggering React Navigation

1. Using TextInput Components
2. Syncing TextInput Value to State
3. Styling Submit Buttons
4. Adding Date Picker Components

1. Introducing HTTP Requests
2. Running Sample HTTP Server
3. Fetching Data from HTTP APIs
4. Sending Data to HTTP APIs
5. Navigating to other pages

1. Ejecting the React Application
2. Deployment to Application Store

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React Native Certification Exam

There is no official React Native certification exam offered by Facebook (the company that develops and maintains React Native), but there are several organizations that offer certification exams for React Native Developers. The format and content of these exams can vary, but they generally test a candidate's knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. React Native Fundamentals: This includes knowledge of React Native's architecture, components, state and lifecycle, JSX, and the virtual DOM
  2. Navigation: Candidates should be familiar with the different navigation options available in React Native and be able to implement them in an application
  3. Networking and APIs: Candidates should be familiar with the basics of networking in React Native, including how to fetch and handle data from remote servers and APIs
  4. Debugging and troubleshooting: Candidates should be familiar with the debugging and troubleshooting tools available in React Native, and be able to use them effectively to debug and troubleshoot an application
  5. Deployment: Candidates should be familiar with the process of deploying a React Native application for different platforms (iOS and Android)
  6. Best practices for performance optimization and code organization.

Most of the certification exams are proctored, timed and consist of multiple-choice questions. The certification exams are usually online and can be taken from anywhere. The certification is generally valid for a specific period, usually 2 years.

The certification exams are intended for learned React Native developers who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers or clients. It's recommended that the candidate have a good understanding of the language and practical experience working with React Native before taking the certification exam.

React Native Certification Exam

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