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The React with Redux training online by igmGuru will help you learn about how to create dynamic web apps, master the fundamental concepts of Redux and React, and learn the power of building reusable components. Become fluent in the toolchain supporting React such as Babel, ES6/ES2015 JavaScript syntax, Webpack, and NPM. Get your hands on the highly esteemed React with Redux certification now!

React with Redux Course Overview

igmGuru's React with Redux Training Online program will help you gain expertise in building efficient React applications by mastering the concepts of React, Redux, and React Native. This React with Redux Course online program will guide you on how to build simple components and integrate them into more complex design components. On completing the React with Redux online training, you will be able to build the applications using React concepts such as JSX, Redux, Asynchronous Programming using Redux-Saga middleware, Fetch data using GraphQL, perform Testing using Jest, and successively Deploy applications using Nginx and Docker plus build Mobile applications using React Native.

React JS course by igmGuru teaches you how to use the Redux library to manage the state of a React application. Our course will cover the following topics:

  1. An introduction to Redux and its principles
  2. Setting up a Redux store and connecting it to a React application
  3. Dispatching actions and updating the store
  4. Using the React-Redux library to connect components to the store
  5. Handling asynchronous actions with middleware such as thunk
  6. Best practices for structuring a Redux application

React is a set of JavaScript libraries used to build a responsive and streamlined user interface for web and mobile applications. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”. React has the ability to use Nodes to render on the server while using React Native to power native apps. React with Redux training will let you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments, and are easy to test and deploy in the current project.

What Skills will you Learn?

The React with Redux Training program is designed to provide you all important skills and knowledge required to become a successful web and mobile application developer. It starts with the fundamental concepts of React and its architecture. The react program then focuses on Redux and its features demonstrate how React and Redux can be used together to build extensive web applications. You also learn about developing responsive UIs to completely handle user interactions in a mobile setting using React Native.

What are the objectives?

On completion of the react program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Gain in-depth knowledge about Web Development Architecture
  2. Create an application using React components
  3. Perform Navigation using Routes
  4. Build Web Applications using React with Redux
  5. Program Async Actions using Redux-Saga Middleware
  6. Write Queries using GraphQL
  7. Execute Test Cases using Jest
  8. Deploy Applications using Docker and Nginx
  9. Build Mobile Applications using Native React

Who Should Opt for this React Training in 2024?

People from these professions will benefit by going for this course:

  1. Freshers and Aspiring Frontend (JavaScript) Developers
  2. UI/UX Developers
  3. Web Developers
  4. Software Developers
  5. Developers already having knowledge in Vue, Angular, and other similar UI JavaScript Frameworks

What are the pre-requisites?

  • Fundamentals of programming and object-oriented concepts
  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript Knowledge (You don't need to be an expert but should be familiar with the basics of these topics)

Key Features

React with Redux Training Modules

1. Building Blocks of Web Application Development
2. Single-page and Multi-page Applications
3. Different Client-side Technologies
4. MVC Architecture
5. Introduction to React
6. Installation of React
7. JSX and its use case
8. DOM, Virtual DOM and its working
9. ECMAScript
10. Difference between ES5 and ES6
11. NPM Modules
12. Props - Props with Class based Component, Props with Function based Component

1. React Elements, Render Function
2. Components - Class Component, Component Constructor, Functional Components, Multiple Components
3. States, Component Lifecycle, React Events, React Forms
4. Different Form Concepts, Styling in React, Inline Styling, CSS Stylesheet
5. Building Music Shop Application using React Components

1. Routing, React-router, Features of react-router
2. Configuration of routing using react-router
3. Navigation using Links, 404 page (Not found Page), URL Parameters, Nested Routes
4. Implementing styles using NavLink
5. Application Programming Interface
6. Build a REST API using json-server
7. API consumption in React application using Fetch method
8. Build a dynamic Music Store application using Routing and API connectivity

1. Need of Redux
2. What is Redux?
3. Redux Architecture
4. Redux Action
5. Redux Reducers, Redux Store
6. Principles of Redux
7. Pros of Redux
8. NPM Packages required to work with Redux
9. More about react-redux package

1. Need of Async operations
2. Async Workflow, Action Creators
3. How to write Action Creators?
4. Handling Async Actions via Reducers
5. Middleware, Redux-Saga
6. Generators in Redux-Saga
7. Saga Methods()
8. Major Sections of Redux-Saga
9. Building a Product List application using Redux-Saga Middleware
10. Debugging application using Redux Devtools

1. Caveat of JavaScript classes.
2. Functional components and React hooks
3. What are React hooks?
4. Basic hooks, useState() hook
5. How to write useState() hook when state variable is an array of objects
6. useEffect() hook
7. Fetch API data using useEffect() hook
8. useContext() hook
9. Rules to write React hooks
10. Additional hooks
11. Custom hooks
12. Fetch API data using useEffect() hook
13. Pass multiple Context using useContext() hook
14. Writing custom hooks
15. Building weather application using React hooks

1. What is GraphQL?
2. Cons of Rest API, Pros of GraphQL
3. Frontend backend communication using GraphQL
4. Type system, GraphQL datatypes, Modifiers
5. Schemas, GraphiQL tool, Express framework
6. NPM libraries to build server side of GraphQL
7. Build a GraphQL API, Apollo client
8. NPM libraries to build client side of GraphQL
9. How to setup Apollo client

1. Define Jest
2. Setup Testing environment
3. Add Snapshot testing
4. Integrate Test Reducers
5. Create Test Components
6. Push Application on Git
7. Deploy App on Nginx
8. Create Docker for React Application

1. What is React Native
2. Use of JSX elements With React Native
3. The anatomy of a React Native application
4. React Native installation and setup
5. Running the app on Android Simulator and Android Device
6. Working with Styles and Layout
7. Connecting React Native to Redux

1. Integration of Native Modules
2. Navigation in React Native Apps
3. Navigation in Web Apps vs Native Apps
4. Handling User Inputs
5. Networking: Sending HTTP Requests
6. Displaying and Saving Data
7. Configuring & Building the Application
8. Releasing the Application

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React with Redux Certification Exam

How to become a React with Redux expert in 2024?

A React with Redux certification exam is a test that assesses a person's knowledge and skills in using the Redux library to manage state in a React application. The exam may cover a range of topics such as:

  1. Understanding the principles of Redux and its core concepts
  2. Setting up a Redux store and connecting it to a React application
  3. Dispatching actions and updating the store
  4. Using the React-Redux library to connect components to the store
  5. Handling asynchronous actions with middleware such as thunk
  6. est practices for structuring a Redux application
  7. Implementing common use cases such as form handling, pagination, and data filtering

The format of the React exam may be vary, but its consists multiple-choice questions, coding challenges, and scenario-based questions. It may be taken either online or in-person, and its also have time limitation. Some Redux certification exams are offered by companies, and organizations or well known educational institutions as well as others are offered by third-party providers.

It's important to note that here, certification exams are not the only way to check your skills, you can also demonstrate your skills through real-world projects, open-source contributions and a portfolio of working experience on React technologies.

React with Redux Certification Exam

React with Redux Online Training FAQ