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igmGuru’s social media marketing online course will help you learn more about building a successful social media strategy. Whether it is about creating engaging content or researching about expanding your reach or measuring your ROI, our social media marketing training is enough to help you ace all of it. Enroll in our learning program now and prepare to earn the social media marketing certification now.

Social Media Marketing Courses Overview

igmGuru's Social media marketing training online program will convert you into a well-knowledgeable social media marketing expert. Once you complete the program, you will receive a certification of completion from igmGuru, confirming your ability to steer the social media platforms in an organization. With so much to gain with this one professional course, it is a great thing to invest your time and efforts in completing igmGuru's social media marketing online course and earning the associated certificate.

igmGuru's Social Media Online Training will help you transform you into an industry-ready and fully efficient social media marketer. This course brings together the disciplines of advanced content promoting, advanced net analytics, and advanced social media to assist you to elevate your complete skills and execute compelling social campaigns.

Social media marketing training online Objective?

The goal of our social media marketing (SMM) course is to ensure you acquire in-depth project expertise and the capability to manage and strategize promoting initiatives. The social media marketing certification provides you access to instructor-led online classes conducted by social handle professional trainers. Our course is curated to aid the learner build a career around key skills necessary for SMM. Become a pro at top aspects of the field like reputation management, content marketing, web analytics, influencer marketing, strategy creation, etc.

Who can Opt Social media marketing training Online?

Following individuals can opt for social media marketing course:

  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketing executives
  • Content writers
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Management, engineering, business, and communications graduates
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

Key Features

SMM Training Modules

1. Social Media Challenges
2. Strategy Building Guide
3. Establishing and Benefitting from a Social Media Home Base
4. Creating a Campaign Message
5. Planning and Benefiting from a Diversified Posting Strategy

1. The Role of Converged Media in Social
2. Understanding Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
3. Putting Converged Media to Work for You

1. The Role of Content Marketing in Social
2. Building a Content Plan
3. Matching Content to Consumer Intent
4. Generating Content Ideas
5. Unlocking Content’s Full Potential

1. Understanding the Impact of Great Visuals
2. Leveraging Images in Social Media
3. Leveraging Video in Social content

1. What makes social sharing so valuable
2. Building Content that is inherently shareable
3. The Psychology of Social Sharing
4. Brainstorming Your Social Content Ideas

1. Why Storytelling is Essential in Social Marketing
2. Finding Your Focus and Your Story
3. Finding Your Focus and Your Story
4. Understanding consumer stories and their role
5. Matching Customer Story to Motive

1. The Role of Social Media Listening
2. Reputation Management & Response
3. Finding Influencers and Evangelists
4. Engaging with Influencers and Evangelists

1. Understanding the Role of Social in the Sales Cycle
2. How Sales and Marketing Function as a Team in Social Selling(Part1)

1. The Basics of Social Media Measurement
2. Social Media Specific Metrics

1. Establishing a video marketing strategy
2. Promoting and measuring mobile video

1. YouTube for business
2. Make a client video
3. Promote your client video
4. Data, metrics and analytics

1. Facebook Presence And The News Feed Algorithm
2. Visual And Video Content On Facebook
3. Putting Facebook To Work
4. Facebook Advertising

1. Using Twitter As A Marketer
2. Customer Service And Engagement Via Twitter
3. Marketing On Twitter
4. Understanding Twitter Advertising
5. Twitter Ad Options

1. Pinterest Presence And The Algorithm
2. Marketing With Pinterest
3. Putting Pinterest To Work
4. Pinterest For Pitching And Outreach

1. Understanding LinkedIn
2. Your LinkedIn Presence
3. LinkedIn Groups And Prospecting

1. Understanding Instagram
2. Setting Up Instagram
3. Marketing Through Instagram
4. Leveraging Instagram

1. Understanding Snapchat
2. Getting Started With Snapchat
3. Marketing With Snapchat
4. Snapchat Advertising And Partnerships

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Social Media Marketing Exam Certification

How to take the Social Media Certificate in 2024?

SMM certification is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates the candidate's expertise with the essential elements of social marketing to clients and employers. You can choose to get certified to ensure the best opportunities in your career.

Social Media Marketing Exam Certification

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