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IgmGuru offers SAP FICO Training in Milan. SAP FICO Course in Milan is designed to understand the architecture and detailed structure of the SAP S/4HANA Financials component, product portfolio (various product compilation) of SAP S/4 HANA(Finance) and critical Aspects of SAP S/4HANA Business Suite for maintaining and working with finance and accounting.

SAP FICO Course in Milan Overview

IgmGuru is one the best SAP FICO Training Institute in Milan. This Course aims to train on various modules like supply chain, inventory, materials, health, and safety and SAP S/4 HANA’s products.

Enterprises and organizations need to manage their finances and accounting well, tracing their profits. S/4 HANA Finance is one of the popular modules to take care of the finance and accounting, driven by the business suite of SAP HANA. SAP Simple Finance or Simple Finance, which runs on SAP HANA’s in-memory platform, helps users fetch real-time reports on operational and financial data. Data is obtained from one source, this removes the possibility of any data redundancy and duplication. The Organization’s financial situation in the market can be easily traced by it. It also helps in performing financial and accounting operations that help in real-time. The various integrated Business Intelligence tools help to create and present reporting on the reports fetched.

Benefits of opting SAP Simple Finance Training in Milan.

Many of the Organization setups are looking forward to this new technology. You will not regret taking up the sap S/4 HANA training, for one or many reasons below:

  • Enterprises and Organizations look forward to quick, convenient, and reliable real-time solutions. SAP Simple Finance Course trains you in creating a platform to use the Trans analytic application.
  • Hands-on the concepts of Simple Finance SAP to provide flexible and smart solutions for the organizations.
  • Getting used to the new functionalities and basics of SAP S/4 HANA(Finance).
  • With this, you are skilled to provide robust SAP S/4 HANA(Finance)  solutions to the organizations you work for.
  • You become a pro at making various finance-related comparisons and analysis possible. 
  • You can pull off your reports in any interval and need not wait for the end of the day, month, or quarter. This is possible because of the centralized data. It is fetched from anywhere, helping to provide real-time results.

Is this SAP Simple Finance Training in Milan for me?

Any technology-driven course is an opportunity to enhance your skillset. Amidst the ongoing trends, it is very confusing to decide which training, you should stick to. IgmGuru helps its trainees in every area they are doubtful about. Speaking about career goals and the right training for it, take up this SAP Simple Finance Training, if you aspire to be one of the following:

  • SAP Functional and Financial Consultants
  • Application Consultant
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant
  • SAP S/4HANA Knowledge Seekers
  • Developer Consultant
  • SAP Technical Advisors
  • System Administrator
  • SAP Customers
  • Industry Specialist
  • SAP Sales & Marketing Managers

Skills to count on, post a successful of SAP FICO Training in Milan:

With Simple Finance SAP Training, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the architecture and detailed structure of the SAP S/4HANA Financials component.
  2. Develop and enhance pre-existing solutions. Looking forward to new innovative strategies in the applications running in real-time.
  3. Gain knowledge of various capabilities of the technology.
  4. Critical Aspects of SAP S/4HANA Business Suite for maintaining and working with finance and accounting.
  5. Get hands-on the In-memory technology and column-oriented SAP HANA database.

Key Features

SAP FICO Training in Milan Modules

1. Introduction to S/4 HANA Finance
2. The purpose and function
3. The architecture of S/4 HANA
4. SAP Fiori
5. How to migrate to the SAP S/4 HANA Financials

1. How to handle the general ledger accounting in S/4 HANA finance
2. The various cost elements involved
3. Managing the ledgers in SAP Accounting Customizing S/4 HANA Finance

1. Configuring general ledger accounting
2. Configuring new asset accounting
3. Account-based controlling profitability analysis customization

1. Understanding Accruals Management
2. Predictive Accounting
3. Global Accounting Hierarchies
4. Universal Allocation
5. Commitment Management

1. The architecture of management accounting in S/4 HANA Finance
2. Managing the organizational structure
3. Management accounting planning

1. Overview of integrated business process
2. How to deploy controlling integration with procurement
3. CO integration with production
4. Transfer pricing, parallel valuation, event-based revenue recognition
5. Understanding central finance option, product lifecycle costing

1. Managing availability control and budget using internal orders
2. Understanding Product Cost Planning and Product Cost Controlling
3. Estimating the cost of material without quantity structure
4. Cost analysis with the help of information system
5. Describe and maintain global Profit Center Accounting settings and master data
6. Introduction to Profit Center Accounting (PCA)
7. Analyzing actual flow of data to PCA
8. Actual Postings
9. Understanding Profit Center Planning
10. Transfer Pricing

1. Detailed understanding of the migration to S/4 HANA
2. Preparing for the migration to S/4 HANA
3. Migration process analysis, migrating to new asset accounting
4. Adopting a business partner
5. Migration of house bank account, migration of credit management, migration material ledger preparation
6. Integration of customer and vendor
7. Installation of S/4 HANA
8. Migration to universal journal
9. Finalizing migration and post-migration process
10. Business partner processing

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S/4Hana Simple Finance Certification

Bridge the gap between demand and availability of S/4 HANA Finance professionals by appearing for the S/4Hana Simple finance certification exams.

Follow these simple steps to get certified in the course:

  • Register on the website to appear for the course exam.
  • Enroll yourself with the S/4 HANA finance savvy Training by igmGuru..
  • Take time and prepare your best using Sample Questions, Study Materials, and various other possible materials.
  • Appear for the online exam and give your best to it!

The Certified Application Associate - S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates ( S/4HANA 2021) certification exam puts a stamp on your skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of S/4HANA Financial Accounting. This certification is recommended as an entry-level qualification to help consultants get acquainted with Financial Accounting projects.

  • Number of questions: 80
  • Passing percentage: 63%
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese
S/4Hana Simple Finance Certification

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