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igmGuru offers Spartacus ILT Developer training to individuals having the goal of succeeding in the tech world. It is a leading storefront application using JavaScript and open-source technology. It is being widely used for B2B and B2C platforms. This Spartacus ILT Developer online training will open your doors to success in any top firm looking for experts in this application. Our course is enough to help you prepare for the Spartacus ILT Developer certification exam and help you further cement your skills and abilities.

Spartacus Hybris Course Overview

igmGuru’s Spartacus training course has been designed not just to meet the industry standards but rather to set a benchmark. This meticulously developed training module incorporates the latest syllabus as well as the latest version. The course offers a thorough understanding of the Spartacus framework and modern frontend architecture including Progressive Web App (PWA) and headless.

The objective is to keep the trainees abreast with the newest features and changes to cater to the needs of multiple industries across the world.

Why is Spartacus Training in high demand?

Described as a lean, Angular-based Javascript storefront, Spartacus connects to Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce OCC (Omni Commerce Connect) APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The training explains the fundamentals of the core functionality and concepts of the free open-source web application Spartacus.

The application is relatively new to the market as its first version was released in May 2019 and is still getting frequent updates. The app allows individuals to come up with their own branded JavaScript-based storefront for Commerce Cloud in real quick time. Creating storefronts on Spartacus is highly recommended considering that the app can be customized, upgraded, and extended depending on branding and functionality requirements.

In a nutshell, Hybris Spartacus can be termed as an ever-evolving storefront. Its very nature is modular and extensible, which gives access to frequent upgrades and the latest versions.


Learning where and how to leverage Spartacus from the experts at igmGuru can be a major stepping stone to realizing your dream of a lucrative and successful career. During the interactive training sessions, participants will get to see the software demonstration and learn to install, configure and customize it.

The Spartacus hybris training module will help candidates learn:

  1. How to create single-page application (SPA) and progressive web app (PWA) storefronts.
  2. How to use Spartacus for a wide range of projects as SPAs and PWAs promise an outstanding user experience thanks to its native apps-like functionalities and customization flexibility.
  3. The basics of Spartacus and how to use it to build your own PWA storefront. You will also get to learn about the technologies it uses along with an overview of its architecture.
  4. Learn to install Spartacus as well as extend it for creating your storefront.

Who should Opt ?

The Spartacus Angular course is ideal for the following professionals:

  1. Angular developers
  2. Commerce Cloud developers
  3. Commerce Cloud technology consultants.

Career Prospects

Spartacus storefront is well on its way to substitute the old-school storefront, thanks to its faster and independent avatar. Irrespective of commerce or backend stuff, the core characteristic of the application allows it to develop, test, and deploy, which is precisely what most companies are seeking. Front-end developers stand to benefit massively as it offers the ideal platform to upskill themselves.

  1. Hybris developer
  2. Hybris consultant
  3. Hybris business processes consultant
  4. SNA - hybris UI
  5. Hybris core
  6. UI developer
  7. Java full stack developer

Spartacus Course Key Features

Spartacus Training Modules

1. Setup "Commerce" [End - End]
2. Backoffice, hAC & Product Cockpit
3. Access different Storefronts
4. Improve Server Startup Time
5. Comm Versions & Exts

1. When to use Spartacus
2. Spartacus releases detail
3. Accelerator Vs Spartacus
4. Spartacus Technologies
5. Spartacus Architecture
6. Spartacus Extensibility options
7. Setup Spartacus [End – End]

1. Placing order [End – End]
2. Varies OCC Service Calls
3. OCC Services Swagger URL’s
4. Spartacus Installation Possibilities
5. App.component.html
6. Package.json
7. App.module.ts
8. Spartacus Routing

1. SEO Guidelines
2. Enabling Context in the Storefront URL
3. Add custom parameters in URL
4. Get context from Backend
5. Adding content Pages
6. Adding content page without CMS

1. Configure Alias for Content Pages
2. Extend existing content page
3. Customizing Routes
4. Customizing Product Details Route
5. Customizing Routes – Normalizers
6. Create Normalizer

1. Make URLs more SEO friendly
2. Common Understandings / Challenges
3. Routing in Spartacus -- Router Links
4. Get Random Products when we click Find
5. Get Random Products from list
6. Spartacus Layout & Styling

1. Spartacus Outlets
2. Spartacus Component Mapping
3. Spartacus Service Injection
4. Spartacus Performance improvements
5. Comm OCC Services Impl

1. Spartacus Internationalization (i18n)
2. Event System – Spartacus
3. Angular Update Schematics
4. Infinite Scroll in Spartacus
5. Search Indexing Support in Spartacus
6. Create a Spartacus Storefront

1. Security Best Practices in Spartacus
2. Performance Optimizations in Spartacus
3. Extending Built-In Models
4. Lazy Loading in Spartacus
5. Spartacus Extending Checkout
6. Spartacus HTTP Error Handling

1. How to use Backend CMS Data
2. Hosting Spartacus JavaScript storefront
3. Automatic Site Config Detect from URL
4. Spartacus Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
5. Upgradability & Versioning in Spartacus
6. How to uses Backend Catalog

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Spartacus Certification

There is no official certification for Spartacus ILT Developer. However, at the end of the course, you will be awarded the course completion certificate, which you can use as a credential for your profile.

Spartacus Certification

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