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Certified Augmented Reality (AR) Expert certification is a highly valuable credential that showcases an individual’s skills and expertise in the area of AR. Learn to grow with this booming technology, its components, advantages, history, vision, and related fields by enrolling in igmGuru’s Augmented Reality online training program. This course is a good fit for technical researchers, programmers, software developers, AR Evangelists, and even students looking to get their chance at success.

Augmented Reality Course Overview

You can have a strong boost in your career with the help of igmGuru's Augmented Reality certification course. Augmented Reality or AR was very limited in the beginning. But today, it is being used in most industries on a global level. The augmented reality course has been accepted really well by career aspiring candidates. This is a great opportunity for the IT people who wish to do a lot of things with the right kind of attitude.

Augmented Reality course by igmGuru includes a detailed analysis or insight of aspects like engineering, scientific and functional aspects of AR systems along with the fundamentals of AR modeling and programming. Our AR course is sure to help you get in depth of this technology and help your career benefit from it.

Augmented Reality is a related technology that enhances or augments reality by providing digital information apart from what the user is already seeing. This Augmented Reality training by igmGuru is a combination of real and virtual objects in the present environment. AR is different from Virtual reality.

What are the Objectives?

If you want a deeper insight into the current trends associated with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, then this program is the best one to grab hold of. This augmented reality training introduces you to development and building of virtual environments and simulators and presents some force and tactile feedback devices and newer visualization and interaction interfaces.

What are the Prerequisites?

There is no need of any technical knowledge to enroll in this augmented reality course by igmGuru. However, If you are familiar with markup languages (like HTML, XML, etc) and content management systems, it will be an add-on.

Who can opt?

Anyone who is interested to build their career in the AR world can opt for this online course.

Key Features

Augmented Reality Training Modules

1. Introduction
2. Related Technologies
3. AR vs. MR & VR
4. Steps for AR
5. AR Triggers
6. Content Placement

1. Introduction
2. AR SDKs
3. Redux
4. Technica
5. ARToolkit
6. ARToolkit Part II
7. Vuforia
8. AR in Gaming

1. Introduction
2. Vuforia

1. Introduction
2. What AR in the Enterprise Can Do
3. Enterprise Considerations
4. Microsoft HoloLens and Spatial Mapping
5. Building the Visual Studio Project
6. Exporting the Spatial Map

1. Introduction
2. Other Future AR Technologies
3. Virtual Retina Display

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Augmented Reality Certification Exam

How to earn an Augmented Reality certification in 2024?

Several certifications are available in the field of augmented reality that are being offered by various organizations, universities, and companies. Some popular augmented reality certifications include:

  1. Meta AR Developer Professional Certificate
  2. Meta Spark Creator AR Certification Prep Specialization
  3. Extended Reality for Everybody Specialization by University of Michigan
  4. Virtual Reality Specialization by University of London
  5. Certified Augmented Reality (AR) Expert Certification
Augmented Reality Certification Exam

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