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igmGuru’s UiPath training in Kalyan is for enthusiasts who wish to become RPA experts by understanding RPA development methodology, app integration, data scraping, debugging, data manipulation, error handling, and automation. By enrolling in the best UiPath training institute in Kalyan, you will also learn more about workflow files in UiPath and UI automation activities. Learn from industry experts to get the best opportunities in this expanding domain of robotic process automation. 

RPA UiPath Course in Kalyan Overview

igmGuru offers one of the Best UiPath Training in Kalyan. RPA UiPath Course in Kalyan has been designed to assist users in dynamic learning of Robotic Process Automation, to gain a working knowledge of RPA and independently design and develop RPA solutions to increase the efficiency of the organization. This course provides a proficient understanding of screen scraping with UiPath, UiPath coding & debugging, Workflow & Citrix manipulation, user interface automation, and creating a Scalable Queue Management System.

IgmGuru is one of the best UiPath Training Institute in Kalyan which delivers a high level of quality training with the help of Industry Expert Professionals.

To learn UiPath with Robotic Process Automation, IgmGuru provides an all-inclusive preparatory tool for users to gauge the technical expertise in Uipath using RPA. The course offers a varied range of topics meticulously aligned in a specially designed UiPath RPA Learning path. This course assists users from the installation of the UiPath Studio version and introduction to Robotic Process Automation to developing and designing RPA solutions for highly complex problems. To optimize the process of UiPath RPA elearning, the course contains optimal information to adept users with case-based scenarios and real-time examples to assist users in experimental learning of Robotic Process Automation training using UiPath.

About RPA UiPath Online Training in Kalyan.

This UiPath Training will equip users with precisely detailed learning methods on tools and techniques used to automate business processes using Bots. The users will be provided with essential resources to gauge the functional understanding of automating the task, screen scraping with UiPath, coding, debugging, recording, programming activities, and to create scalable queue management systems. 

The curated UiPath RPA elearning path by IgmGuru will accredit users with the ability to understand key aspects of UiPath Studio to design and deploy the simple RPA business solutions using industry-based best practices. This course will help a user in understanding the roles and responsibilities of UiPAth RPA developers and thus, keeps users abreast of the latest technological developments in the industry and assists them in comprehending information. 

Key deliverable's of RPA UiPath Training in Kalyan?

  1. A basic understanding of fundamental concepts of Robotic Process Automation.
  2. Functional knowledge of Variable operations including command functions.
  3. Proficiently to automate the tasks based on organizational requirements using industry-based best practices.
  4. The possession of the UiPath RPA course completion certificate.
  5. In-depth knowledge of various UiPath products like Orchestrator, Studio, and Robots.
  6. Operational knowledge of building software to automate day to day tasks to increase business ROI.
  7. Learn UiPath Studio Arguments panel and UiPath Studio Variables panel.
  8. Differentiation between the UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition versus the UiPath Studio Community Edition.

Prerequisites for RPA UiPath Training in Kalyan?

For UiPath Course, one must have:

  1. Prior knowledge of basic programming language is required to learn RPA.
  2. No prior working experience with RPA is required.
Why RPA UiPath Training in Kalyan?
Digital growth of technology and automation in the world of businesses started back in the 1950s when technology was used to reduce human errors to increase the efficiency of the organization. Automating the day to day business process has become crucial to increase the Return on investment for organizations. And the pandemic has forced everyone to digitize their operations. It is forecasted that by 2025, projected RPA software spending is to reach $3 billion. The hyper-growth companies like Deloitte, Dell, IBM use RPA to enhance the growth of the organization.   
RPA offers to the world:
  • According to the report published by Indeed.com, the average salary of an RPA developer is 30% more than general developers and is approximately around $100275 per year in the U.S.
  • Software bots reduce the downtime and help the organization to provide the services 24 hours a day throughout the whole with 100% capacity.

Who should take RPA UiPath Training in Kalyan

  • RPA is a critical resource for IT developers who want to scale up careers in Automation.
  • Business Analysts can benefit from RPA Learning to showcase their skills in automation and deployment of software Bot.
  • Junior RPA developers and System administrators can benefit from this UiPath Online Training.
  • For automation enthusiasts interested in learning about RPA.

Key Features

RPA UiPath Training in Kalyan Modules

1. The important methods of Robotic Process Automation
2. The architecture pattern of RPA
3. Developing the RPA process
4. The various tools used in RPA
5. The different types of bots, selection criteria
6. The lifecycle of RPA
7. Handling data solution pattern

1. Introduction to UiPath tool for Robotic Process Automation
2. Understanding the workflow activities and workflow files in UiPath
3. The different user interface of UiPath
4. Automation activity package
5. The various projects in UiPath

1. Introduction to UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, UiPath Orchestrator
2. Working with variables
3. Managing control flow, Excel automation, Desktop
4. Web & GUI automation with UiPath

1. The process to automate the user interface with UiPath
2. Automated tasks configuration
3. Various variables
4. Output viewing
5. Arguments and importing the packages

1. Detailed learning of the recording
2. Scraping methods,User events
3. Recording of sequence of events fit for automation
4. Extracting data from browser

1. Understand programming activities using Data Table
2. Learn Data Table Structure
3. Comprehend Searching Method
4. Data Table Activities
5. Create an environment and associate the workflow
6. Understand Creation of Collection
7. Know about Sequence and Flowchart
8. Assimilate Send Get and Read Email Message

1. Introduction to invoking a workflow in UiPath
2. Manipulating data using UiPath
3. Citrix automation for accessing virtual applications
4. Virtual environment automation
5. PDF automation
6. Advanced Citrix automation

1. Introduction to programming in UiPath
2. The various projects related to organization
3. Debugging and handling of exceptions
4. Detailed understanding of programming activity
5. Handling of errors

1. Importance of screen scraping with UiPath
2. Various aspects of screen scraping like taking screenshot
3. Activating, Highlighting & Selecting item, Getting text
4. Setting clip region, Loading image and more

1. Learn to automate the process of Reading Email Message
2. Downloading Email Attachment
3. Sequence and Flow Chart
4. Reusable Component of Email

1. Understand what is Queue
2. Learn about Queue Management System
3. Comprehend Data Scraping
4. Know about Insert in Queue

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RPA UiPath Certification in Kalyan

Users have to create an account with Automation anywhere platform using their email ID from where they’ll be redirected to a UiPath Certification page. They can choose the UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA) exam from the list of options available by paying a nominal exam fee. Candidates can schedule the exam at their convenience. The format of the question paper is of Multiple-Choice Questions, Multiple response questions, and hands-on.

A set of questions will be asked from candidates to check their proficiency on:

  • Explain the functionality of various Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals
  • Explain the significance of UiPath Studio 
  • Identification and description of UiPath Studio – Variables and Arguments
  • Explanation of UiPath Studio – Selectors
  • Explain UiPath Studio – Control Flow
  • Describe UiPath Studio – Data Manipulation
  • Identifying and explanation of UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques 
  • Description of UiPath Orchestrator Overview 
  • Exam Fees: $150 USD (Exclusive of taxes)
  • Exam duration: 90 Minutes
  • Passing score: 70% 
RPA UiPath Certification in Kalyan

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