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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customizations & Configurations

  • 24 Hours

IgmGuru's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online instructional class is planned by Microsoft MB2-716 exam to ensure that hopeful passes the exam in the principal endeavor. This course furnishes understudies with a point by point hands-on involvement in setting up, modifying, designing and keeping up the CRM segments of Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Online Class Room Program

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 internet preparing will influence you to comprehend the ideas of how to alter and arrange the Dynamics 365 application. Participants of the course will pick up an inside and out comprehension of the Dynamics 365 security display, figure out how to tweak the Dynamics 365 structure, make and keep up ground-breaking work processes and business process streams and utilize answers for the bundle and convey customizations over various Dynamics 365 conditions. 

What will you grasp from Dynamics 365 Online Training?

For finishing this course, learners will have the capacity to: 

  • Comprehend the highlights and apparatuses that exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customizers 
  • Know about incorporating complimenting Microsoft items, for example, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Exchange 
  • Attempt and complete the underlying setup and arrangement required in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 sending 
  • Plan and arrange an exhaustive Security module utilizing the inbuilt instruments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 
  • Alter the Dynamics 365 blueprint by making custom elements, fields and connections 
  • Plan custom data frames, speedy view shapes, fast make structures and framework sees make System outlines, Dashboards, and intelligent experience dashboards make and oversee Business Rules utilizing the Business Rule Designer 
  • Plan, structure and execute best practice Workflow, Business Process Flows, and Custom Actions 
  • Have the capacity to apply best practice system utilizing Unmanaged and Managed Solutions to convey Microsoft Dynamics 365 customizations and patches 

    Who Can Opt For Dynamics 365 Online Training?

    Tailing IT experts can go for Dynamics 365 web-based preparing: 

    • Specialized advisors in charge of redoing and arranging the application 
    • The utilitarian expert who need to comprehend customization and setup highlights 
    • When all is said in done: anybody needs to make the profession in Microsoft Dynamics 365! 

    Prior to going to this course, understudies ought to have: 

    • A working learning of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
    • Effective consummation of Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 


    Lesson 1 - Introduction to Customizing Dynamics 365

    • 1.1 Dynamics 365 Customization Overview
    • 1.2 Different types of Dynamics 365 clients
    • 1.3 Overview of Dynamics 365 architecture
    • 1.4 Understanding different types of customization methodologies
    • 1.5 Different types of customizations options
    • 1.6 Packaging and deploying customizations
    • 1.7 Extending Dynamics 365 Overview

    Lesson 2 - Business Process Flows

    • 2.1 Overview of Business Process Flows
    • 2.2 Using Stages, Steps, and Categories
    • 2.3 Reviews Options for Conditional Branching
    • 2.4 Workflows and Business Process Flows
    • 2.5 Role Driven Process Flows

    Lesson 3 - Introduction to Processes in Dynamics 365

    • 3.1 Review Processes Available in Dynamics 365 - 1.Business Process Flows 2.Workflows 3.Dialogs 4.Custom Actions
    • 3.2 Examine how to create a Dynamics 365 workflow

    Lesson 4 - Knowledge Management

    • 4.1 Review of Knowledge Options
    • 4.2 Parature
    • 4.3 Knowledge Articles
    • 4.4 Knowledge Search
    • 4.5 External Access

    Lesson 5 - Extending Security with Hierarchical Security

    • 5.1 Dynamics 365 Hierarchy Security
    • 5.2 Configuration Hierarchy Security
    • 5.3 Manager Hierarchy
    • 5.4 Position Hierarchy

    Lesson 6 - Building a Security Model

    • 6.1 Overview of the Dynamics 365 Security Model
    • 6.2 Create, Configure and Manage Security Roles
    • 6.3 Users / Teams & Security Roles

    Lesson 7 - Introduction to Configuring Dynamics 365 Application

    • 7.1 Configuring Dynamics 365 application
    • 7.2 Create and Manage 365 Business Units
    • 7.3 User Management and Email Configuration
    • 7.4 Using Teams to Extend Functionality

    Lesson 8 - Mobile Considerations

    • 8.1 Examine Considerations when deploying the mobile client
    • 8.2 Explore strategies for customizing the mobile client
    • 8.3 Navigation and Form Considerations
    • 8.4 Custom Controls
    • 8.5 Business Rules vs Client Scripting
    • 8.6 When to consider a custom developed solution

    Lesson 9 - Interactive Service Hub

    • 9.1 Interactive Service Hub Overview
    • 9.2 Dashboard and Form Basics
    • 9.3 Customization Overview
    • 9.4 Form Customization
    • 9.5 Dashboard Customization

    Lesson 10 - Views and Visualizations

    • 10.1 Types of views in Dynamics 365
    • 10.2 Creating and customizing views
    • 10.3 Customizing charts
    • 10.4 Customizing dashboards
    • 10.5 Using dynamics 365 theming

    Lesson 11 - Business Rules

    • 11.1 Business rules overview
    • 11.2 Business rule structure and design
    • 11.3 Using conditions and actions

    Lesson 12 - Customizing Forms

    • 12.1 Dynamics 365 form types
    • 12.2 How to build dynamics 365 forms
    • 12.3 Specialized form components
    • 12.4 Using access teams and sub-grids for record sharing
    • 12.5 Specialized form components
    • 12.6 Working with multiple forms

    Lesson 13 - Relationships

    • 13.1 Overview of relationships in Dynamics 365
    • 13.2 1:N and N:N relationships
    • 13.3 Working with hierarchical data
    • 13.4 Using entity mapping to pre-populate data
    • 13.5 Connections and connection roles

    Lesson 14 - Additional Field Customizations

    • 14.1 Using calculated and rollup fields
    • 14.2 Working with local and global option sets
    • 14.3 Using alternate keys to facilitate data integration
    • 14.4 Dynamics 365 field level security
    • 14.5 State and status reason transitions

    Lesson 15 - Dynamics 365 Entity and Field Customization

    • 15.1 Dynamics 365 entities overview
    • 15.2 Defining entity ownership
    • 15.3 Working with entity properties
    • 15.4 System vs. Custom entities
    • 15.5 Dynamics 365 fields overview
    • 15.6 Working with different types of fields

    Lesson 16 - Introduction to Dynamics 365 Solution

    • 16.1 Dynamics 365 solutions overview
    • 16.2 Including components in solutions
    • 16.3 Solution publishers and versioning
    • 16.4 Understanding different types of solutions
    • 16.5 Working with multiple solutions
    • 16.6 Exporting and importing solutions

    Lesson 17 - Dynamics 365 and Office 365

    • 17.1 Review the different options for connecting a Dynamics 365 and Office 365
    • 17.2 Use Folder Tracking to better track emails
    • 17.3 Use Office Groups for Collaboration
    • 17.4 Setup Server Side SharePoint Integration
    • 17.5 Configure OneNote Integration

    Exam Certification

    How might I get my Dynamics 365 Certificate? 

    MB2-716 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration exam estimates your capacity to achieve the specialized assignments recorded beneath. The rates show the general weight of each real point region on the exam. The higher the rate, the more inquiries you are probably going to see on that content territory on the exam:
    • Arrange Microsoft Dynamics 365 (20% - 25%) 
    • Actualize Microsoft Dynamics 365 elements, substance connections, and fields (20% - 25%) 
    • Make and oversee Microsoft Dynamics 365 arrangements, structures, perspectives, and perceptions (25% - 30%) 
    • Actualize business principles, work processes, and business process streams (20% - 25%)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A :Examination fee for MB2-716 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration is $165.

    A :No, Exam expense is excluded in the preparation charges.

    A :Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customizations & Configurations certification is provided by the Microsoft.

    A :We offer day in and day out help through email, talk, and calls. we have a tendency to try and have an energetic group that gives on-request help through our locale discussion. What's a great deal of, you may have life expectancy access to the network gathering, even once fruition of your course with us.

    A :Our instructing collaborators are an over the top group of material experts here to help you to get ensured in your underlying attempt. They have communication with understudies proactively to affirm the course way is being pursued and help you to advance your learning ability, from classification onboarding to extend tutoring and work help. Training help is open all through business hours.

    A :All of our to a great degree qualified mentors are AWS ensured with long stretches of ability instructing and managing inside the cloud space. everything about has had a thorough decision strategy that has profile screening, specialized examination, and an instructing demo before they're ensured to mentor for us. we tend to conjointly ensure that exclusively those mentors with a high graduated class rating remain on our personnel.

    A :The devices you'll have to go to preparing are • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher Headset, speakers, and amplifier: You'll require earphones or speakers to hear guidance obviously, and also a mouthpiece to converse with others. You can utilize a headset with an implicit amplifier, or separate speakers and mouthpiece.

    A :All of the classifications square measure led through live on-line spilling. they're intuitive sessions that adjust you to bring inquiries and take an interest up in discourses all through classification time. We do, in any case, offer chronicles of each session you go to for your future reference. classes square measure gone to by a world group of onlookers to supplement your learning aptitude.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customizations & Configurations

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