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igmGuru’s Microsoft SQL Server certification course is designed by certified industry professionals to ensure you gain mastery over SQL or structured Query Language. With our Microsoft SQL Server online learning program, you will learn about managing databases on the SQL server. Along with this, you will build a solid foundation in various SQL concepts like security, administrative privileges, and querying data. Learn to work on deploying SQL server to Azure in our Microsoft SQL Server training.

SQL Course Overview

igmGuru's Microsoft SQL training online program has been curated by industry experts and is in sync with the latest Microsoft SQL Certification exam. Microsoft SQL training online program will help learns to learn and manage database solutions and various operations on databases, move them to the cloud, and scale them on demand. This Microsoft SQL Server course online program covers significant topics like SQL presentation, social databases, queries, subqueries, joins, and associations.

Microsoft SQL Server is an extremely famous and widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) that has been developed by Microsoft. It is used for managing and storing data in a structured format.

igmGuru's Microsoft SQL Server course includes the following topics:

  1. Introduction to SQL Server: Overview of SQL Server, its features and components.
  2. SQL Server Architecture: Understanding the physical and logical components of SQL Server and how they work together.
  3. SQL Server Management Studio: How to use the SQL Server Management Studio to manage and administrate SQL Server databases.
  4. SQL Server Transact-SQL: Understanding the basics of Transact-SQL, the programming language used to interact with SQL Server databases.
  5. Database Design and Normalization: Understanding the principles of database design and normalization and how they are applied in SQL Server.
  6. Data Manipulation: How to insert, update and retrieve data from SQL Server databases using Transact-SQL.
  7. Data Definition Language (DDL): How to create and modify tables, indexes, and other database objects using SQL Server.
  8. Data Control Language (DCL): How to control access to data in SQL Server using permissions and roles.
  9. Backup and Recovery: How to backup and recover SQL Server databases.
  10. Advanced Topics: Various advanced topics such as performance tuning, security, and disaster recovery.

igmGuru's Microsoft SQL Server online training is an online classroom meant for developers to master the descriptive language to work for relational databases. You will get a better understanding of exchanges, streamlining, exchanges, ordering, advancing database articles, database organization, xgrouping, actualizing programmability objects, overseeing database simultaneousness, server framework, and structuring and executing database objects.

What will you learn?

  1. Server architecture, client/server relation, and database types
  2. Deploying various functions and operators to design relational databases
  3. Modifying data using T-SQL, Views, and Stored Procedures
  4. Concepts of Trigger and creation of Triggers
  5. Using records for indexing, sorting, searching, and grouping
  6. Backup and restoration of databases

Who should opt?

Following professional will be benefited after they learn Microsoft SQL:

  1. Software Developers and IT Professionals
  2. Server and Database Administrators
  3. Project Managers
  4. Business Analysts and Managers
  5. Business Intelligence Professionals
  6. Big Data and Hadoop Professionals
  7. Development career aspirants

What are the prerequisites?

No are no specific prerequisites to enroll in our SQL Server certification course. Relational DBMS’s introductory knowledge would be sufficient in starting to know about the Server

Why is Microsoft SQL Training in High Demand?

SQL is one of the most significant programming languages to help take a shot at huge arrangements of databases. Because of the Big Data blast, today the measure of information that undertakings need to manage is humongous. This makes an enormous interest for Developers who can parse all that Big Data and convert them into business bits of knowledge.

Key Features

Microsoft SQL Training Modules

1. Introduction to DBMS
2. Introduction to RDBMS
3. Introduction to OLTP & OLAP
4. Introduction to Database
5. Introduction to Datawarehouse
6. Architecture of Datawarehouse
7. Entity & Tables
8. Facts and Dimensions
9. Star and Snowflake Schema

1. What is SQL Server
2. Architecture of SQL Server
3. SQL Server Editions
4. Installing SQL Server
5. Sql Server Instances
6. Internals of Sql Server Database
7. MDF & LDF Files

1. Normalization
2. Denormalization
3. Introducing SQL Server Management Studio
4. Creating a Database
5. Data Types
6. DDL Commands
7. Designing Table Model
8. Creating Tables
9. Alteration of Table Design
10. Add New Column, Drop Column
11. Drop Table

1. INSERT queries
2. UPDATE queries
3. DELETE queries
5. The SELECT Clause
6. The FROM Clause
7. The WHERE Clause
8. Mathematical Operator
9. Conditional Operators
10. AND , OR Operators
11. Like Operators
12. The ORDER BY Clause
13. Using TOP N and TOP N PERCENT
14. Aggregate Functions
15. String Functions
16. Date Functions
17. Using GROUP BY and HAVING

1. What is Constraint
2. Adding constraints to columns in Tables
3. Primary Key Constraints
4. Unique Constraints
5. Check Constraints
6. Default
7. Alter Constraints
8. Drop Constraints

1. Why Relational Model
2. Advantages of Relational Model
3. Master Table & Child Tables
4. Introduction to Foreign Key
5. Creating Relations between tables

1. Introduction to Joins
2. Types of Joins
3. Inner Join
4. Left Outer Join
5. Right Outer Join
6. Full Outer Join
7. Self-Join
8. Writing Joins queries

2. SELECT INTO queries
10. What is T-SQL

1. Syntax Conventions
2. Executing SQL Statements
3. Identifiers
4. Operators
5. Variables
6. Using T-SQL to Build and Alter Objects
7. If – else statements
8. Case statements
9. Looping statements
10. Identity statements
11. Types of functions

1. Introduction to Stored Procedures
2. Writing Stored Procedures
3. Alteration of Processing
4. Using/Calling Procedures
5. Using Input & Output Parameters
6. Advantage of Stored Procedures
7. Introduction to Functions
8. Writing Functions
9. Scalar Functions
10. Table Value Functions
11. Comparison between Stored Procedures & Functions

1. Temp Tables
2. Local Temp Table
3. Global Temp Table
4. CTE
5. Examples of CTE
6. Table Variables
7. Comparison between Temp Tables, CTE & Table Variables

1. Introduction to Views
2. Creating Views
3. Alteration of Views
4. Types of Views
5. Simple View & Complex View

1. Introduction to Indexes
2. Types of Indexes
3. Clustered Index & Non Clustered Index
4. Creating Indexes
5. Best Practices of Indexes Creation

1. Error Handling
2. Transactions
3. Authentication Modes in SQL SERVER
4. Creating Users
5. Backup & Restore

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Microsoft SQL Certification Exam

This Microsoft SQL certification course is designed for clearing the following exam in 2024:

  • Microsoft 70-762 SQL server certification Exam

For this certification, Microsoft provides a certification exam. The entire course content by igmGuru is in line with the exam and helps you clear it with ease and get the best jobs in top MNCs. As a component of this preparation, you will take a shot at constant ventures and assignments that have massive implementations in actual industry situations, consequently helping you quickly track your career easily.

Microsoft SQL Certification Exam

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