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Enroll in our Power Apps training program to learn how to create enterprise-level web and mobile-based apps. You’ll also learn basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques for this essential software. Our Power Apps training course features advanced study materials, video tutorials, and practice sessions as well, while during live sessions, our top-notch trainers will teach you how to build cross-platform applications in real-time. Our online Power Apps course comes in multiple modes like self-paced, one-on-one, live training which you can choose as per your convenience. Our trainers take care of every aspirant and also help them clear two most important certification exams i.e. PL-400 exam of Microsoft Certified (Power Platform Developer Associate certification) and the PL-900 exam of Microsoft Certified (Power Platform Fundamentals).

Power Apps Course Overview

Our PowerApps course Online helps you learn about making apps easily using low-code. You'll also learn about different types of apps, like canvas and model-driven ones, and how to use connectors and components for the same. You'll also discover how to import and export power apps. At igmGuru, our Power Apps course also teaches you the basics of Power Automate. We also provide you with materials, exercises, and practical tasks to practice what you've learned in this Power Apps online course. Moreover, we at igmGuru, help every student and IT professional with job assistance program in which we cover job interview questions and mock interviews to help them become a successful Power Apps developer.

Skills Covered

In this online PowerApps training, you’ll:

  • Get to learn how PowerApps makes businesses more productive
  • Get to learn how to use or work with the concepts of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
  • Get a better understanding different technologies used to perform various tasks in PowerApps
  • Describe the components of PowerApps
  • Explore various ways of building an in PowerApps


If you want to start a career with PowerApps, this course is for you. It's great for people who use Microsoft PowerApps, manage it, or work with business data. With our training program, you can become better at making feature-rich apps in PowerApps.


To learn PowerApps, you don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge. However, basic knowledge of coding is also enough if you have the zest to excel.

Why Learn PowerApps?

Learning PowerApps will definitely add more value in your career growth. As the most popular platform among professionals, this platform by Microsoft can help you simplify the B2B level app development cycle. With its easy-to-go and user-friendly interface, one can easily build custom applications in real time. If you are a power user, admin, or business analyst, then you can consider this platform to streamline workflow and boost productivity. According to a study by Gartner, PowerApps stands high when it comes to the low code development platforms. Currently, businesses of all sizes are using Microsoft PowerApps for application development.

Job Roles

Here are the following job roles you can land upon successful completion of the Power Apps course-

  • PowerApps Consultant
  • PowerApps Architect
  • Microsoft PowerApps Application Developer
  • Microsoft PowerApps Tester

PowerApps Course Key Features

Power Apps Training Modules

1. PowerApps Overview
2. Types of PowerApps
3. PowerApps building blocks

1. Canvas App Overview
2. Canvas App building blocks
3. Canvas App Studio Overview

1. Create an app from template
2. Canvas App Layouts
3. Create a Blank Canvas App
4. Types of Screens in Canvas App
5. Canvas App Screen Properties
6. Renaming & Reorder Screen

1. Introduction to different type of controls
2. Adding & Selecting a control
3. Renaming the unique name of control
4. Deleting a control
5. Reorder, Move & Resize a Controls
6. Changing the label text or a button
7. Configuring a control from the toolbar
8. Configuring a control from the Properties tab
9. Configuring a control in the formula bar

1. Properties of different Controls
2. Adding and configuring controls in canvas

1. Navigate Function & Its Parameters
2. Notify Function & Its Parameters

1. What is PowerApps Connectors?
2. Different Types of Connectors in PowerApps
3. Use MS Excel as a data source

1. Create SharePoint Site
2. Create SharePoint List
3. Use SharePoint as a data source in PowerApps

1. What is Gallery, Data table & Form
2. Different Between Gallery & Data table
3. Different Type of Galleries in canvas
4. Customizing the forms and gallery controls

1. What is Search Function & its parameters
2. Implementation of Search function
3. What is Sort Function & its parameters

1. Customizing SharePoint form using PowerApps
2. Saving and publishing the list form back to your SharePoint
3. Viewing list form in SharePoint

1. If – Else Condition & Its Implementation
2. Nested If – Else Conditions Its Implementation
3. Switch Conditions its Implementation
4. Examples
5. Modifications to data depending on user input
6. Hide and show controls based on user inputs

1. What is PowerApps Variables
2. What are Diff types of variable in PowerApps
3. Scope of PowerApps Variables
4. Application of PowerApps Variables
5. Creating Dynamic Sort

1. Creating Custom form & using Patch function for Submitting Data
2. Using UpdateIf function to update a record
3. Filter, LookUp Function in PowerApps
4. Difference Between Filter, LookUp & Search
5. Cascading Dropdowns

1. What is Collection
2. How to create a collection
3. Diff between Collect & Clear Collect
4. Application of Collection

1. What are PowerApps Components
2. How to create a Component
3. Application of Components

1. How to Create Custom Alerts & Popups

1. What is Versioning in PowerApps
2. How to Restore a version

1. Sharing PowerApps

1. Export/Import PowerApps

1. Overview of Microsoft Dataverse
2. Diff Type of Table is Dataverse
3. Create a Table in Dataverse
4. Views & Forms in Dataverse
5. Relationships in Dataverse
6. Charts & Dashboards

1. Overview of Model Driven PowerApps
2. What is site map, how to map Dataverse table
3. Create views in model driven app
4. Create forms in model driven app
5. Business Roles in model driven app
6. Create charts in model driven app
7. Create Dashboard in model driven app

1. Overview of Power Automate
2. Types of Power Automate flows
3. Power Automate Connectors
4. What are triggers
5. What are actions
6. Sending email notifications
7. Conditions in Power Automate
8. Approval process in Power Automate

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Power Apps Certification Exam

Which is the best Power Apps certification in 2024?

The Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals certification could be a great fit for you, if you are interested in:

  • Demonstrating knowledge in building solutions with Microsoft Power Platform
  • Showing familiarity in automating basic business processes with Power Automate & in creating simple Power Apps experiences
  • Highlighting familiarity in performing data analysis with Power BI & in building practical chatbots with Power Virtual Agents

It is also recommended that you have familiarity with data analytics, computer technology, the internet, cloud computing. This fundamentals certification can be a great steppingstone for those interested in advancing to other certifications.

  • Time duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Passing score: 700
  • Language: English
  • Exam fee: $99 USD + taxes
Power Apps Certification Exam

Power Apps Certification FAQ's