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igmGuru is here to help you get started with the Snowflake certification course to ensure you have the right means to enjoy a career in this domain. Our Snowflake online course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of key concepts Snowflake cloning, fail-safe, analytics solutions, undrop, and object. This Snowflake training is designed to help you gain mastery over the fundamentals of key data warehousing capabilities and working with data and analytics.

Snowflake Course Overview

igmGuru's Snowflake training Online is aligned with the latest curriculum of the Snowflake certification exam. Our Snowflake certification online training course includes basic concepts and features to make you proficient in this cloud-based tool. This training will also help you build a data architecture, collect data, identify patterns, create models, and build data pipelines in Snowflake. Upon successful completion of our Snowflake certification training, participants can apply for roles such as Snowflake Developer, Data Analyst, and Snowflake Data Engineer positions in any industry.

Snowflake is the most popular cloud-based data tool and it has become popular among IT professionals. Backed by a team of experienced trainers, igmGuru helps you learn the basic and advanced concepts of this cloud-based data tool. You can learn how to use Snowflake to handle and organize a large data bank.

igmGuru's Snowflake course online is designed by industry experts to meet the needs of individuals at various levels of expertise who are interested in gaining knowledge in the field of data warehousing. Whether you are a beginner looking to acquire fundamental skills or an experienced professional aiming to enhance your expertise in data analytics and warehouse capabilities, our Snowflake online training program is tailored to meet all your needs. Additionally, you will gain a thorough knowledge of query constructs, managing and monitoring Snowflake accounts, DDL & DML operations, and Snowflake's continuous data protection methods.


At igmGuru, we understand the needs of every individual. Thus, we work by incorporating advanced methodologies to make them proficient in the data warehouse. Our main objective is to provide individuals with industrial expertise. Our instructor-led training program can help you open up opportunities for your career growth in diverse domains.

Why You Should Learn

Snowflake has now become the mainstream for many businesses that largely deal with complex data sets. They also consider professionals who can handle data-related operations. If you are looking for a promising career opportunity in the cloud-based data domain, then Snowflake is the right technology for you. As per Indeed reports, a Snowflake data engineer makes an average salary of $219000 which is comparatively higher than others who work with traditional data tools. So sign up today for our course to get started with Snowflake.

Skills Are Covered

You will be able to do the following by the end of Snowflake training:

  • Demonstrate the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform's distinct and differentiated architecture.

  • Data loading and transformation
  • Examine query constructs as well as DDL and DML operations.
  • Describe how you can easily manage user and application access.
  • Take a look at Snowflakes SQL support for data analysis.
  • Examine the many methods to connect to the Snowflake Platform and interact with it.
  • Use Data Sharing to transmit data to customers and partners in real-time.
  • Demonstrate how to work with semi-structured data using best practices.
  • Examine how Snowflake takes a unique approach to caching. 
  • For continuous data security, use Snowflake's technique.

 Who Should Opt?

Any data engineer having basic knowledge of SQL can take this Snowflake course. Recently, the following professionals have been in the race to take the Snowflake course.

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Application Developers
  • Anyone who wants to study Snowflake at all levels from beginner to expert.


Basic knowledge of SQL is recommended.


Recruiters prioritize candidates with proven knowledge, skills, and industry-recognized certifications in Snowflake. Companies seek Snowflake professionals who possess a comprehensive skillset. Enhance your Snowflake career prospects by honing expertise through igmGuru's Snowflake certification course.

Snowflake Course Key Features

Snowflake Online Training Modules

1. How different from traditional DB
2. Quick start to Snowflake and accessing trial account
3. Creating warehouse, DB, Schema, and tables
4. Accessing different roles and using it
5. Working with worksheets
6. Understanding different type of accounts

1. AWS and understanding S3 storage
2. Snowflake architecture and caching.
3. AZURE and understanding blob storage
4. GCP and understanding Bucket storage

1. File formats
2. Internal and external storage
3. Copy into usage
4. Snowflake internal storage
5. Accessing Cloud storage data into Snowflake(GCP, AZURE and AWS)
6. Data unloading

1. Accessing Snowpipe
2. PUT and GET commands
3. Bulk loading from cloud storage
4. Continuous loading

1. Snowflake Connector and use cases Python
2. BI connectors use cases.,
3. Other connectors hands-on

1. Variant Datatype
2. File format options
3. Creating stages
4. Loading JSON semi-structured data into SF tables
5. Accessing JSON with select statement

1. Creating Tasks
2. Streams
3. Accessing procedures with tasks
4. Scheduling as per time with Different time zones
5. Automate loading process Daily and Weekly
6. Connecting shared objects with BI tools like POWER BI

1. Usage of sharing data
2. Sharing data with different accounts
3. Sharing data with non-SF accounts using reader accounts
4. Importance of reader accounts
5. Privileges in data sharing
6. Challenges with cross-region sharing and understanding replication
7. Limitations with Data sharing

1. Access Control Privileges for Cloned Objects
2. Cloning and Snowflake Objects
3. Impact of DDL on Cloning
4. Impact of DML and Data Retention on Cloning

1. Introduction to Time Travel
2. Querying Historical Data
3. Enabling and Disabling Time Travel
4. Data Retention Period
5. Cloning Using Time Travel (Databases, Schemas, and Tables Only)

1. Creating multi clusters on large tables
2. Performance techniques

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Snowflake Certification Exam

Earn the SnowPro Core certification in 2024!

The SnowPro Core Certification is to test an individual's knowledge around applying specific core expertise in implementing and migrating to Snowflake.

An individual with this certification has a deep understanding of the Snowflake Platform. They also have the essential knowledge needed for designing, developing, and managing secure & scalable Snowflake solutions.

  • Exam Version: COF-C02
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