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igmGuru’s Apttus CPQ training is an expert-led learning program that helps you gain knowledge in handling the comprehensive process of business commitment management. With this Apttus CPQ course online, you will learn all the basics of this software including creating price list, creating a product, product attribute rules, executing maintenance jobs, and associated terminologies. Prepare for the Apttus CPQ certification exam by completing this knowledge-driven course and learning from industry enthusiasts and experts.

Apttus CPQ Course Overview

igmGuru's Apttus CPQ training curriculum is aligned with the criteria set by the Apttus University to provide power in the hands of Sales Representatives. The Apttus CPQ Course gives you the skillset you need to take charge of your Products and Services along with Apttus Deployment, Maintenance, and its utilization. igmGuru's Apttus training online program helps in providing its trainees with the right skillset when it comes to Apttus CPQ. Thus enabling them to get proficiently ace the exam with flying colors.

Is Apttus training for me?

  • In this era of trendsetting, Apttus helps in setting the right goals for every sale. The process of Cash-Quote and Pricing is made lean with Apttus CPQ certification training.
  • Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy are rightly considered with Apttus CPQ and helps in making payback period as short as three months.
  • Sales Rep can make use of the automated technology to quote the price, look for updated products, and pass information to the buyer.
  • The complete process is made automatic, which helps in saving time and has been reported to increase the ROI of the company by 400%! (As stated by the Apttus University Forum)
  • For increased sales and maximizing visibility, Quote-to-Cash solutions could be depended on.

With the combination of CRM and CPQ, providing sales solutions becomes much easier. Keeping in touch with the customer regularly and solving their issues is an essential practice for a vertical business graph. The addition of CPQ would make deciding of pricing quote easier and quicker than ever before.

Apttus CPQ helps in bringing the complete detailed knowledge of your past products and so your price quotes can be even more real. In simple words, Apttus CPQ (Configuring Price Quote) is a helpful tool for companies that wish to make their entire pricing and quoting job a bit less tedious. Thus, if you are looking over sales and other real-time deals, then this course is definitely for you!

Applications included in the Apttus Training are:

  • Configure-Price-Quote
  • Proposal Management
  • Contract Management and
  • Revenue Management.

Who can take up the Apttus CPQ Training:

Professionals with roles mentioned below should definitely benefit by taking up this Apttus training course by igmGuru:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Partners
  • HR Representatives
  • Administrators
  • Customers
  • Trainers

Benefits of Apttus CPQ certification training

  • Get hands-on experience with the latest tools
  • Apply your knowledge in the on-field scenario and get real-time feedback.
  • Learn best practices and connect with peers and experts while contributing to projects with a strong body of knowledge.
  • Master the services of the Apttus Contract Management objects along with their Salesforce Services knowledge.

Skills you will acquire

  • Articulate in core CPQ capabilities
  • Navigate Apttus CPQ
  • Administer Apttus CPQ's out-of-the-box features
  • Demonstrate a sample implementation
  • Set up and maintain users
  • Understand settings that are crucial to business requirements and processes.

Key Features

Apttus Training Modules

1. Introduction to Quote to Cash
2. Introduction to Apttus
3. CPQ Background & Overview
4. Standard functional flow.
5. Key Apttus terminology

1. To create a product (Standalone, Bundle and Option)
2. Manage Categories and Hierarchy Manger
3. Create Price List, Price List Item

1. To create Bundles, Options and Option Groups
2. To associate Option Groups to a Bundle
3. Associating a Product to a Category
4. Field Expression
5. Executing maintenance jobs
6. Product Features
7. Product comparison
8. Adding product to a cart page

1. Create a product attribute field
2. Product Attributes Overview
3. Creating a product attribute group
4. Linking Attribute Group to a Product
5. Product Attribute Rule
6. Executing maintenance jobs

1. Search Filters(CPQ)
2. Visibility Rules through Custom Classes
3. Run the Product Filter Criteria Maintenance

1. To create a product group
2. To add a product group member

1. Price List Item
2. Hierarchy Pricing
3. Price Matrix Terminology
4. Creating Price Dimension
5. Create condition base price matrix
6. How to create a Price Ruleset
7. Creating a Price rule
8. Volume Based Pricing/Discount
9. Tiered Pricing
10. Usage Pricing
11. Cumulative and Range Pricing
12. Customer Based Pricing/Discount
13. Related Pricing

1. Creating Constraint Rule Header
2. Creating Constraint Rule Condition
3. Setting up Inclusion Rules
4. Setting up Exclusion Rules
5. Setting up Validation/Warning Rules
6. Translation of Custom Message
7. Creating Constraint Rule Action
8. Executing maintenance jobs

1. System Config Properties
2. Flow
3. Display Action
4. Cart Setting
5. Custom Field Setting
6. Display Column

1. Quote Lifecycle
2. Creating Quote/Proposal
3. Configure Product
4. Cart Finalization
5. Real time scenarios

1. Validation Callback
2. Product Filter Callback
3. Pricing Callback Class
4. Asset Filter Callback
5. Display Action Callback

1. Approval Matrix
2. Approval Criteria
3. Best Practices
4. Approval Rules

1. How to create cart using api
2. How to add products using api
3. How to run constraint rule using api
4. How to sync proposal line with opportunity line
5. How to finalize cart using api
6. Miscellaneous apis

1. Do and Don't in Apttus project
2. Cart Performance

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Apttus CPQ Certification Exam

Through a five-day hands-on Apttus Training, you’ll learn how to

  • Navigate Apttus CPQ, administer out-of-the-box features
  • Demonstrate a sample implementation, and
  • Understanding settings that are relating to the business requirements

Steps to get Apttus CPQ certified in 2024:

  • Look for the right Apttus Training Course once you register yourself for the exam.
  • Practice well, including Mock - Sample questions and online tutorials provided by a trusted company.
  • Appear for your online exam and ace the same!

After the end of the course, you’ll prepare for an Apttus CPQ certification exam, and receive a certificate you can use to demonstrate your expertise in this field.

Apttus CPQ Certification Exam

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