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igmGuru’s Salesforce training online is an apt course for those who wish to become an expert in customizing apps programmatically and writing business logic via Apex code and Visualforce UI framework. This Salesforce Course Online will prepare you for the Salesforce Platform Developer certification as you master the concepts of app development using the Salesforce platform. Become a certified Salesforce Developer and unlock the door to endless job opportunities in this field.

Salesforce Course Overview

igmGuru's Salesforce Training online Using Apex and VisualForce in the Lightning Experience training course will train you to develop Analytics functions and Custom Applications on top of the Salesforce platform. Get credited with Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification program and enjoy the benefits of a certified Salesforce Developer with the right skills and knowledge. Upskill your career graph while acquiring in-depth knowledge via one of the trending Salesforce Certification Training Online programs.

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification program will help you get categorized as the writer or the editor of the Salesforce Code. Salesforce, being one of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software related to sales, marketing, and service, has endless opportunities. With many Top MNC(s) looking forward to including Salesforce in their work manner, it offers a sea of growth opportunities for aspiring individuals. With igmGuru's top class Salesforce training, you will be able to make the most of the possibilities that come your way.

Is this Certified Salesforce Online Course for me?

Learn the core of the Apex programming language and VisualForce markup to customize your Salesforce applications. You will get hands-on experience in building data objects (subjects) and programmatically retrieving, manipulating, and storing the data associated with those objects as you enroll in igmGuru's Salesforce Training program. Writing of custom logic using Apex triggers and classes, along with testing of that logic using the built-in testing framework is also made possible. Get hands-on experience writing VisualForce pages to customize your user interface and VisualForce controllers (in Apex) to modify the controller behavior behind the interface. With the Apex Certification, explore the design techniques and the built-in testing framework around VisualForce.

Professionals who can opt Salesforce Certification Training Online?

If you are any of the following or aspiring to be one soon, you are eligible to take up the course:

  1. Product Managers
  2. System Administrators
  3. IT Managers
  4. Developers
  5. App Builders
  6. Sales Representatives

Benefits of Salesforce Certification Course Online Program

  1. Sales and Account Management could be well analyzed and understood
  2. User roles and Security can be taken care of well.
  3. Produce well technical plans and design documents.
  4. Collaboration with other Engineers and Developers is made easy.
  5. Confidence to conduct a successful training workshop for other teammates.
  6. It provides the necessary understanding you require to compose programmatic customizations for both business logic and user interface layers.

Skills to count on Post Successful Apex Certification Completion

  1. Hands-on technical skills to customize your Salesforce applications
  2. Know how to slay and write code using Apex triggers and classes. 
  3. Test the logic in the built-in framework and release Top-Notch code to satisfy clients.
  4. Build data objects (subjects) and programmatically retrieve, manipulate, and store the data associated with those objects.

Key Features

Salesforce Training Modules

1. Describe the capabilities of objects on the Salesforce platform
2. Create a custom object
3. Create custom fields
4. Create relationship fields

1. Create formula fields
2. Create roll-up summary fields
3. Describe the capabilities of record types

1. Describe key aspects of Apex that differentiate it from other languages, such as Java and C#
2. Describe why Apex transactions and governor limits must be considered when writing Apex
3. Execute simple Apex
4. Use the sObject data type, the primitive data types, and basic control statements in Apex

1. Write a basic query using Salesforce query language, SOQL
2. Process the result of a query in Apex
3. Create a query dynamically at run-time

1. Describe a relationship query
2. Write a query that traverses a child-to-parent relationship
3. Write a query that traverses a parent-to-child relationship

1. List the differences between the ways you can invoke DML operations
2. Write Apex to invoke DML operations and handle DML errors

1. Describe what a trigger is used for
2. Describe the syntax of a trigger definition
3. Use trigger context variables

1. Describe how Apex classes are used
2. Define an Apex class
3. Determine what data an Apex class can access

1. Describe key points in the Order of Execution
2. Describe how triggers fit into and can be impacted by the Order of Execution
3. Describe the lifecycle of an Apex Transaction
4. Describe the memory lifecycle for static variables

1. Describe Apexa testing framework
2. Create test data
3. Write and run an Apex test

1. Describe practices for writing code that is easy to maintain and extend
2. Write triggers and classes that assume batches of data as input
3. Write code that works efficiently with the database, both in querying and using DML

1. Determine your code coverage percentages
2. Create tests using best practices

1. List declarative mechanisms you can use to implement complex business logic, for what types of problems they are best used, and their limitations
2. List declarative mechanisms you can use to implement complex business logic, for what types of problems they are best used, and their limitations
3. Describe ways in which you can use declarative functionality to improve your programmatic solutions

1. Create a Visualforce page
2. Reference a standard controller
3. Launch a Visualforce page using a custom button
4. Display data from a record in a Visualforce page

1. Create a Visualforce page
2. Display related data
3. Invoke standard controller actions

1. Create controller extensions
2. Create a custom controller
3. Work with properties
4. Use PageReferences
5. Invoke custom methods in Visualforce pages
6. Create a custom list controller

1. Use a standard list controller in a Visualforce page
2. Create a SOSL query

1. Determine whether a declarative solution exists for your requirements
2. Describe common governor limit issues and security concerns
3. Describe Visualforce strategies

1. Describe how a Visualforce controller interacts with the view
2. Write tests for controller constructors
3. Write tests for action methods, getters, setters, and properties

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