Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) Training Certification Course

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) training online by igmGuru will lead you to learn about this work management software that facilitates real-time collaboration. Our course will aid you in learning and implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning concepts to help you clear the Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) certification exam. Gain in-depth knowledge about concepts like work order management, service appointments management, Salesforce Field Service Lightning guidelines & considerations, shift management, etc.

Salesforce FSL Course Overview

The Salesforce FSL or Salesforce Field Service Lightning Online Training by igmGuru has been devised to train individuals to meet ever-increasing workforce management requirements as the world takes a digital shape. The FSL training module has been prepared by a highly skilled team of experts who have leveraged their vast industry experience to ensure that each and every aspect of the platform, from the management of work orders to mobile device access, is covered.

While subject knowledge always helps, our course has been designed to cater to all aspirants – from freshers and experienced professionals to business analysts and Salesforce Developers. It covers all the latest industry trends and developments to prepare individuals to tap into massive career opportunities that are continuously emerging and widening.

Why learn Salesforce FSL?

Businesses of all sizes across sectors are always looking to boost productivity, that consequently leads to more customer loyalty.

This is true no matter what platform they use – online, offline, or both. With its flexible field service solution, Salesforce FSL facilitates exactly this for companies having mobile field technicians to support their customers.

As we all know, any business providing on-field services is based on three pillars: products, customers, and workforce. FSL brings all three together on a single platform. The platform automates field service management by integrating the responsibilities of agents, dispatchers, and mobile employees.

The objective is to increase the productivity of the workforce in order to enhance the service experience.  This all-in-one platform is what companies across the globe strive for to earn customer loyalty and satisfaction as FSL gives agents, dispatchers, and mobile employees access to the necessary information and resources to produce optimum results.

Most companies attach high priority to field service considering that more often than not it is the only direct interaction a customer has with a company. According to “State of Service” Salesforce Research of October 2020, 80% of decision-makers at companies with field service say it’s a key part of their overall strategy.


Learning where and how to leverage Salesforce FSL from industry leaders paves the way for realizing your dream of a lucrative and successful career. Interactive sessions not just help in understanding and learning the fundamentals of Salesforce FSL, but they go a long way in making the trainees subject experts. At the end of the training, candidates will be equipped with necessary skills for:

  • Work Orders Management:  Learn how to create work orders effortlessly to keep track of on-site works. The course covers how to integrate work orders with accounts, assets, cases, contacts, entitlements, and service contracts.
  • Scheduling and Task Assignment : The training module focuses on smart scheduling through Lightning Console, which helps book appointments instantly and assign the task to the best-suited employee based on location, time, and skills.
  • Asset Management:  Learning the use case of Advanced Assets comes in handy in tracking products and leveraging asset hierarchy to track products comprising multiple parts in a single view.
  • Manage Jobs from Mobile Devices:  The course helps master the FSL app use by integrating all the aspects of on-site job management to the mobile workforce. 
  • Dispatcher Console:  Learn how to use Dispatcher Console, which forms the core of managing mobile operations, checking alerts for urgent issues, and scheduling bulk jobs besides real-time monitoring of mobile employees.


While there are no prerequisites for the FSL Salesforce course, those with prior Salesforce Administrator functionality and working experience as an administrator stand to benefit more.

Career Prospects

No business can deny that the customer is king. So, maintaining lasting relationships with customers holds the key. It’s natural that the demand for professionals to efficiently handle customer relationship management (CRM) is rising while the availability of FSL consultants remains limited. The time is ripe to reap the benefits of this demand-supply gap. Among the job profiles that Salesforce FSL certification training course gives access to are:

  1. App developers
  2. Sales representatives
  3. System administrators
  4. Product managers
  5. IT managers
  6. Individuals seeking a career in Salesforce.

FSL Salesforce Key Features

FSL Training Modules

1. Introduction
2. Identify Field Service Management Challenges and Determine How Field Service Can Overcome Those Challenges and Meet KPIs
3. Complete Prerequisite Exercises
4. Explain the Main Components, Capabilities, and Data Model of FSL

1. Enable Field Service
2. Install the Field Service Managed Package
3. Manage Field Service Permissions
4. Set Up Territories, Operating Hours, and Shifts
5. Set Up Work Order Management for Field Service
6. Set Up Your Field Service Workforce
7. Set Up Your Field Service Inventory
8. Get Ready for Scheduling

1. Create Work Orders
2. Create Maintenance Plans

1. Create Flexible Work Shifts
2. View Your Shift Schedule
3. Guidelines for Shift Availability

1. Get Started with Time Sheets
2. Create Service Resource Absences
3. View a Service Resource’s Daily Travel Route
4. View a Service Resource’s Calendar

1. Manage Service Crews

1. Create Service Appointments
2. Schedule Service Appointments
3. Unschedule Service Appointments
4. Reschedule Service Appointments
5. Fix Scheduling Overlaps
6. Group Nearby Appointments
7. Fill Schedule Gaps
8. Customize Appointment Chatter Settings
9. Dispatch Appointments

1. Common Inventory Management Tasks
2. Track Required Inventory
3. Request Inventory
4. Transfer Inventory
5. Track Inventory Consumption
6. Track Inventory Shipments
7. Track Customer Returns

1. What’s Schedule Optimization?
2. Create and Manage Scheduling Policies
3. Create and Manage Work Rules
4. Create and Manage Service Objectives
5. Set Up and Run Optimization Jobs
6. Optimize Today’s Schedule
7. Optimize a Single Resource’s Schedule
8. Optimize Appointments Using Priorities

1. Work in the Dispatcher Console Appointment List
2. Work in the Dispatcher Console Gantt
3. Work in the Dispatcher Console Map
4. Field Service Object Fields

1. Explain the Business Flow of a Case to Work Order to Service Appointment
2. Identify the Key Tasks Performed by Each Field Service Role (Customer, Agent, Dispatcher, Field Tech, and Admin)
3. Describe How Field Technicians Manage Their Service Appointments Using the Field Service Mobile App

1. Case Lifecycle
2. Case Creation
3. Case Assignment
4. Case Escalation Rule
5. Case Team

1. Entitlement Process
2. Milestones
3. Defining SLA
4. Entitlements

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning Certification

How to ace the Salesforce Field Service Consultant Exam in 2024?

Here are a few details about the Salesforce Field Service Consultant exam that will help you prepare better.

  • Number of questions: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • Time allotted: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 63%
  • Registration fee: USD 200 + taxes
  • Retake fee: USD 100 + taxes
  • Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online testing environment.
  • References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.

Prerequisites: Salesforce Administrator credential and Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant credential.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Certification

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