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igmGuru is the best Salesforce training institute in Agra to help you understand the concepts of Salesforce. Learn from industry professionals with 10+ years of experience and learn about configuring Salesforce to collect, retrieve, and analyze essential information regarding your customers. With the right Salesforce training in Agra, you will be able to ace the CRT 101 or Salesforce Administrator Exam.

Salesforce Course in Agra Overview

igmGuru offers one of the best Salesforce Training in Agra. Salesforce Course in Agra is designed as per the latest Salesforce certification exam. This Course helps you apply the most basic and advanced skills in leveraging the data modeling and Salesforce platform to enhance the development of crucial business logic and the application’s UI.

IgmGuru is one the best Salesforce Training Institute in Agra. Salesforce being one of the Best CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a greater one to dig in, to begin your Developing career with. The Right Course Structure of IgmGuru will enhance and upgrade your talent and skills to be qualified as one of On the Edge.

Is Salesforce Training in Agra for me?

You have an inbuilt passion for cracking code every single time? You feel all the repetitive tasks should be automated, and planning with JavaScript is not a big deal for you?

If all of these thoughts provoke you, then indeed, it is your time to get enrolled for Salesforce lightning training in Agra. If you are excited to take up a routine, wherein the development of new code and fixing in the released test build is in your routine, then we would suggest you take up the Salesforce coaching in Agra.

Professionals who can take up Salesforce Developer Training in Agra:

Get on the training set, if you are any of these or aspiring to be one of them, soon:

  • Independent Software Vendor
  • Web Applications Developers
  • App Builders
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Marketers

Benefits of earning a Salesforce Certification in Agra:

  • Get hands-on the perfect Customer Database.
  • Having tremendous knowledge within you. Knowledge and skills are always helpful for any domain.
  • Once you are savvy with concepts and the minute details, you will be able to build the Client Satisfying Apps and Build, in no time!
  • Earn a reputed position at your workplace with salesforce platform developer 2 certification. With your basics on the right ground, you can lend a helping hand to your colleagues and be a Star Employee!
  • Skills and Efficiency are improved on a higher note. There is always something greater about attaining the professional course aiming to help you gain on the technical note.
  • Enhanced skills and Efficiency will help you improve your working manner and increase the satisfaction rate of the clients.

Skills to count on, after you become a certified Salesforce developer:
  • Get savvy with building comfortable and sophisticated apps.
  • Applying complicated business logic is made easy.
  • Apex coding skills could be pushed to the limit using integration and business logic.
  • Provide satisfactory and revolutionary code for clients being satisfied with the most.

Key Features

Salesforce Training in Agra Modules

1. Using HTML5 and Aura Components to Develop Apps
2. Getting Started with Lightning Development
3. Theming Components with CSS
4. Defining and Manipulating Component Attributes
5. Handling System and User Events
6. Debugging and Troubleshooting Your App
7. Working with Apex
8. Using Base Lightning Components

1. Using Lightning Data Service for CRUD Operations

1. Documenting a Component
2. Testing and Troubleshooting Apex

1. Deep-Diving into Building Lightning Pages with Components and App Builder
2. Building Components for Lightning Experience Record Pages
3. Overriding Standard Actions with Aura Components
4. Defining a Lightning Application
5. Using Lightning in Visualforce Pages with Lightning Out

1. Using lightning:dataTable
2. Implementing Button Groups
3. Building Responsive Layouts
4. Implementing Accordion Layouts

1. Accessing the Component Body
2. Defining Public Functions on Components
3. Implementing Toasts and Modal Notifications
4. Dynamically Instantiating and Destroying Component Instances
5. Localizing Content
6. Using Renderers
7. Writing Device-Specific Code

1. Implementing Forms
2. Validating Input Data
3. Viewing and Editing Salesforce Records
4. Waiting for Server Requests to Complete

1. Theming with Lightning Design Tokens
2. Improving the Performance of Data Requests

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