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Zuora Billing and Subscription Training by igmGuru is one of the best options for those who wish to be a part of the world of Salesforce with this software system. Get your hands on the latest curriculum timely altered as per the changing demands and technologies. With our Zuora training online program, learn under the guidance of industry experts who will help you gain knowledge and skills from their experience. Get Zuora Billing and Subscription certification for unlimited opportunities to succeed and grow in Salesforce.

Zuora Billing Course Overview

igmGuru's Zuora Billing and Subscription Training is aligned with the latest curriculum for the certification exam. This training content is designed by the industry experts after in-depth research so that candidates get the desired outcome once they are done with this training program. During Zuora Billing training, participants will deep-dive into the concepts of Zuora Administration, Zuora Subscription, basics of product catalog, Zuora Billing Data Model, Zuora Architecture, user, roles, security setting, billing, payment, and finance settings, among many others.

Zuora is a Cloud based vendor that sells billing, commerce, and finance software that allows companies to manage recurring revenues from their users or customers.

Zuora's main software as a service product, Z-Business, helps businesses administer the subscription lifecycle of their customers. The lifecycle includes pricing and package, customer acquisition, billing, collection, and renewal.

It also helps companies create subscription-based business models. If companies already provide online subscription services, Zuora can help them manage it efficiently as per the vendor.

Zuora also integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning products, allowing users to send certain information, such as invoices, into the general ledger. Organizations can use business analytics software to analyze data about their subscribers. The analytics follows a subscriber's use of a product and provides ideas for improving service or resolving a problem.

What Skills Will You Learn?

As you enroll in our Zuora Billing and Subscription Course program, you will learn the following.

  • What are subscriptions
  • Why subscriptions have created
  • Get the process of creating a subscription in Zuora
  • Create a subscription
  • Describe how Zuora capabilities support the quote-to-cash flow
  • Configure the product catalog based on your knowledge of Zuora's data model
  • Set up rate plans, rate plan charges, and rate plan charge tiers
  • Identify different ways of setting up discounts
  • Set up usage in Zuora
  • Set up and configure Customer Accounts and Subscriptions
  • Set up Bill Runs and Payment Runs
  • Overview of Zuora Finance and Basics of Zuora Reporting
  • Why product catalogs are created
  • Describe the relationship b/w products, product rate plans, and product rate plan charges
  • Identify the main steps in creating a product catalog
  • Design a product catalog
  • Identify the credibility of a Zuora Administrator
  • Identify the different roles for different parts of Zuora
  • Explain the benefits of setting up Administrator roles
  • Create custom roles and assign those to the users
  • Identify the security policy settings which is offered by Zuora
  • Configure a payment setup gateway
  • Describe the reason of notifications
  • Identify errors that occur when using the Standard User role
  • Identify the settings to address your organization's needs
  • Perform set-up mainly for testing purposes
  • Verify the desired outcomes
  • Identify the Zuora Payments options
  • Explain the main purpose of each of the Zuora Payments settings
  • Identify the default setting for every of the Zuora Payments settings
  • Configure the settings to desired states


Zuora Billing and subscription course is best suited for the following professionals:

            • Sales representatives, customer support representatives, or anyone responsible for creating subscriptions in Zuora.
            • Product Managers, Marketing Managers, or anyone who is responsible for setting up and managing a company’s catalog of products available to customers by subscription.
            • Zuora Admins responsible for configuring and managing settings in Zuora, including the Billing settings.


            While there are no explicit prerequisites to take the Zuora Billing course, having these skills will be useful for the learners.

            • Introduction to Zuora
            • Basics of Product Catalog
            • Basics of Customer Accounts
            • Basics of Subscriptions
            • Basics of Amendments
            • Basics of Billing Operations
            • Basics of Payment Operations
            • Basics of Notifications
            • Basics of Zuora Billing
            • Basics of Zuora Payments
            • The Administration Settings training course or familiarity with Zuora administration settings.

            Zuora Billing Course Key Features

            Zuora Billing Training Module

            1. The Subscription Economy & Zuora
            2. What Are The 9 Keys?
            3. 9 Keys And Zuora Implementations
            4. Introduction To Zuora & 9 Keys Framework: Advanced Concepts

            1. Introduction To Product Catalog Management For Subscription Businesses
            2. Product Catalog Offerings And Pricing Strategies
            3. Timing And Frequency Of Charges In Zuora
            4. Free Trials, Recurring Discounts & Credits, And Promotions
            5. Usage Concepts: Included Units, Overage, Rollover, And Smoothing
            6. Product Catalog Management: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Overview Of Customer Accounts
            2. Acquiring And Managing Customer Relationships
            3. Communication Preferences And Templates
            4. Billing And Payment Attributes
            5. Accounts And Contacts: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Introduction To Zuora Orders
            2. Change Orders And Modifications To Subscriptions
            3. Data Model For Order, Subscription, And Related Objects
            4. Orders And Subscription Management: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Overview: Billing, Invoicing, Credit And Debit Memos
            2. Basics Of Billing Operations
            3. Billing For Usage
            4. Credit And Debit Memos
            5. Billing Document Template Configuration
            6. Billing, Invoice, Credit & Debit Memos: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Administration Settings In Zuora Billing

            1. Overview Of Taxation In Zuora
            2. Zuora Tax
            3. Zuora Tax Partners
            4. Taxation In Zuora: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Introductions To Payments In Zuora
            2. Payment Methods
            3. Payment Gateways
            4. Payment Operations In Zuora
            5. Payments And Refund In Zuora: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Basics Of Accounting
            2. Accounting In Zuora Billing
            3. Accountig Close Process With Zuora
            4. Basics Of Revenue Recognition
            5. Revenue Recognition In Zuora Billing
            6. Accounting And Finance: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration Summary

            1. Introduction To Zuora Reporting
            2. Zuora Reporting- Creating And Managing Reports
            3. Booking Metrics
            4. Billing Metrics
            5. Cash Metrics
            6. Revenue Metrics

            1. Introduction To Data Migration
            2. Data Migration Objects And Tools

            1. Workflow Overviiew Basic Features And Functionalities
            2. Workflow Templates
            3. Workflows In Zuora: 9 Keys, Best Practices, Advanced Concepts, Limitations, And Integration

            1. Overview Of Salesforce And Zuora Integration
            2. Features Of Zuora Cpq
            3. Zuora Cpq Setup And Configuration
            4. Quoting And Advanced Functionality

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            Zuora Billing and Subscription Certification

            How to pass the Zuora Billing and Subscription Certification exam in 2024?

            Our Zuora Billing and Subscription training program will help you become a Billing Solution Architect who works to drive the engagement team toward an optimal solution during the implementation of Zuora products. As a Billing Solution Architect, you will be responsible for managing the end-to-end solution design including gathering and analyzing business requirements, designing functional and technical solutions, performing FIT/GAP analysis, process flows, and integrations, customizations, and configuring and testing the delivered product to meet the approved designs.

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