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Sitecore CMS Developer Certification Training Course

  • 30 Hours

IgmGuru’s Sitecore Developer Training Program will provide you with a deep insight and hands-on practical sessions to train the developers to build a robust, real-world MVC Solutions that collaborate with the management, editing of content and its marketing abilities of Sitecore 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 & 9.0 The course content is designed according to the updated syllabus of Sitecore Developer Certification Guide.

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  •  Instructor Led Training : 30 Hrs
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  • Aligned to Sitecore certification exam
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Online Class Room Program

Online Class Room Program

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Online Class Room Program

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Sitecore Online training course helps developers to learn and understand Content Management System and marketing capabilities of Sitecore 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 & 9.0. The techniques learned will be useful in developing robust MVC solutions. The course educates about MVC design patterns like separation of concerns, unit testing, and dependency injection. Moreover, the developer learns how to build applications that are data-driven and customized as per user requirements using the Sitecore Services Client. Learn how to develop real-world MVC-based Sitecore solutions that help to manage and optimize the customer's digital experience.

Major objectives and learning outcomes of the Sitecore Online Training

It is an enterprise content management system platform which enables fully featured and connected user experience. For developing and captivating enterprise web solutions, it is considered to be the most secure and robust CMS system.

  • Sitecore fundamentals
  • Using Sitecore
  • Presentation Concepts
  • Sitecore CMS Platform

You can acquire knowledge in the advanced aspects of Sitecore through plenty of examples, tips, and explanations with the help of IgmGuru Sitecore training, where we explore each topic through the aspect of the real-world application.

Who should opt for Sitecore Online Training?

There are no hard-core pre-requisites to learn SiteCore. We can understand your hunger to be in shoes of real scenarios and that’s why we present you through the lens of real-world case study and example. This course is specifically designed for ASP.NET MVC Web Developers with C# skills who are working on a project where Sitecore is used as Content Management System. From learning this course, the following job roles will get benefited:

  • Content Managers
  • Web Developers
  • Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field.

Job Roles for Sitecore

There are numerous opportunities in this dynamic field of Sitecore; the following job roles will get a benefit.

  1.  Web Developer
  2. Content Managers
  3. XML Ninjas
  4. Front End Users

And of course who are aiming to achieve something big in IT.

Projects included in the course:

A good knowledge of Sitecore projects ensures all the critical components in it are well covered. This helps in increasing the visibility and enhancing efficiency in drawing real connections among different components of Sitecore. A complete Sitecore training material covering all the aspects of this project are also provided by us.


Lesson 1 - Configuring Your Sitecore Environment

  • 1.1 Set up a Sitecore instance on a development machine
  • 1.2 Describe the basic development architecture of Sitecore
  • 1.3 Describe the basic features of SIM and use it to install Sitecore
  • 1.4 Use the default admin username and password to log in to a Sitecore instance
  • 1.5 Install a Sitecore package into Sitecore
  • 1.6 Define the file structure and files of a clean Sitecore instance

Lesson 2 - Setting Up a Multisite Project

  • 2.1 Identify the core binary files of the Sitecore framework
  • 2.2 Set up a Visual Studio solution and project for Sitecore development
  • 2.3 Prepare the Sitecore Rocks Visual Studio plug-in and set up a connection to a Sitecore instance
  • 2.4 Configure Sitecore to host multiple websites
  • 2.5 Use the include folder to apply configuration patches
  • 2.6 Describe how Sitecore resolves pages
  • 2.7 Build multisite implementations according to recommended practices

Lesson 3 - Creating the Site’s Structure

  • 3.1 Describe the recommended practices for the content structure in a multisite solution
  • 3.2 Define a Sitecore Template with different sections and field types
  • 3.3 Create Sitecore Layouts and connect them to matching views on the file system
  • 3.4 Create Sitecore Standard Values and set up presentation for different devices
  • 3.5 Create content items based on data templates by using Insert Options
  • 3.6 Set up a multi-language website
  • 3.7 List recommended practices for using dictionaries in a multi-language solution

Lesson 4 - Building Component-Based Sites

  • 4.1 Name the different types of MVC renderings
  • 4.2 Define the difference between static and dynamic binding
  • 4.3 Use presentation details to add components in the Experience Editor
  • 4.4 Describe placeholders and placeholder definition items
  • 4.5 Set up allowed controls on a placeholder definition item

Lesson 5 - Increasing Component Reusability

  • 5.1 Configure compatible renderings on a component definition item
  • 5.2 Describe how to limit content choices in the data source selection window
  • 5.3 Describe how component properties can be maintained by content authors
  • 5.4 Create a rendering parameters template for a component
  • 5.5 Read component properties and use the specified value in the component’s output Describe what to do when you cache components

Lesson 6 - Applying Navigation Practices within the Site

  • 6.1 Create a navigation component
  • 6.2 Explain how Sitecore renders links and how they can be controlled
  • 6.3 Use the Sitecore API to navigate the tree

Lesson 7 - Working with Complex Field Types and Item Sorting

  • 7.1 Use different field types and define which fields can be edited in Experience Editor
  • 7.2 Render field values by using the Sitecore API
  • 7.3 Retrieve an item’s child items and apply custom sorting
  • 7.4 Implement an edit frame
  • 7.5 Use the field editor buttons
  • 7.6 Make all fields editable in the Experience Editor

Lesson 8 - Tracking and Interacting with Site Visitors

  • 8.1 Create user-generated content in Sitecore
  • 8.2 Describe why content should be created only in the Master database
  • 8.3 Invoke the Sitecore.Services.Client API
  • 8.4 Handle submissions from multiple forms on one page

Lesson 9 - Working with Adaptive Personalization

  • 9.1 Use the Rules Set Editor to deliver individual experiences to your customer
  • 9.2 Segment content by using profiles and profile keys
  • 9.3 Describe a Sitecore contact
  • 9.4 Describe how to extend a Sitecore contact by implementing custom facets

Lesson 10 - Implementing Search-driven Components

  • 10.1 List the available search providers that Sitecore offers
  • 10.2 Describe the differences between these search providers
  • 10.3 Configure a custom index
  • 10.4 Optimize indexing performance by changing indexed fields and templates
  • 10.5 Create a search-driven component
  • 10.6 Compile dynamic LINQ queries
  • 10.7 Define item buckets in Sitecore

Lesson 11 - Driving Robust Development

  • 11.1 List the advantages of unit testing
  • 11.2 Unit test the parts of the API that you will be working with
  • 11.3 Create build scripts
  • 11.4 Deploy your Sitecore solution

Lesson 12 - Exploring Security and Workflow

  • 12.1 Create users and roles in Sitecore.htm
  • 12.2 Apply security on Sitecore items for editing purposes.htm
  • 12.3 Describe how Sitecore handles conflicting security rights.htm
  • 12.4 Build and configure Sitecore workflows.htm
  • 12.5 Connect a workflow to a template.htm

Lesson 13 - Finding Documentation and Support

  • 13.1 Locate Sitecore websites and documentation
  • 13.2 Describe the value of the Sitecore Community
  • 13.3 List the benefits of the Most Valuable Professional program
  • 13.4 Discuss the Sitecore Versioning Policy
  • 13.5 Discuss the Sitecore Versioning Policy

Exam Certification

How to get certified in Sitecore?

The certification by Sitecore’s exams validate the skills and knowledge of developers, marketers and business users. Those who pass the exams earn the distinction of being Sitecore Certified Professionals.

Sitecore Professional Developer Certification Exam

This certification helps the candidates in getting rewarding job positions. If a candidate opts for our well-structured training at IgmGuru, they can gain knowledge for entering the lucrative domain of Sitecore and earn the certification.
To know more about various types of certification available, go through the Sitecore Certification and register in it.

For more details find the Certification exam related guide link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

A :Sitecore is a content management system(CMS) . This course will helpful for .Net , Sharepoint ,Windows azure Developers.

A :To become a Sitecore Developer you need to have a core knowledge of .net, mvc. As Sitecore is a tool built on .net framework, so these skills are must to become Sitecore Developer. So, before enroll course brush up your knowledge on .net framework

A :Sitecore certification cost in India is $300. 

A :

After completing Sitecore CMS Online training, you will be able to gain: 

         Sitecore introduction and its installation

         Insight into data template creation and its sub modules

         Complete knowledge on Sitecore API sets for accessing sitecore data from content tree

         Multi-site Management

         Deep insight into Multilingual architecture

         Setting up publishing environment ,Packaging and deployment

         All the features in Sitecore CMS

         Some additional concepts related to sitecore

         Knowledge on advanced concepts like Helix, Glass.Mapper and SXA

         Live project using all the features of Sitecore

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