Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) Training Certification Course

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igmGuru offers Sitecore JSS training program to make you expert in Sitecore JSS. With this Sitecore JSS course, you will also learn the greatest JavaScript technologies like Angular, React.js, and Vue.js on a whole new level. At igmGuru, we also provide real-time scenarios and live projects to give you a real-time experience. With our Sitecore JSS certification course, you can build advanced and feature-rich solutions incorporating Sitecore, modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks.

Sitecore JSS Course Overview

Shall I undertake this course of jss training in  2024 ?

Traditional CMS (content management systems) support publishing on multiple channels like desktop, tablet, and mobile. But Nowadays, multi-channel publishing is increasing in complexity. Choosing to go "headless” is the only option wherein businesses and developers are thinking of making their way. The headless approach is rapidly gaining popularity due to the fact that organizations have to deliver content to various channels instead of just a traditional website. Headless systems can provide to almost all media, giving companies the flexibility to create solutions that meet their specific use cases instead of being constrained by any assumptions.

Considering the high demand that professionals with training, knowledge, and certification in Sitecore JavaScript Services experience, it should come as no surprise that your future after completing igmGuru's Sitecore JSS training course will be super bright. These professionals are paid well and experience brilliant job opportunities in top domains. 

Carrier option?

If you already have working experience around JavaScript frameworks or you are a Sitecore Developer, then this Sitecore JSS online course by igmGuru is curated just for you! Once you complete this course, a sea of opportunities will open up for you and here are a few job roles you will be able to undertake:

  • JSS Developer
  • Architect/Lead
  • Angular Developer
  • Sitecore developer


  • Benefits businesses with its headless approach, offering various tools to create a multi-channel approach, better tools for extraction, and multi-device customer journeys.
  • You can power up your app using the advanced content creation and the available marketing features.
  • Site JSS offers high flexibility and independence in terms of using any preferred tool or framework.

Key Features

Sitecore JSS Training Modules

1. Sitecore 9.2 Installation on local machine
2. What is Headless Architecture?
3. What is Sitecore JSS?
4. Installing JSS
5. JSS Setup
6. JSS Basics
7. Understanding of Folder structure in JSS Sample App
8. Deploy to Sitecore
9. Disconnected Vs Connected Vs Integrated Approach
10. Auto Cleanup of JSS App

1. Placeholders
2. Layouts
3. Routing
4. Different type of templates in JSS
5. Experience Editor for JSS
6. JSS Tenants and websites
7. Forms

1. Personalization
2. Multi language Support of JSS App
3. WorkFlow
4. Dictionary
5. Serialization
6. Sitecore Context in JSS
7. Customizing Layout API
8. Implementing 404 in JSS

1. What is GraphQL
2. GraphQL Syntaxes
3. Implementing Search using GraphQL
4. Firing queries in batches
5. Accessing items via item GraphQL
6. Accessing Reference Data using GraphQL
7. GraphQL via Connected approach
8. GraphQL via Integrated approach

1. Deployment on Azure PaaS
2. Setup Headless SSR on Azure for JSS app
3. Deployment on Netify

1. Sitecore Analytics
2. Tracking in JSS
3. Sitecore Goals - What, Why & How
4. Sitecore Campaign - What, Why & How
5. Path Analyzer

1. Sitecore Certification and Everything you need to know.
2. Exam Dumps

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Sitecore JSS Certification

As Such there is no official certification for Sitecore Content Management but we will provide the course completion certificate from igmGuru on the successful training completion.

Sitecore JSS Certification