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igmGuru's JIRA Project Module Training Program is planned by Atlassian Certification Exam. This helps in making sure that the applicant who opted for the Jira tutorial gets to pass the exam in the best endeavor while giving you everything you should know as a part of the Jira project management tutorial. 

JIRA Project Management Overview

About Course

This course will give you a hand of specialty in Scrum. You will get the best hands-on the exploratory use of Agile procedures and the essential knowledge of JIRA. Thus this one aims at helping you resolve all the associated: what is Jira, how to use Jira? 

What is the objective of the Jira Training Module?

You will have amazing authority in Scrum ways with the help of this course.

What are the implications of Online Jira Courses?

This course will encourage you to:

  • Make sense of JIRA interface and work efficiently on Jira project management
  • Fabricate Projects, Backlogs, Epics, User Stories, Tasks, Subtasks and Bugs
  • Hold live lithe tasks
  • Create reports-Burndown outlines

Who should take this course?

This course is most appropriate for:

  • Group Leaders
  • QA Managers
  • Venture Managers
  • Groups progressing to Scrum

Ventures where the course will be helpful to land in:

Clients have been reporting the benefits of JIRA at these following levels:

Task 1: E-trade Website Functionality Creation

  • Participators will get to know the 3 Agile jobs (Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Team). They will be able to get a detailed insight into these projects.
  • This kind of an online business site will give clients a chance to understand and access: Client stories, Work details, legends, and sub-undertakings. It will also help by demonstrating to them the general methods to deal with different deliveries made to date.

Undertaking 2: Smart Weather

  • You need to complete two industry-based tasks.
  • The venture incorporates building up a gateway that gives climate-based administrations to various customers.
  • The gateway should drag the climate estimate through various open services with the end goal that the information which has been caught can be used for various purposes.

This task must be executed through JIRA. You can take any of the beneath undertakings and present the screen captures of the work using LMS:

Assignment 1: Rosta Coffee is a noteworthy chain of premium coffeehouses. They need you to utilize climate information to deal with their day by day works. You as a Scrum Master need to settle and plan a prearranged item build-up for the scrum group.

Assignment 2: An organization naming "MIC" is a main life coverage organization needs to initiate an application to serve its customer. For this, they will require climate estimate and as a Scrum Master, you need to amend and structure a prearranged item access for the scrum group.

JIRA Training Modules

1. Introduction
2. Summary of Users and Groups
3. Projects
4. Project Roles
5. Lab Exercises: Concept Overview, Create a JIRA Project and project category, Exploring the Issue type scheme

1. Users and the User browser
2. Privacy
3. Groups and the Group Browser
4. Global Permissions
5. Lab Exercises: Users and Groups, Public signup and groups, Add new users and create/assign groups, Changing Permissions

1. Priorities and Resolutions
2. Custom Fields
3. New options in custom fields
4. Field Configuration Schemes
5. Field Configurations
6. Re-Indexing & Index Recovery
7. Lab Exercises: Fields, Create two Custom Fields Create a Field Configuration Scheme

1. Understanding Screen Schemes
2. Screen Schemes
3. Creating Screens
4. Modifying Screens
5. Lab Exercises: Screens, Investigate Interaction of Default Screen and Default Field Configurations, Investigate Interaction of Default Screen & Newly, Created Field Configuration, Create a Screen for the Create Issue Operation and put it into a Screen Sch

1. Issue Type Schemes
2. Notification schemes
3. Permission Schemes
4. Issue Security Schemes
5. Lab Exercises: Issue Type, Notification, Permissions & Security Schemes, Create a Notification schemes Create a Project Role and a Permission Scheme

1. The visual workflow designer
2. Planning workflows
3. The Status Attribute
4. Transitions
5. Events
6. Creating a workflow
7. Creating a workflow schemes
8. Workflow sharing
9. Audit Logs
10. Lab Exercises: Workflows, Add the ‘Tested’ state into a workflow, Map the fields to the workflow, Decide where new screen are required

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