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Hadoop Testing Online Training

  • 24 Hours

IgmGuru's Hadoop Testing Online Training course is designed according to Hadoop Testing exam to make sure that candidate passes the exam in the first attempt. Hadoop Testing training course will provide you to enlighten the skills within like identifying, analyze and amend the types of error in the Hadoop framework. You will learn about Hadoop software, architecture.

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Online Class Room Program

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Hadoop Testing Online Training is a course which will provide you to enlighten the skills within like identifying, analyze and amend the types of error in the Hadoop framework. You will learn about Hadoop software, architecture, MapReduce, HDFS and multiple features like Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, and Oozie. This training will give you all the provision in various test case scenarios, proof of concepts implementation and real-world scenarios.

What will you grasp in this Hadoop Testing Training?

  1. Gives a knowledge of Hadoop and Hadoop eco-systems.

  2. Includes HDFS architecture, the flow of data, data replication, Namenode and Datanode Master MapReduce concepts, Mapper and Reducer functions, Concurrency, Shuffle, and Ordering.

  3. Will get to know Unit Testing of Hadoop Mapper on a MapReduce application.

  4. Acknowledges Deploy Pig for big data analysis and Hive for relational data analysis and test the application.

  5. Helps you with the deep understanding of Hadoop Testing and the Workflow process.

  6. Gives you knowledge about Design, formulate and implement Hadoop test scenarios, test cases, and test scripts

  7. Take measure while using big data testing tools for detecting bugs and rectifying it.

  8. Learn MR Unit framework for testing MapReduce jobs without Hadoop clusters

  9. Get trained for Cloudera Hadoop Certification.

Who should opt for Hadoop Testing Training Course?

  • Big Data and Hadoop Developers

  • Quality Assurance, tester, tech support, and system administrators

What are the requirements for learning Hadoop Testing?

Nothing is required to learn Hadoop testing.

Why should you seize Hadoop Testing online training course?

  • Global Hadoop Market to Reach $84.6 Billion by the year 2021 – Allied Market Research

  • There is going to be a shortage of 1.4 -1.9 million Big Data Hadoop Analysts in the United States alone by the year 2018– Mckinsey

  • Hadoop Testing Professionals in the US can get a salary of $132,000 –

Hadoop Testing has been expanded across the board in venture all around the world.  With all the hard work and blessing the scale and entanglement of the task that Hadoop Big Data is getting bigger with the passing days.  The Hadoop project has reached a great success with the help of Hadoop developers and Hadoop architects which has increased the necessity of  Hadoop testers.  In this Big Data testing training nails down to make sure that you gain all the right techniques which open up the opportunities in the Big Data testing domain as a Hadoop Tester.


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Hadoop and its Ecosystem, MapReduce and HDFS

  • 1.1 Hadoop in its introduction includes constituent ecosystem, helps in understanding MapReduce and HDFS, Big Data, Factors constituting Big Data, Hadoop, and Hadoop Ecosystem, Map Reduce -Concepts of Map, Reduce, Ordering, Concurrency, Shuffle, Reducing, Con
  • 1.2 Deep Dive in Map Reduce – Execution Framework, Partitioner, Combiner, Data Types, Key pairs, HDFS Deep Dive – Architecture, Data Replication, Name Node, Data Node, Data Flow, Parallel Copying with DISTCP, Hadoop Archives
  • 1.3 Hands-on Exercises - You can install Hadoop in Pseudo-Distributed Mode.
  • 1.4 MapReduce - Makes you understand about Map Reduce Application, writing a unit test, gives you Best Practices in developing and writing, Debugging Map Reduce applications.

Lesson 2 - Introduction to Pig & its features

  • 2.1 What is Pig?
  • 2.2 Hands-On Exercise: Using Pig for ETL Processing

Lesson 3 - Instigation to Hive

  • 3.1 What Is Hive?
  • 3.2 Hands-on exercises, running hive questions on the shell, script, and Hue.

Lesson 4 - Hadoop Stack Integration Testing

  • 4.1 Why is Hadoop testing essential
  • 4.2 Unit testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, Diagnostics, Nightly QA test, Benchmark and end to end tests, Functional testing, testing of Release certification, Security testing, Scalability Testing, Commissioning and Decommissioning of Data No

Lesson 5 - Characteristics and Duties of Hadoop Testing

  • 5.1 Grasping knowledge about the need, development of the Testing Estimation, Test Cases, Test Data, Test bed formation, Execution of Test, Defect Reporting, Defect Retest, delivery of daily Status report, Test completion., testing of ETL at every point (HDF
  • 5.2 User permission and verification testing (Groups, Users, Privileges etc), Report fault to the expansion team or manager and operating them to shutdown., strengthen all the defects and create defect reports., ractifying new characteristics and matter in Co

Lesson 6 - Configuration called MR Unit for Testing of MapReduce Programs

  • 6.1 You have to Report faults to the development team or manager and drive them to closure, Strengthen all the flaws and create reports of the defects, Endorsing new attributes and publish in Core Hadoop, Accountable for creating a testing Framework called MR

Lesson 7 - Unit Testing

  • 7.1 Computerization testing through the OOZIE, Data affirmation with the help of the query surge tool.
  • 7.2 Planning the Test for HDFS upgrade, Test automation and result.
  • 7.3 Test Plan Blueprint Test Cases of Hadoop Testing - How to configure, test and install.

Lesson 8 - Hadoop Testing Projects

  • 8.1 Project 1 – Working with MapReduce, Hive, Sqoop
  • 8.2 Project 2 – Hadoop Testing using MR

Exam Certification

This course is meant for clearing the IgmGuru's Hadoop Testing Certification. the complete coaching course content has been designed by trade professionals so as to assist you to get the most effective jobs within the high MNCs. As a part of this coaching, you'll be functioning on time period comes and assignments that have large implications within the universe trade situation so serving to you way your career effortlessly.

At the top of this educational program, there'll be quizzes that completely replicate the kind of queries asked within the individual certification examinations and helps you score higher marks within the certification exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

A : No, Exam expense is excluded in the preparation charges.

A : All of the categories square measure conducted via live on-line streaming. they're interactive sessions that modify you to raise queries and participate in discussions throughout category time. We do, however, offer recordings of every session you attend for your future reference. categories square measure attended by a world audience to complement your learning expertise.

A :The devices you'll have to go to preparing are • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher Headset, speakers, and amplifier: You'll require earphones or speakers to hear guidance obviously, and also a mouthpiece to converse with others. You can utilize a headset with an implicit amplifier, or separate speakers and mouthpiece.

A : All of our to a great degree qualified mentors are AWS ensured with long stretches of ability instructing and managing inside the cloud space. everything about has had a thorough decision strategy that has profile screening, specialized examination, and an instructing demo before they're ensured to mentor for us. we tend to conjointly ensure that exclusively those mentors with a high graduated class rating remain on our personnel.

A : Our teaching assistants are a fanatical team of material consultants here to assist you get certified in your initial try. They have interaction students proactively to confirm the course path is being followed and assist you enrich your learning expertise, from category onboarding to project mentoring and job help. Teaching help is accessible throughout business hours.

A : IgmGuru offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. we tend to even have a passionate team that gives on-demand help through our community forum. What’s a lot of, you may have lifespan access to the community forum, even once completion of your course with us.

Hadoop Testing Online Training

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