Mendix Interview Questions

Mendix Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Vidhi Gupta
April 12th, 2024
4:00 Minutes

The questions you will be asked depend upon your level of knowledge, position you have applied for and the job scope mentioned in the job description. However, here are a few sample questions to know about.

Mendix Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What are some of the best features of Mendix Studio?

Ans. Some key features of Mendix Studio are -

  • Drag-and-drop page creation and editing
  • Navigation document for easy tracing
  • Create and edit domain models
  • Microflow creation

Q2. Explain workflow in Mendix.

Ans. Workflow refers to a visual language in Mendix Studio and Studio Pro. It facilitates organizations in building extendable processes.

Q3. Which key documents are there in the workflow category?

Ans. The key documents are -

  • Workflow properties
  • Workflow context parameter
  • User task

Q4. What is the role played by 'microflow' in Mendix?

Ans. Microflows in Mendix facilitates the user in expressing the logic of the app. It can also carry out various functions like showing pages, making choices and creating and updating objects. It visually represents the textual program code.

Q5. What is Mendix Cloud?

Ans. Mendix Cloud refers to a deployment solution that is employed by Mendix to offer hosting environments to their customers. It is built on top of AWS and Cloud Foundry.

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Q6. What is Mendix marketplace?

Ans. Mendix marketplace is where community developers and Mendix itself upload and upkeep downloadable features for everyone to use. It contains components like modules, widget and connectors for quickly customizing apps.

Q7. What are the perks of microflows?

Ans. Microflows are needed for various reasons.

  • They aid in changing or extending the set button behavior.
  • They help in adding custom logic to the app.
  • They are helpful in integrating with other systems, databases, web services, etc.

Q8. Name a few options present in Mendix's control center dashboard.

Ans. Some of the options in Mendix's control center dashboard are -

  • Apps created
  • Certification level
  • Mendix versions
  • Company feed
  • External members

Q9. How are microflows different from nanoflows in Mendix?

Ans. Microflows in Mendix run in the runtime server. Therefore, it is not possible to use them in offline apps. Nanoflows in Mendix, on the other hand, run directly on the device/ browser on the client side. Therefore, it is possible to use them in an offline app.

Q10. Name the widgets present in the ListView controls.

Ans. Widgets present in the ListView controls are -

  • Text box search
  • Drop-down filter
  • Drop-down sort
  • Checkbox filter
  • Pagination
  • Header sort

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