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igmGuru’s ReactJS certification program is for those aspirants who wish to master the fundamentals of React, which is an imperative web framework widely used for developing user interfaces. This ReactJS online course will help learn to develop user interfaces such as state, props, events, and JSX. Our ReactJS training covers all essential topics and aspects such as actions, reducers, and the state tree.

React JS Course Overview

igmGuru’s ReactJS training program is for those aspirants who wish to master the fundamentals of React, which is an imperative web framework widely used for developing user interfaces. This ReactJS online course is best fit for people who wish to learn this framework from industry experts but without disrupting their current schedule. Earn a ReactJS certification to ensure you never experience a dearth of opportunities in the coming years.

React is the most popular front-end JavaScript library which is used to create interactive user interfaces based on components. Are you planning to learn React JS? igmGuru, a renowned ed-tech company with an excellent track record, is offering 40 hours of React JS training to beginners and experienced professionals from all over the world. This ReactJS online training includes practical sessions, live-projects, case studies, mock interviews, question-and-answer sessions, and many. Backed by a team of experienced trainers, igmGuru has helped many individuals become pro-React JS developers. Upon successful completion of online React JS training, igmGuru provides complete support to the learners in order to achieve their career goals.

React is a widely used JavaScript library. This open-source library was developed by Facebook to help them create rich web applications swiftly and efficiently with minimal coding. A lot of leading organizations today prefer React, due to which it lies on the list of the most popular libraries by JavaScript. Our React course has been designed by industry experts with 10+ years of experience in the field. The courses are regularly updated to accommodate the changing trends and advancements. This course will help you develop skills to build efficient applications using Flux, ReactJS, and Redux from scratch, which will also prepare you for the certification exam.

In the React JS training for beginners, you'll learn everything from the basics to more advanced level. Our course components include JSX syntax, redux, props, state management, React hooks, lifecycle methods, React state & events, and component composition.

Objectives of Our Online React JS Training 

The main objective of the ReactJS online training course is to help you polish your knowledge and skills with respect to all the aspects of React and its ecosystem. Hence, you will be able to become a successful React developer. The aim of the course is to ensure that you are able to make the most of the experience and expertise of industry professionals.

What are the Prerequisites to attend Online React JS Training?

There are no prerequisites to learn React JS. However, it would be preferable if the candidate has some working experience with a programming language like Java, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, or Python.

Who Should Consider Enrolling in the React JS Online Training?

Following the advanced features and components, our instructors have designed React JS certification course mainly for:

  • Individuals seeking to build a career in frontend web application development.
  • Website developers who want to hone their front-end development skills for web and mobile apps.
  • Working professionals who wants to explore advanced features to build appealing web applications using React.

What Skills Will You Learn in the ReactJS Course Online

The following are the skills that the aspirants will gain upon completion of this ReactJs Online training:

  • React Basics
  • Understand React key features
  • State and Events
  • Rendering Lists
  • Conditional Content
  • Learn about the Data Flow and usage with React
  • Styling in React
  • Manage data by using state and props of React
  • Debugging
  • Learn how to handle events
  • Advanced Concepts
  • State Management with Redux
  • Routing
  • Implement Bootstrap and CSS to style a React app
  • Deployment

Why Should You trained on React JS Certification Training from igmGuru?

The reasons why should you learn React JS today to advance your career are:

  • React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library and it is easy to learn.
  • Top tech giants like Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Paypal, etc., are using ReactJS.
  • We have a team of experienced trainers who can help you build an appealing web app from scratch to deployment.
  • The demand for ReactJS developers is increasing at a rapid pace.
  • According to Indeed, ReactJS developers can earn an average salary of $113,326 per annum.

React JS Training Modules

1. Introduction to React
2. VS code , node, npm, react installation, recap on the prerequisites of react, nextjs framework
3. Case study solving & Figma Template

1. Case study solving & Figma Template
2. React with typescript

1. component creation – functional and class
2. Differences
3. Rendering components
4. JSX
5. Rendering Collection
6. usage of Props
7. Component communication
8. event handling
9. Assignment 1: Exercise on Conditional Rendering
10. Assignment 2: Table component creation with images

1. React Forms with validation, Routes
2. React with tailwind - flex and grid layout
3. Assignment 3 : Create a Navbar component with CSS
4. Assignment 4: Load the dropdown with a list of courses. Upon selection with button click, the relevant course details to be displayed

1. React hook methods – useState, useEffect, Promise structure
2. Axios - consuming fakeAPI - JSON Server
3. Assignment 5: Working with API methods

1. Course Management System Case study -creation of static component pages, Login, Registration Pages - student and teacher , admin module , CRUD with API

1. Introduction to state management, React Redux - Action, Store, Reducer
2. Assignment 6: Application of React Redux over loan amount – balance amount in a bank account

1. Usage of useContext and useReducer

1. React with tailwind css - flex and grid

1. Mini Project - Phase 2 : Course Management System Case study - Protected Routing with role based access control, Course CRUD - course creation,edit, delete

1. Introduction to testing -TDD vs BDD
2. Inbuilt reactjest - describe, it, expect, toBe - testing a component, testing an API
3. BDD- Feature, scenario - given, then, when
4. Assignment 7: Testing the react component, API

1. Grocery shop website creation using React

1. BitBucket update

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How can I get ReactJS certification in 2024?

Once you complete ReactJS training by igmGuru, you will find yourself brimming with knowledge and skills. The best way to channel that is by getting certified. You can visit React's official website to get more information about the further certifications.

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