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igmGuru offers a comprehensive Mendix training online that has been curated by industry experts to upskill individuals looking to learn to program with Mendix. Our Mendix online program will help you learn how to optimally use Mendix to develop web and mobile apps. A Mendix certification will allow you to showcase your skills in the entire application lifecycle, right from ideation to improvement via activity and sending.

Mendix Course Overview

igmGuru offers 40 hours of Mendix online training. Here, you will be learning from industry experts having 15+ years of experience in the said field. You can choose the course mode at your convenience. Whether you wish to go for an interactive one-on-one training or classroom training, the outcome will remain the same – a successful future. Learning via a reliable Mendix online course will benefit any individual who chooses it. Business domain experts and professional developers will get the additional chance to give their careers a boost. If your job involves working in the IT department, then our Mendix program will help you find your ground in the coming years.

Mendix is a new-age app development platform that lets the user build interactive and feature-rich mobile and web applications. Additionally, it allows them to improve and scale as per the business needs and wants. Right from ideation to deployment and further to operations, the Mendix Platform is designed with the purpose of accelerating enterprise app delivery throughout the application development lifecycle.

Mendix facilitates the user in implementing both DevOps and Agile best practices. Even business stakeholders get the opportunity to get involved in the development process.

Mendix certification training at igmGuru unlocks the opportunity to grow and experience exponential career growth. This 40-hour Mendix online course under industry experts will give you all the knowledge and training you need to get started. This course is tailor-made to suit your needs and is updated as per the changing market trends. By the time your training ends, you will have covered intermediate and advanced-level concepts.

igmGuru’s Mendix rapid developer course curriculum is regularly updated to ensure your skillset is aligned with the existing market demands. In our course, you will learn more about domain model, Xpath, page orientation, security, microflows, and other essential aspects.

Who Should Opt for Mendix Online Training? 

The Mendix online course is a good fit for anyone who wishes to become a Mendix developer. It is the best learning option for –

  • Professional developer
  • Marketer
  • Business analyst
  • Scrum masters
  • Product owners
  • Beginners looking to make a career as a Mendix developer

What are the Prerequisites for Mendix Training?

There are no prerequisites to igmGuru’s Mendix course. However, a basic understanding of databases, coding, and process modeling will be helpful.


Why Should You Learn Mendix Course Online? 

Mendix is the course of the future. Getting enrolled in Mendix course online by igmGuru will give you numerous opportunities to find success in your career. Mendix is a brilliant tool that is being used globally and widely for building enterprise apps to scale and build rapidly.

As per reports by Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave, it has made a name for itself as a leading low-code app development platform. Thus, its future is bright and when igmGuru is involved, the outcome gets even better.


What Are The Main Objectives of Our Mendix Online Course? 

At igmGuru, we understand that every individual is different with a goal and background distinct from one another. Thus, our motive circles around giving them the opportunity to take what they have and mix it with what our trainers have to offer. The goal is to ensure they are well-versed in the Mendix platform.

Another key objective we have in our minds is to make our students industry-ready. That incorporates theoretical and practical training, along with the opportunity to work on hands-on projects. This chance combined with our instructors’ expertise is enough to help you give your career a nudge in the right direction.

What Important Skills are covered in Mendix Training?

Mendix training and certification by igmGuru holds the potential to change your life forever. This training and certification program will help you get ahead of your competitors striving for igmGuru –

  • Learn to work with tools box and pages
  • Understand micro-flows & how-to’s about initiating actions
  • Learn more about effective approaches to connect views, entities, and data grids
  • Learn visual development tools to help create apps easily
  • Work associated with building domain model entities & associations
  • Learn to employ Xpath constraints to aid in defining the data source

What Are the Advantages of Participating in the Mendix Online Training Program?

Hiring managers give preference to those who have proven skills, knowledge, and certification in Mendix. A competitive skillset in Mendix is essential when it comes to landing a good job. Give your career a boost by enrolling with igmGuru’s Mendix certification course in India.

Mendix Training Key Features

Mendix Training Modules

1. How to install Mendix?
2. Home Page creation
3. Error Handling

1. Basics of creating products page, location page, and Sales tracking page.

1. What exactly is a domain model?
2. Creating entities for products, location, and Sales tracking
3. Defining data grid sources

1. Attributes and Entities
2. Tool Box

1. Variable creation
2. If statement
3. Microflow debugging
4. Object creation
5. Nested Microflows
6. Nested Microflows

1. XPath as Datasource
2. XPath string functions
3. System variables

1. Microflow Security
2. Entity security
3. User roles

1. Rules for validation
2. Event Handlers

1. Fundamentals of Asynchronous Microflows

1. Use Case 1: Commercial Business
2. Use Case 2: Sales Management System

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Exam Certification

The Mendix Developer Certification Program will help to boost your career by validating your knowledge, skill level, and contributions to the Mendix community.
A Mendix certification has four levels:
- Rapid Developer
- Intermediate Developer
- Advanced Developer
- Expert Developer

To become a certified Mendix Developer in 2024, you must know the following exam details:

Mendix Rapid Developer Certification Details

Certification Name: Rapid Developer
Format: Multiple Choice
Exam Duration: No specific time limit
Number of Questions: 50
Passing Score: 75% on total, and 60% on each category
Registration Fee: 100 EU

Exam Certification


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