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A web analytics tool by Google, Google Analytics helps in tracking and reporting website traffic. As you enroll in igmGuru’s Google Analytics training online program, you will learn how visitors interact with your website and use that information to improve the website and marketing campaigns. Get an in-depth understanding of the various tools and techniques with our Google Analytics online course. Earn a Google Analytics certification now to help you validate your skills and knowledge.

Google Analytics Course Overview

igmGuru's Google Analytics Certification Training course will help you master in various areas of web analysis, multi-channel, and quantitative and qualitative search. You will become a pro in solving the complex components of the web, social media, mobile, and content to optimize your organization's ability to undertake wise business solutions. With the help of igmGuru’s Google Analytics course curriculum, it will be easy for any participant to get on with the right performance and become successful in the web services domain.

What are the Google Analytics Course Online Objectives?

This course focuses on multiple sorts of web knowledge and involves gathering and analyzing of information that results in additional well-read business choices and improvement of an organization’s digital scheme and supporting business processes.

This field takes knowledge from

  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Social media
  • Internet of Things
  • Third-party sources

All this information is combined with back-office Client Relationship Management (CRM) and sales systems to enhance core business methods, optimize workflow, and maintain a competitive edge. The process is of illustrating common analytical situations and the way to use standard web analytics tools utilized by marketers across the foremost business domains. The Google Analytics course by igmGuru approaches from each strategic and sensible perspective, showcasing careful tips and techniques for complete utilization of Google web analytics and other platforms and tools.

What Skills will you grasp through this Google Analytics certification course Online?

This Google Analytics online course for beginners can provide you with a comprehensive experience in digital information analytics, including:

  • How to leverage information from numerous sources to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis, and deliver actionable, data-informed business insights
  • How digital information drives necessary insights for all aspects of the client lifecycle across digital channels
  • Understanding the ideas of the internet from ground zero to mastering the analytics domain across digital channels
  • Complete end-to-end understanding of how digital and information analytics impact the conversion funnel, client retention and acquisition, CPA, LTV and also client engagement.
  • Product data of Google Analytics, Google Digital Studio, Klipfolio, and Tableau.

Who Should Opt for this Google Analytics certification Training Online??

If you wish to make a career in the growing field of marketing, then you should get your hands on one of the most prominent certification available today. This course is best suited for:

  • Online net analytics implementers
  • Online web analytics data reporters
  • Digital analysts
  • Digital marketers

Key Features

Google Analytics Training Modules

1. What is Digital Analytics?
2. Definition of Analytics
3. Three elements of Analytics
4. Types of Analytics

1. Introduction to building blocks
2. Google Analytics Interphase overview Dimensions, Metrics
3. Building Blocks: Google Analytics
4. GA Dimensions & Metrics Explorer

1. Introduction of Digital Analytics
2. Understanding 10/90 Rule, 20/80 Rule
3. Digital Analytics Maturity Model
4. Why Maturity? | Maturity Model / Framework
5. Identify Critical Success Factors
6. Digital Analytics Maturity Model (DAMM)
7. Using the Digital Analytics Maturity Model Role: Accountable Role: Responsible Role: Informed
8. The Three Heads of Online Analytics
9. Qualities of a Digital Analytics Leader
10. Digital Analytics Association

1. Defining Success
2. Defining the Scope & Ecosystem: Setting Boundaries
3. A Classic Customer Lifecycle
4. McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey
5. Designing for Persuasion
6. Functionalism, Scent trail, Micro and Macro Conversions
7. Defining Goals, The Ultimate Goals, Good Goals Vs. Bad Goals
8. What is a KPI? How Many KPIs? Picking the Right KPIs Attributes of a Great KPI
9. Bounce Rate: Metric or KPI?
10. Average Order Value: Metric or KPI?
11. Page Value: Metric or KPI?
12. KPI Definition Worksheet

1. Introduction to the Analysis Perspective
2. Continuous Improvements and Problem Solving with Lean Six Sigma
3. Lean Six Sigma—Principles, Define, Measure, Analyze, Measure, and Control
4. Recommendations Fatal Flaws
5. Applying Analytics and Agile Methodology to Business Improvement

1. Applying Analytics and Agile Methodology to Business Improvement
2. The Path from Data to Wisdom
3. Descriptive Statistics, Dispersion, Relationship (Correlation), Box Plots, Linear Regression, Time Series Terminology
4. The Pareto Principle – 80-20 Rule

1. What is a Dashboard?
2. Dashboard Taxonomy, Planning Your Dashboard
3. Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, Tableau Software

1. Evolution of Data Collection
2. Log Files, Extended Log Format
3. Tag Management System
4. Big Data, Cookies, Instrumentation (Tagging)
5. Selecting a Web Analytics Platform
6. Multiplicity and Observations
7. A Plethora of Non-Standardized Metrics
8. Technological Footprint Tools
9. Back Office CRM and Sales Data
10. The Cost of Truth: Accuracy vs. Precision
11. Product Showcase:

1. Introduction to Managing Analytics
2. The Three Heads of Online Analytics
3. Qualities of a Digital Analytics Leader
4. Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) Evolution
5. Influence, Authority, and Leadership
6. Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) Matrix
7. RACI—Case Study, RACI Tasks Inventory, RACI Workshop in Action, RACI Matrix Example
8. Planning, Silo Mentality, Curse of Knowledge, Tunnel Vision, Echo Chamber, Analysis Paralysis

1. Introduction
2. Audience Reports Overview
3. Why Use Segmentation?
4. Ways to Segment Your Data
5. Segment vs. View Filter vs. Report Filter in Google Analytics

1. Types of Segmentation
2. Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics
3. Marketing Refresher: Four Ps of Marketing Mix
4. Marketing Refresher: Marketing Mix
5. Acquire Customers using Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
6. Brand Marketing vs. Direct Response
7. Campaign Tracking Tool
8. Components of a Campaign
9. Channel Report in Google Analytics
10. Source/Medium Report in Google Analytics
11. Predicting Seasonality, Predicting Seasonality Without Data

1. Introduction to Behavior
2. Introduction to Behavior Analysis
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Top Content – And A Word of Caution
5. Tips to improve insight from Top X reports
6. Movers and Shakers: Calculate Slope & Intercept, Conclusion
7. Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
8. Measuring the Elusive “Engagement”

1. Conversion Funnel Performance Analysis
2. Conversion Rate Benchmarking
3. A Visual Nomenclature: BPMN
4. A/B Testing, Hypothesis Testing, Multivariate Testing

1. Retention and Expansion, Customer Retention, Retention Scenarios
2. Text Analysis, Customer Engagement, Customer Expansion
3. Expansion Opportunity — The RFM Approach
4. Customer Lifetime Value to Retain and Expand

1. Advocacy—Introduction
2. Measuring Social Media through Sentiment Analysis
3. The Kafkaesque Approach—Social Media Analytics
4. Advocacy Data Insight, Facebook Insight, LinkedIn Insight
5. Common Metrics for Advocacy Analytics

1. Introduction to Privacy and Ethics
2. The Impact of Ad Blocker
3. The Digital Analytics Association Code of Ethic
4. Ethics Guide According to Inc. Magazine
5. 10 Privacy Principles of PIPEDA
6. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)

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Web Analytics Exam Certification

How to take a certification in advanced web analytics in 2024?

  • To get certified you need to complete at least 85% of the course or you have to attend one complete batch.
  • You also have to complete 7 mini projects along with 1 simulation test which has at least 60% of the minimum score.

Details about the Google Analytics Certification Exam:

            1. Number of questions: 70
            2. Duration: 60 minutes
            3. Passing percentage: 80%

Web Analytics Exam Certification


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