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igmGuru’s GCP training is for you whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. Curated by the top industry leaders and trainers, our GCP online learning will help each learner grow professionally and upskill themselves. For anyone looking to pursue exceptional skill acquisition, a new career path, or professional advancement must go for our GCP certification course. Take your career growth a notch ahead with one of the most sought-after certifications!

GCP Course Overview

igmGuru’s GCP certification training online curriculum is prepared by working industry professionals with 10+ years of experience in the field. The goal is to help you learn and understand GCP well.

Our course will take you on a journey to learn all its key aspects including different GCP core infrastructure services, management of GCP services such as compute, access management, storage, identity management, networking, and database, and learning cloud computing essentials.

About igmGuru’s GCP Online Course

igmGuru’s GCP online course is in line with everything the learner needs to crack the certification exam. This training will help you have a successful career by giving you access to the following key features:

Our training covers all the key fundamentals and makes your basics strong. This includes GCP services, pricing, and cloud computing concepts.

The goal of our learning course is to help you get certified. Our curriculum is crafted by keeping the exam’s curriculum in mind.

Getting trained by industry experts and gaining this credential will help expand your career prospects and get great job opportunities.

This is credential offered and recognized by Google. Hence, the opportunity to work in top companies and around the world becomes possible.

Goal of igmGuru’s GCP Training Online

Our GCP online course is crafted to help the learner ace the Associate Cloud Engineers certification exam. This one credential puts a stamp on your ability to deploy applications, manage enterprise solutions, and monitor operations.

With our GCP learning program, you will become a certified Associate Cloud Engineer with the knowledge to use the command-line interface and Google Cloud Console for performing everyday platform-based tasks.

What Will You Learn in GCP Certification Training Online?

igmGuru’s GCP Online training program will make you expert enough to ace The Associate Cloud Engineer exam. By the end of this course, you will have prowess in -

- Setting up a cloud solution environment

- Planning and configuring a cloud solution

- Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

- Ensuring successful working of a cloud solution

- Configuring access and security

Who is this GCP Certification Course Online Best Suited for?

GCP certification course by igmGuru is best suited for -

- Cloud Architects who wish to learn to design and implement GCP solutions.

- Business Analysts who wish to learn about GCP’s role in solving business problems.

- IT professionals looking to learn about deploying and managing applications on GCP.

- System Administrators wanting to learn more about managing GCP resources.

- Software Developers wishing to learn about developing and deploying applications on GCP.

- Professionals wanting to expand the horizon of their career growth.

- Academics and students who are determined to learn more about cloud computing on GCP.

Prerequisites to GCP Course online

There are no determined prerequisites to enroll in a GCP course.

Key Features

GCP Training Modules

1. Identify project resources and quotas
2. Explain the purpose of Google Cloud Resource Manager and Identity and Access Management
3. Lab: Google Cloud Platform Projects
4. Use the Cloud Platform Console to create and manage multiple projects
5. Use service accounts and permissions to share view-level access between projects

1. Explain how to create and move instances
2. Identify how to connect to and manage instances
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Instances and Machine Types
4. Create an instance using the Cloud Platform Console
5. Configure the Cloud SDK on the Compute Engine instance
6. Initialize Cloud Source Repositories using Git

1. Explain how to create and manage networks in projects
2. Identify how to create and manage firewall rules, routes, and IP addresses
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Networks
4. Create a non-default network
5. Compare default and non-default networks
6. Create firewall-rules with and without tags
7. Review network configuration in Google Cloud Monitoring

1. Explain how to create and manage persistent disks
2. Identify how to create and manage disk images
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Disks and Images
4. Create an instance and install the Java 7 JRE from OpenJDK
5. Create a customized Compute Engine image
6. Launch and test a Compute Engine instance based on your image

1. Explain the purposes of and use cases for Google Compute Engine service accounts
2. Identify the types of service account scopes
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Authorization
4. Set authorization scopes for a Compute Engine instance
5. Reserve the external IP address for the new instance
6. Install and configure Jenkins on a Compute Engine instance

1. Identify the purpose of and use cases for disk snapshots
2. Explain the process of creating a snapshot
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Snapshots
4. Prepare and snapshot a Compute Engine instance
5. Restore and test the snapshot to a different zone
6. Snapshot a data disk without shutting down an instance

1. Explain the purpose of and use cases for Google Cloud Storage
2. Identify methods for accessing Google Cloud Storage buckets and objects
3. Explain the security options available for Google Cloud Storage buckets and objects
4. Lab: Google Cloud Storage for Backups
5. Lab: Google Container Registry

1. Identify the purpose of and use cases for instance groups
2. Explain the process of creating and using instance groups
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Instance Groups
4. Define Jenkins build tasks and run them
5. Run the build tasks to create a guestbook image

1. Understand how to create and administer Cloud SQL instances
2. Explain how to access Cloud SQL instances from Compute Engine instances
3. Lab: Google Cloud SQL
4. Create a Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SDK
5. Create a Compute Engine instance from a custom image
6. Deploy and test the Guestbook web application

1. Explain the purpose of metadata and identify the use cases for project and instance metadata
2. Identify how to set and query metadata
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Metadata
4. Add instance and project metadata
5. Query instance and project metadata using the Cloud SDK
6. Query metadata from inside a Compute Engine instance

1. Identify the purpose of and use cases for startup and shutdown scripts
2. Lab: Google Compute Engine Startup Scripts
3. Lab: Google API Client Library

1. Explain the use cases for autoscaling and how autoscaling functions
2. Identify the purpose of autoscaling policies
3. Lab: Google Compute Engine Autoscaler
4. Create an instance template and managed instance group
5. Configure the managed instance group for autoscaling
6. Generate an artificial load to trigger scaling of your cluster

1. Explain the differences between network load balancing and HTTP load balancing
2. Identify the purpose of and use cases for cross-region and content-based load balancing
3. Lab: HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancing
4. Lab: Google Cloud Deployment Manager
5. Lab: Deleting Cloud Platform Projects and Resources

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GCP Data Engineer Certification Exam

How to test my knowledge of Google certified data engineer?

  • Create a google account or use your existing account to login to google cloud training platform.
  • Register for the Google data engineer certification to enroll.
  • Select a date and time slot for the Google Cloud exam in 2024.
  • Give the exam to check your knowledge.
  • The certificate would be generated and sent to the registered Email ID of the user.

The format of the question paper is Multiple Choice + Select Questions that can either be proctored or taken in the nearest test center which can be located from the GCP exam portal as per user comfort.

Google certified data engineer will evaluate the candidates on the following factors:

  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Operationalizing machine learning models
  • Ensuring solution quality
  • Exam fees: $200 (Excluding taxes)
  • Exam Duration: 2 hours
  • Exam Languages: English, Japanese
  • Exam format: 50-60 multiple choice and multiple select questions
  • Passing Score: 70% +
  • Exam delivery method:

    a. You can take the online-proctored exam from a remote location

    b. You can take the onsite-proctored exam at a testing center

GCP Data Engineer Certification Exam


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