Power Apps Interview Questions

Power Apps Interview Questions and Answers in 2024?

Vidhi Gupta
April 12th, 2024
5:00 Minutes
Power Apps Interview Questions
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Professionals with Microsoft Power Apps skills are in high demand among large and medium-sized businesses. This is mainly because of the rising demand for low code applications, Power Apps is a leading name in which. It is one of the four primary services by Microsoft Power Platform, which is connected to the Office 365 package.

There are plenty of job roles one can choose from after gaining expertise in this platform and one of them is PowerApps Consultant. Here are a few top Power Apps interview questions with answers to help you ace any interview you sit for. Get the job of your dreams by going through these key questions.

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Power Apps Interview Questions with Answers

Ques 1. Which are the six major PowerApps components?

Ans. The six major components of PowerApps are -

  • Model-driven/ canvas apps
  • Visualizations
  •  User Interface (UI)
  • Screens
  • Data components
  • Themes

Ques 2. As a Power Apps consultant, when should a model-driven app be preferred over a canvas app?

Ans. A model-driven app should be preferred over a canvas app when it comes to creating an app where the data is manageable with Dataverse-defined tables.

Ques 3. How can responsiveness be added to the canvas apps?

Ans. Each screen can be configured to ensure its layout adapts to its current available space. The app's 'scale to fit' setting should be turned off.

Ques 4. What is meant by a 'collection'?

Ans. A collection refers to a standalone form of data source since it's local to the app and isn't connected to a cloud service. It is often employed as the local storage of the device, which is unshareable between devices. Collections are managed with Collect, Clear Function and ClearCollect.

Ques 5. How are DLP Policies useful?

Ans. DLP or Data Loss Prevention policies are designed to work as guardrails for the data. These policies ensure no organizational data is unintentionally exposed to the outside environment. This feature can only be used by a tenant admin or an environment admin.

Power Apps DLP Policies

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Ques 6. What is Dataverse?

Ans. Dataverse in Power Apps is a data platform that enables organizations to store and even model business data securely. It uses a set of tables for storing this data. This table comprises columns and rows.

Ques 7. What do you understand about common data services?

Ans. Common data services enable amalgamation of data from various sources into a unified store. Data on this unified store can be used in the four aspects of the Power Platform, namely Power Virtual Agent, PowerApps, Power Automate and Power BI.

Power Apps Common Data Services

Ques 8. Can a canvas app be shared with external business partners or contractors?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to share a canvas app with external business partners or contractors via Azure AD B2B.

Ques 9. What is an 'environment' in PowerApps?

Ans. 'Environment' in Power Apps refers to the location where business processes, apps and data are stored and managed.

Future in PowerApps

The average salary earned by a Power Platform consultant in the US is $163k annually. The better you perform in your interview, the better your salary bracket can be. So, prepare well with the right resources.

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