Important Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Questions in 2024

March 26th, 2024

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Questions

Are you on your way to start scheduling interviews to commence your journey in the field of Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Well then, you have stumbled upon the right blog because we have some important Salesforce Marketing Cloud interview questions for you.

Let's get started by giving you some important Salesforce Marketing Cloud interview questions.

Question 1. Why do companies use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Ans. Companies use Salesforce Marketing Cloud because of the numerous benefits it offers. This includes data management, third-party applications, integration capabilities, and AI applications.

Question 2. How does Salesforce Marketing Cloud help companies better understand their customers?

Ans. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), organizations are able to understand their customers in a better light. This platform offers companies an integrated solution to help with their email, advertising, content management and creation, customer journey management, web personalization, and data analysis. Hence, enabling them to reach out to new audiences and expand their growth.

Question 3. How are contacts different from subscribers in SFMC?

Ans. Contacts in SFMC refers to the details of an entity inserted in the database. While subscribers refers to contacts that have said yes to receiving communication (in the form of SMS, email, etc.) from the organization.

Question 4. What is A/B Testing?

Ans. A/B testing is a popular market testing method. In this, two versions of the SFMC Email Studio communication are sent to two test audiences picked from your subscriber list. This enables tracking which version gets a better click-through and open rate. The one that performs better will be sent to the remaining subscribers.

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Question 5. What is the use of Pardot?

Ans. Pardot was acquired by Salesforce in 2013, which is a B2B marketing automation solution. It provides exceptional marketing automation solutions to enable B2B organizations of all sizes and nature to fulfill their needs. It facilitates organizations in achieving marketing and sales team alignment, effectively using existing resources, and exceeding their revenue goals.

Question 6. What are the various data sources for Journey Builder?

Ans. Journey Builder has five different data sources. These are-

  • Data Extension
  • Salesforce Data
  • API
  • Lists
  • Events

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Question 7. Name a few actions performed by Data Studio.

Ans. Some of the common actions performed by Data Studio are:

  • Figuring out the target audience
  • Discovering bulk high-quality audiences at once
  • Protecting and handling key information
  • Assisting in strengthening the income

Question 8. Name the different lists available for subscription in SFMC.

Ans. The list of records available for subscription are-

  • Publication list
  • Exclusion list
  • All subscriber list
  • Suppression list

Question 9. What is Journey Builder in Salesforce?

Ans9. Journey Builder in Salesforce provides great insights into the consumer interactions throughout communication and marketing channels. This includes social ads, email, mobile, and more. Once these actions are connected, understanding the customers becomes easier. Along with this, companies can design and automate campaigns, secure customer loyalty, enhance message building, and offer seamless customer experience.


This list of important Salesforce Marketing Cloud interview questions will help you become more confident in your quest to find your dream job.

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