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Salesforce Vlocity training online by igmGuru is the best path to choose to gain exposure to the Salesforce Vlocity platform. With our Salesforce Vlocity course online program, you will learn about Custom Lightning Web Components, Telephone, Multi-Select, Password, and Text. A Salesforce Vlocity certification can help you climb the ladder of success by opening the path to the right job opportunities in top companies working in leading industries. So, enroll now and prepare yourself for a bright future ahead.

Salesforce Vlocity Course Overview

Salesforce Vlocity training course by igmGuru focuses on producing experts who are not just able to handle the platform but build solutions to keep their respective companies as well as their careers way ahead of their competition. The training program has been designed and developed under the guidance of experts having more than a decade of experience in this field. The Salesforce Vlocity Certification course covers the latest trends and innovations to optimize the platform used in order to ensure that each of our trainees gets access to a seamless journey as they move ahead in their careers.

Why Salesforce Vlocity Training offers a Bright Future?

Vlocity is among the latest additions to Salesforce’s massive arsenal of CRM and Cloud Solutions platforms that have played an instrumental role in improving sales, service, and marketing of companies across industries over the last two decades. Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a technology offered by Salesforce to handle and manage a company's entire relationships and interactions with existing as well as potential customers. Acquired in June 2020 by the global CRM leader, Vlocity is an industry-specific cloud and mobile software platform to facilitate the digital transformation of leading companies across the length and breadth of the globe.

Vlocity has been built natively on the Salesforce platform and currently caters to six industries, namely communications, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, insurance, health, and government organizations. According to Salesforce, companies in every sector have “a digital transformation imperative and many are accelerating their plans for a digital-first, work-from-anywhere environment”. Together, Salesforce Customer 360 and Vlocity offer the most advanced industries platform for digital transformation, as well as tools and expert guidance completely tailored to their specific needs.

Since it’s an industry-specific platform, Vlocity has been designed to offer tailor-made solutions to leading companies of the six mentioned industries while keeping in mind the laws and regulations of respective sectors.   What are the Salesforce Vlocity training benefits? Learning how to build solutions on Salesforce Vlocity from our experts is a surefire way to a host of lucrative career opportunities. Deep knowledge of the subject coupled with extensive experience is what our trainers bring to the table to help candidates easily grasp the fundamentals of the software and leverage the skills acquired through the course in their professions. At the end of the training, candidates will acquire skills needed to:

  1. Use the platform to create quotations, policy administration, and claims management.
  2. Boost sales and services with tremendous marketing agility.
  3. Customize various Vlocity applications as per individual requirements
  4. Offer industry-specific solutions
  5. Improve B2B and B2C digital customer interaction

Who should Learn Salesforce Vlocity?

While there are no prerequisites for the Vlocity Salesforce Training, the course is best suited for Salesforce developers, cloud developers, software developers, data managers, system administrators, and professionals looking to upskill themselves for added advantage to beat the cut-throat competition. How does Salesforce Vlocity Course Boost your Career Prospects? The Vlocity developer certification program has been crafted meticulously to put the candidates on the right career path at the right time.

The era of digital transformation has arrived and it’s here to stay. This is where Salesforce Vlocity comes into the picture. As the software is a new addition to the vast range of Salesforce’s CRM platforms, its demand is high and the availability of Vlocity developers is limited. Now is the time to master the software which is poised to shape the future of multiple industries across the globe. Among the job profiles that the Salesforce Vlocity training course gives access to are:

  1. Salesforce Vlocity Developer
  2. Vlocity Lead Engineer
  3. Vlocity Solution Architect
  4. Vlocity Technical Architect
  5. Salesforce Senior Vlocity Developer
  6. Insurance Quoting Developer
  7. Health and Quoting Developer
  8. Vlocity Platform Application Developer
  9. Order Management Developer
  10. Vlocity Associate Director
  11. UI Engineer
  12. Program Architect

Key Features

Salesforce Vlocity Training Modules

1. Salesforce Industries Overview
2. Salesforce OmniStudio
3. Project Introduction

1. Introduction to Lightning Web Components

1. FlexCard Use Cases
2. Creating a New FlexCard
3. Building and Styling FlexCard
4. Working with Child FlexCards
5. External Data on FlexCards
6. Creating a Child FlexCard Layout
7. Using Conditions and States
8. Building an Industry Console

1. Building an OmniScript Structure
2. Getting Data for an OmniScript
3. Ending an OmniScript
4. Complex OmniScripts with Branching
5. Validating and Handling Errors
6. External Data on OmniScripts
7. OmniStudio Actions
8. Interaction Launcher on Consoles

1. Data Model
2. Integration Procedures
3. DataRaptors
4. Getting and Saving Data
5. External Data
6. Transforming Data
7. Data Import
8. Integration Testing
9. Calculation Matrices
10. Calculation Procedures

1. Creating PDF and Emails
2. Performance Features
3. Data Import
4. Developer Tools

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Salesforce Vlocity Certification Exam

The Salesforce Vlocity Developer/ Salesforce Omni Studio Developer certification is intended for those who have the skills and experience needed for developing cloud applications using Omni Studio declarative development tools.

Wondering How can you pass Salesforce Vlocity certification exam in 2024?

The Salesforce Certified Omni Studio Developer candidate ideally has 1 year of developer experience plus 3-6 months of design, implementation, and deployment experience working with Omni Studio tools in one or more of the roles below: - Salesforce Platform Developer - Salesforce App Builder - Solution Architect - Technical Architect - UI Developer About the Exam:

Number of Questions: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions

Time allotted: 105 minutes

Passing score: 67%

Registration fee: USD 200 + applicable taxes Retake fee: USD 100 + taxes

Salesforce Vlocity Certification Exam

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